A sure sign that something isn't mutton

Has to be when they sell a version of it in Clarks?!

Now I have been made to eat a large slice of Clarks flavoured humble pie this season when I succumbed and bought the Organza wedge sandals which, admittedly, I haven't had the hugest wear out of but that's primarily down to the weather and not the sandals themselves.  Suffice to say I was pleasantly surprised by a lot of the sandals that Clarks had on offer. 

So what sort of shoe am I wittering on about now?  Brave yourselves..... It's the slipper shoe. 

Yet again I have proved myself to be worthy of the prize of the most fickle fashionite on the planet (clearly an award I have just completely made up).  I hated these.  To put it bluntly.

I thought they were very much a young filly's shoe.  Far far too "on trend".  Which, I don't actually have a problem with at all, but one of my main tips for straddling that mutton/frump pommel horse is to stick to only one or two "on trend" elements at one time.  Piling them all on, Pixie Geldof style, when you're old enough to be her mother, isn't going to do you any favours. 

However, call off the dogs.  By my reckoning, if they sell them in Clarks, then that's it.  They're no longer purely for the nubile amongst us, they're fair game.  And on a quick scoot round the high street the other day, it appears they are a little staple number in most shoe shops this A/W.

Which is handy as I've been hankering after a pair for a couple of weeks but have been too scared to tell you all.  I can finally come clean!  I mentioned Bob potentially wielding the credit card with the purchase of the linen cargo pants yesterday (thank you so so much for all your lovely comments by the way - very much a success by all accounts).  Well it's been such a funny couple of weeks in my world of fashion that I feared I may have lost the plot finally with regards to a slipper shoe fetish. 

If I haven't mentioned it previously, this is something I can be religiously relied upon to do every season with at least one item/trend.  The About Turn.  I've already fessed up with one About Turn already - Print and everything to do with it.  Although I do only have three pairs of print bottoms (the floral and leopard Primark ones and the navy leopard Whistles ones).  Quite proud of my restraint actually.

I have yet to root out some trends this A/W that I can claim to loathe in August and then have a wardrobe full of come Christmas, but fear not.  You can count on my pathetically fickle self to come up trumps with something. 

In all seriousness though, there are some trends that, were you to wear them, at the infancy of their popularity, they would be hit and miss on the mutton front.  That's the beauty of the evolution of fashion.  Some trends die a death amongst the 20 year olds whereas others are growers.  And there is of course, the argument (and the wise amongst us) that says (say), if you love something, you should wear it regardless.  But there are some things that are definitely a slow burn. 

So here is a very quick pap round up of some of the slipper shoes that I spied that have grown on me.  Oh and in for a penny, in for a pound.  I'm thinking I'd like a pair with studs on.... (obviously - nothing like skirting round that mutton pond, is there?)

I will do a further in depth blog on them once the A/W stock is more in abundance.  Having said that, I did find the most gorgeous pair online at Zara.  Which, of course, is now no longer there, clearly having totally sold out.  Will. I. Ever. Learn? Doh.

But briefly, proving that we can wear them and not feel anyone baa-ing behind our backs

Glitter ones from Carvela 

Studded jewel ones from Steve Madden at House of Fraser

The infamous Clarks ones.  The black ones are suede and the leopard print ones are.... wait for it... ponyskin.  Drool drool drool! 

A myriad of studded ones at Topshop.  These however are fabric.  I fear with the weather we've been having, a pair of fabric shoes are not going to be making it into my wardrobe any time soon.  Especially for A//W (although, Indian Summer...... yeah right.  Having said that, apparently it's Adios jet stream, factor 50 here we come from Sunday.  Shan't be cracking out the bikini till I feel proof of proper warmth, mind you)

And finally, a blog from me wouldn't be complete without a beloved Zara number.  Am kicking myself for not ordering the utterly divine gold studded black ponyskin ones when I saw them.  Sob.  Sob.  But they do have a couple of other scrummy pairs which will no doubt make the slipper shortlist which I shall compile. 

So will you be sporting a slipper as your inbetween shoe this A/W?  Or are they just a bit too smoking jacket for you and you'd be much happier retiring in the comfort of your ballet flat?  Would love to hear your thoughts!

Last but not least, what I was wearing today.  Clearly am loving the linen trousers as had them on for the second day in a row (they have now been consigned to the laundry bin you'll be pleased to hear)  I did start the day with the cream Massimo Dutti jacket on and the Clarks Organza wedges in tan but as it's mid July, obviously it poured with rain by 1pm and so I had to change for the round robin of school runs. 

