It's a hard knock life...

...when it comes to choosing winter boots that is.  And I have some new ones.  These are unashamedly casual, they are brazenly chunky and unapologetically masculine.  They are the perfect juxtaposition to soft feminine knitwear that has texture and flow and make the ideal dress down boot for every day.  Also perfect for trudging miles in with the dog.  

And there in lies the reason why I chose these lovelies as my new winter boots from Seven Boot Lane.  


I absolutely love my Caitlyn biker boots from there last year and intend to wear them extensively this season, but these are just that little bit different.  Slightly grungier, dare I say it - I clearly am going back to my student days.... the obsession with oversize knits, leggings with chunky boots to finish them off.  

Plus I can walk for miles in them.  Perfect for every day, perfect for weekend walks when I want to save my wellies for super muddy occasions (fear not, I shall be not getting these anywhere near mud for at least a fortnight...). 

Not forgetting my cable knit socks which I shall be adding to these as soon as the weather drops a couple of degrees (and I manage to find some.  Alas I seem to have flung my old ones that I thought may have made it to the attic.  Well, that's not true - I managed to find one of them.  So typical of me.  Cretin.)

Angelica Lace up work boots from Seven Boot Lane £160


So whilst I am a huge biker boot fan and will be doing another blog on those, fear not, my latest footwear obsession is definitely with the work boot.  Think Annie, think leggings, even with a skirt (I am SO sending The Husband to Banana Republic tomorrow to get that pleather skirt and oversized mohair knit which will look amazing with these.) or a midi dress.  Because of the way they're tied, I think they'd even go with boyfriend jeans (complete with cable knit socks again perhaps?) - breton, blazer and huge scarf?  The ideal way to dress down and winter proof some more late Summer/Autumnal outfits.   

And it seems there are lots of these around to choose from - it's definitely not all biker boot territory when it comes to casual winter boots that have a practical edge to them.
Call it Spring Aliradda Black Worker Boots £60 love the addition of the zip at the back.

Chunky really is the name of the game this season and Mango have taken it one chunk further with these ankle boots.

Leather Biker Ankle Boots from Mango £79.99

More at Clarks and my money is definitely on for this style being the next take on a chunky biker boot - their classic Orinoco style with what they call a "winter makeover". 

And there is a 20% off voucher I've found as well - discount code GHK20AW 

Orinoco Spice in black £60

This style they also do in a brown which I reckon a fair few may prefer as it perhaps less harsh than the black.  For me though, go black or go home but I am clearly nurturing a secret goth.

In the brown snuff (clearly that is their description not mine) £60

Slight variations on a theme now and these are very similar but with a bit of a higher heel.

Maroda Spritz £100 from Clarks - don't forget the 20% off.

Again they do these in a taupe version. 

Staying with the variations, these are slightly less heavy on the sole.  

ASOS Aerodrome Leather Lace up ankle boots £45

They do also do these in a tan - absolutely LOVE them.  (see how great they look with the boyfriend/looser jeans?  I'm loving the idea of a work boot with a smarter shirt, jumper and blazer or dress coat over the top - adore the idea of mixing up something earthier on the bottom with a smarter top half.)

ASOS Aerodrome in tan leather £45

Now I have never been one to wear DMs.  Never ever ever.  So why on earth are these appealing to me...??!

Lace up patent Leather effect ankle boots from Mango £49.99

Dare I even contemplate the real ones?

Dr Marten Modern Classics Patent 8 Eye Boots £90

And now in the super practical camp - bring on the wellies.
Hunter Original Bullseye Derby Laceup Wellington Boots £130

Completely appreciate that these aren't going to be for everyone.  That's the great thing about fashion these days - there are so so many different looks and styles for people to cherry pick from.  Which is one of the main reasons for writing this blog - to explore all the various options that are out there, looking at different ways to put them together and make the most out of your wardrobe.

These for me offer great options for lots of favourite outfits - just to give them a slightly different look.  With a hugely practical edge.  Love. 

