It's my favourite outfit alternative

...which I have seriously neglected recently.  I have been so overwhelmed by my jumper obsession and let's not forget my pleather trouser mission (which still hasn't come to any sort of fruition by the way... we do know I'm going to find the perfect pay in May, don't we? Just in time to boil alive in them) that I have totally forgotten how useful the perfect top can be.

When I say the perfect top, this does in fact cover a rather wide set of options.  Basically though, it's something that isn't a jumper, it's definitely more of the blouse/shirt/err top variety and can normally be worn over skinny jeans or tucked into a skirt. (ditto culottes, which I haven't quite got around to buying...)

It can be the ideal layering piece for during the day but to be honest, my focus at the moment really is for those ever so slightly dressy occasions where a jumper just won't cut the mustard, plus it can be too warm.  Never mind how thin they are, after a Sunday lunch with friends, dressy lunch during the week with a cheeky glass of wine in a pub, you can get warm.  I can hear someone at the back shouting "middleaged women's problems" and hell yes, they're probably right. 

I will fess up, I do indeed have a heat regulating issue.  I get warm very easily.  I would like to point out that this has been happening forever and I don't think there is any big change on the horizon but who knows and if there was, then it's a perfect opportunity to buy More Tops. 

Friday was a prime example - I had a lunch out with girlfriends at a very smart local restaurant.  Jumper was a no no and I put on a couple of dresses but they were so short with sheer tights for the daytime and just too dressy with black opaques and then what shoes?  It just wasn't working although I was very pleased with my jumper dress in the end.  A casual dress with sheer tights and Toga Pulla boots, leopard print coat thrown over the top and I was happy with that.  But that really was the only option in my wardrobe, dress wise (shock. horror) 

It did make me think - ooh skirt opportunities but ideally, as I was doing the school run afterwards, the ideal outfit would have been that old classic of jeans/trousers and a "TOP". 

Let's go Top Shopping.  Great thing about these is that they also work for work.  Put with your pleather or leather trousers (that every other bugger seems to own) for nights out.  I've also been asked on more than one occasion - what tops work with a leather skirt.  Well these ones would.

Love this Drape front shirt from ASOS.  The ideal foil for bling or a scarf or a print skirt or trousers.  A fabulous blank canvas. 

ASOS Drape Front Blouse £28

Very similar but in khaki and with a collar £28

I love these as they hide a multitude of sins around the middle which, let's face it, aren't going anywhere till the beginning of Jan (let's be positive...)

Right, I'm on a roll now - the black and the ivory (collar versions) are in the sale - now £21  This would be perfect over a black leather pencil skirt.

And in the ivory (I'm not going to point out these trousers.  Oh no.  I swear it's a conspiracy.....) also reduced to £21

Adore this with jeans (or those blasted black pleathers I don't own) and it would do a double whammy as it would be fab under a jumper as well.  I love a top that works hard for its keep.

ASOS Blouse in navy £28

Staying with plain but now a shade of silvery grey - gorgeous Christmas shade that would look perfect with a glitzy necklace. 

ASOS Top with Detail and drape front. £30

Another plain blouse here in grey - no it's not cheap but it would last you for eons.  With black pleathers (YAWN) and huge statement earrings, versatile shade of charcoal. 

Gerad Darel Sheila Muslin Silk blouse now with 30% off at £101.15

Seeing as I can't get hold of pleather bottoms, I'm wondering about wearing it on the top.... I have so many pairs of great skinny jeans that would work for a dressy night out - this could come in super useful.  And it goes in the machine *fist pump* (this honestly makes me not mind spending extra as it means I'll use it so so much more) 

Whistles Top with faux leather trim £125  I'd like to just point I won't be wearing it with white shorts, in case anyone was wondering)

Now I don't do dark green as it was my school uniform and I'm still scarred by it but I love this swing top (I would probably wear a vest under it as it's slightly revealing at the back. )

River Island Green Checked swing top £30

One of my fave tops which I could actually have worn on Friday and totally forgot about (this blog has been very helpful in reminding me what I do in fact own and could rewear....) is my black silk pussy bow blouse from Zara that I bought about 6 years ago.  I love it and still wear it every year.   A cream version would be an excellent addition. 

ASOS Long Sleeve Sheer Pussy bow blouse £36

I love all things leopard print and in fact I don't have a longsleeved version.....