Am quite pleased with how versatile they're proving though (she says sitting on her hands to avoid purchasing a selection in every fabric/colour she can come across)

Cream vest (just seen.  Could have sworn you could see it - normally wouldn't have that beige next to my skin, hence I had the cream jacket to break it up. Never mind!) - Primark 
Beige linen tee - Zara
Olive linen cargo pants - Topshop
Brown leather biker jacket - All Saints
Tan Rockafella boots - Russell & Bromley
Gold bee necklace - Alex Monroe
Gold serpent necklace - Stella & Dot
Cheetah print ponyskin bag - Zara

See you tomorrow!  

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16 comentarios:

  1. Hi Kat, loving your blog. I have been looking for a tapered utility trousers, most I have seen are straight. Could you tell me if these are true to size, one reviewer has stated that they are on the small size. I am normally an 8 but should I order the 10?

  2. Oh by the way, loving the Clarks leopard print slipper, although I am a sucker for animal print they still look very versatile!

  3. Hi again Kat, Loving the outfit today - trousers do look better with a shorter top and a great combo with the leather jacket and ponyskin bag. I bought some Topshop studded slippers in nude leather back in March and was very hesitant to wear them at first. However my 16 year old daughter took a liking to them and hassled me so she could wear them - I am now a convert and we now frequently fight over wearing them. They were a brilliant buy with all this awful wet weather. The zara ones in your post are an almost a replica. Good luck with your hunt for your perfect pair!

  4. Sorry, but like the wedge trainers, this is a footwear trend I can't warm to - way too Lionel Blair for my liking! However, I do adore those boots you're wearing in today's pic; I have been trying to find a pair like that for ages.

  5. Oh Kat, you are a horror....how do you manage to turn marmite fashion into the lemon curd of my dreams? I don't know if it was the beer or your enthusiastic ruminations, but i bought the leopard print Clarks ones...now i'm trying to figure out what i'll wear them with...

    Just as well i'm on a diet already....since i've spent my chocolate money for the rest of the month ;)

  6. Ha! I'm ahead of you on this one - ended up buying a leopard print pair from Next a few weeks ago (mainly admittedly because I couldn't get ballet flats) and have lived in them - they have been a lifesaver, mega comfy and perk up dull outfits during tedious all nighters at the office!

  7. I think you could look good in anything, but I couldn't wear the slipper shoes myself. A step too far away from the pretty ballet pumps which I prefer! Do like studs though, preferably on black biker boots.

  8. Hi - just been browsing the zara website and noticed in the advance section in the new womens collection that there is a scrummy pair of slipper shoes in black pony skin with stud work on the side of the shoes. They are saying that they will be back in stock SOON! However you may well find them in stores as they are new. x

  9. I adore my slipper loafers - I got the Sam Edelman pony hair black and leopard print Alvins last Fall and they are the comfiest shoes I own - I'm a sucker for anything animal print and I'm amazed how many things the leopard print ones get worn with - I definitely prefer them with trousers though. Even Boden were selling pony haired ones last Fall! x

  10. Oooo i have a pair of the blush studded zara ones you have pictured! Love the look of the Clarks ponyskin ones too.

  11. I am quite liking the look of the slipper shoe especially if the weather continues to be rubbish as I'm fed up of my feet being soaked in my ballet pumps and they look a bit more "protective" xxx

  12. Nope, verge too much on the 'Slipper' side for me to like 'em! But I like the sparkly-ness.

  13. I happened to see something that might interest you if you're still thinking about a wedding guest outfit. It was in yesterday's Daily Telegraph fashion section (telegraph.co.uk), a gallery called "wedding dos and don'ts." I'm certain you'll avoid all the "don'ts"! Clodagh x

  14. Hi again Kat, enjoyed your post, but for once I have to disagree with you over the slipper shoes - just not sure about them at all. Think it may be because they remind me of my lovely old Nanny Ethel who was never seen without her trusty slippers (though not studded of course)! She was lovely (long time dead sadly) but not known for her fashion thinking!! Or it may just be that I love my ballet pumps too much. Sure they will look fab on you though. Enjoy the sunshine - 28 degrees by Tuesday!! Take care x

  15. I've done a bit of a turnaround on this trend too, though am currently craving these camel slipper loafers from Dune - so soft & lovely irl. http://www.dune.co.uk/product-prodlexden82camel/

    They also have leopard slipper shoes in the sale.

    Nic x

  16. I love these camel slipper loafers from Dune http://www.dune.co.uk/product-prodlexden82camel/ so soft irl

    They also have leopard slipper shoes in sale.

    Nic x