And here today - yes, walking with the dog to pick the children up from school.  Oh how they didn't moan At All at having to walk home.  Yawn.


Black jumper - Uniqlo
Black triple zip jeans - Mint Velvet
Grey waistcoat - Primark
Grey cable knit scarf - Aubin & Wills
Black Mario bag - Jerome Dreyfuss
Black Angelica Boots - Seven Boot Lane

Tomorrow we've got secondary school visits and then the puppy is having her first proper hair cut... I'm not going to lie - I am more nervous about this than I was about any of my children's first snips.

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29 comentarios:

  1. I know what you mean about the DMs - saw a woman in them a couple of weeks ago and loved the look - but I've not been a fan of the masculine boots look for years - but i bought a pair of bikers last week and love them and suddenly think I should try on some DMs!! I think you should too xx

  2. Nice boots! Be careful with DM's though, they're a bugger to wear in.....

    1. Which can't be said for the Seven Boot Lane boots - the leather is buttery soft. Did a good couple of miles in them yesterday straight out of the box, no troubles at all x

  3. Not a DM boot wearer either, too sore and too much faff with all the laces. It was monkey boots for me! I loved them despite my dad saying I looked like Max Wall EVERY time I wore them 😀.
    Orinoco's are very tempting though.....

    1. Now which are monkey boots? Are the ones ever so slightly like the Hunter wellies similar? They look a bit like lacrosse boots? I had these at uni! There is the lacing issue though...

  4. Wow, I lived in DMs for a few (teenage) years back in the early 90s. Don't think I could go there again! They look fab on other people though!

    1. You see I never did it... maybe my time is now...?!

  5. Saw a typically gorgeous Asian girl trying on a coat in Zara last year whilst she was dressed in skinnies and wine coloured DMs. They should have paid her commission, because I then bought the coat and went straight home to order the DMs - I'm easy like that. Love these Asos tan boots too.

  6. Didn't get the Caitlin boots last winter as still wearing an all saints pair, now these are knackered and they don't stock the Caitlin anymore ! Arghh ! Do like the look of the zip ate back ones which my all saints also has ! The DM Chelsea boots are worth a look also ! Winter boots without holes top of my list at the mo ! Xx

    1. oh what a shame. I shall be back shortly with another biker boot thread if that halps...

  7. I must admit to being a DM girl in my early teens (blush), but hey, times have passed. I love me some biker boots though, and I really fancy the Clarks Maroda Spritz', yep, something about the zip (& the 20% off) appeals to me, haha. I grabbed a pair of black AllSaints Brooks boots not so long ago, so maybe I'll wait...
    Love love love the lenght of your cable knit scarf btw!

    1. Another fan, yay! The scarf is so old but one of those gems that comes out every year!

  8. I was a DM shoes girl back in the day (not boots), and have never been averse to a chunky sole - and now I'm older, they're much more comfortable! I bought a pair of Bertie boots last year that are a bit like the first Mango pair, but with a heel - love them. Also have a pair of brown flat Timberlands for the rain and snow, and chunky Ash studded biker boots. I think I may have a problem...!

  9. I still have my DMs from the 1990s! They are well worn in! Jo

  10. I've got my eye on the DM Teresa boots in cherry red. You should have a look at them as I think you would like them.

  11. Ahh you genius, wanted the orinoco bloom boots but couldn't find a code!! Just ordered x

  12. I bought some very similar from Aldo last year in burgundy - they have a similar version this year. They're so comfortable.

  13. In 90/91, DMs were pretty much all I wore! I was the girl at school getting hauled to the headmaster for wear DMs with a floor skimming maxi skirt, leather biker jacket & lashings of red lipstick, lol!
    I just picked up these yesterday, so comfortable & I love the colour

  14. Love them. Takes me back to being a student. Any thoughts on more dainty ankle boots that can be worn with smart dresses for work (I have curves and wear a lot of fitted dresses and couldn't get away with this chunky style of boot in my line of work)? Thought you might have spotted some on your travels!