River Island Leopard Print blouse £30

This is slightly more casual but actually tucked in with a pair of black capri trousers or culottes, I think this could work perfectly for a smarter occasion. 

ASOS Top with woven animal print front now only £18.50

Pink in the sale from Warehouse. 

Warehouse Blurred Animal Print Blouse now only £20

This one definitely needs a vest or cami underneath it (to be fair that does depends on how much going sheer bothers you... me?  A lot)  But I LOVE the colours in this blouse - I think it would be ideal tucked into high waist flared or baby boot kick jeans and a little navy blazer (hardly winter winter wear I know but it would also work with a coat too)  

ASOS blouse in Bright Animal £36  And if you hadn't guessed it, mint shorts haven't made it onto my wishlist this season.  Alas.

I also found the same blouse in a khaki animal print too... but in the sale for £27  See what I mean about sheer?

But I do love the classic "verging on a neutral" of the brown leopard print and this one might have my name written all over it. 

Glamorous (that's the brand name - not me getting witty with my descriptions) Oversized shirt in Animal Print £28  Again - sheer klaxon.

If leopard isn't your thing, then maybe a more unusual lizard print might fit the bill?  I love this shade of blue - would look great with navy, black or grey.  And into the Spring with white would look amazing as well. 

On offer at John Lewis at the mo.  Gerard Darel Shirley Lizard Print Blouse in blue £101.15

Now I'm just going to finish with a couple of camis I've come across that would work well under some of these sheerer tops.  I've found that since my appointments with the gym appear to have hmm errr stopped, that the old clingy vests do a very good job of making my midriff look like a sausage trying to escape its skin.  Something looser may be more flattering until I reacquaint myself with my kettle bell (this will not be happening till after Christmas - of that I am under no illusion) 

ASOS Woven Cami tops 2 pack £20

Finishing with my two outfits from Friday.  They worked out well to be honest but there is only so much longer I can get away with sheer tights in the day time (like not any more to be honest) 


Paola dress in Putty - Baukjen

Leopard print coat - Fenn Wright Manson
Black Boots - Toga Pulla 
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang

And out on Friday night for a dinner party. 


Silk blouse and skirt - Isabel Marant for H&M

Black Margot boots - Sam Edelman
Black clutch - Tory Burch 

Hope everyone has had a fab weekend. I have been rained on ALL day today but managed to sneak out later on with the 10yr old to watch Mockingjay at the cinema - all sorts of excitement for her.   Off for a small glass of red wine and to watch The Golden Child with the two older kids and The Husband (I bet they last 10 minutes and proclaim it rubbish..!) 

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  1. Loving your dinner party outfit. Ooohhh, you can't beat a good top! Living the leopard print blouses. Lynne xx

    1. They last for ages don't they? (and thank you xx)

  2. I love a blouse - they cover a multitude of sins. You have some fab choices here. I bought this one from Zara in September and have worn it tons already. It's magically flattering even on me (short and a bit too bosomy):
    Love your Isabel Marant outfit and you look fab in it.

  3. Oops, the khaki and black have somehow ended up in my asos basket, despite my self imposed shopping ban due to imminent house move.

  4. I've yet to look half as good in my Mango dress which was a blatant rip off of this!

    1. I think the difference is it being a top and a skirt. I think it works as the top is waaaaaaay more voluminous to balance out the shortness of it (on me that is!) Mine was also about 5 times as much as the Mango one remember!

  5. You've just 'made' me buy the asos cream one, it looks lovely!

  6. the h and pretty and feminine...just wanted to ask a #MUM# question if thats ok...!! what did you think of the mockinjay film, my 12 year old has been invited to see it and I am very uncomfortable with him going...I read the reviews and it says its did your 10 year old cope?...sorry am not a crazy, just a mad old mother!!!x

  7. Love the marant outfit, makes me all kind of annoyed again that I didn't manage to get myself together to get any of it. Lovely leopard tops as well, may have to have a look at those! Thanks for a great blog as always, highlight of my day reading your posts! Call off the dogs has made it into my vocabulary as a result!

  8. I love all the animal print offerings (but then I would, my favourite print!) and how well are River Island doing with their latest drop?! That Baukjen dress looks gorgeous on you x

  9. How do you get the asos blouses for £21? They aren't showing as that price on the site?

  10. They look quite good, don't they?

  11. Great post - just what I'm thinking of at the moment. I have multitudinous tees but occasionally need sthg a little more dressy.