Well, who knew?

That the subject of what colour to wear at a wedding could cause so much controversy?

Firstly, a huge huge thank you to everyone who took the time to comment on my previous post where I included a pic of a (white) dress that I thought would work for The Italian Outfit (the wedding!). 

I do happen to agree with the majority (by a smidge mind you) who said that the taboo of wearing white (or black) to a wedding has long sailed. Yes, all white, I certainly wouldn't advocate but by adding bold accessories in colour and toning down the white, I actually had considered to be now acceptable.

I was therefore intrigued to read the comments which were so against it as a concept, full stop, regardless of how the white dress is accessorised.  Whilst I still don't agree with this, it has certainly made me consider the opinions.  Primarily, as the point was validly made, whilst I don't think it's an issue, the bride and other guests (to a lesser extent) may do and to offend (whilst clearly not intentionally) isn't something that I would want to do at all.

So thank you so much for voicing your thoughts, they are truly much appreciated.  The Husband is asking the Groom (his oldest friend and one who is very very much into his fashion - certainly the dress code of La Dolce Vita has definitely come from him) who will not hold back about coming forward.

As it so happens I've just realised that I've had no word from Massimo Dutti with regards to my dresses being delivered so need to chase them up.  Which could, of course, put pay to any issues.  Fate may be deciding whether it's appropriate or not. Ha.

In the meantime, I've ordered this, which I absolutely adore but I've a horrible feeling will look like a bag of spanners on me.  Really horrible feeling.....  But can't resist the draw of nude and yellow.  And am hoping that it will be more midi length on me with heels.  In my head, I can see it looking amazing.  Realistically it's a different dress or on someone with a different figure.  High chance this is going to be hilarious. 

It should theoretically be easy to find a dress to wear but my blasted knees are such a no no.  Finding something that isn't a massively frumpy length (ie just on the knee - barf) and is "Italy/La Dolce Vita" appropriate (that isn't black or white - doh) - hell, I'm struggling.  I don't want to wear a maxi dress I don't think.  I certainly don't want to buy another one (she says having ordered the above one.  Dear god I need a life)  So let's just wait and see what this is like and worry about it tomorrow.

In the meantime, I have my very (honest guv) last sweep of the sales goodies to show you. (I was true to my word and didn't venture beyond Zara - Italy Outfit excluded - but I may have had a splurge)  I also had a smash and grab trip to Primark.  All with A/W in mind.  Hence I didn't buy a pair of bubblegum pink skinny jeans.  Am still toying with them though as I think they'd in fact work really well with navy and beige for Autumn.  Not entirely sure why I procrastinate as much over an £11 pair of jeans as I do over a £200 jacket.  Go figure. 

So firstly, here is my Primark tip of the week.  Leopard print jeans. I am an animal print addict.  Does anyone know if there is a self help group for this as if I don't sign myself up for it, I think The Husband might. I swear I can hear him mutter TOWIE under his breath every time I put on another one of my beloved animal print items.  To say anything animal related isn't his favourite print, is putting it mildly. I try not to wear when he's around (is getting more difficult as it's creeping into every aspect of my wardrobe though.  Oops)

So here they are - a completely wondrous £13 worth of jean.

And I was most pleased to see this new arrival online at By Malene Birger   For a paltry £145.  I actually think I prefer the more nudey beige background of the Primark ones.  Worn yesterday although they do look more blush in the photo below as I have a pink jumper on.  But still very chuffed indeed! 

These flipflops - two pairs for £1.50 each.  Can't really see the detail but they're a glitter finish.  Honestly they are (ok marginally) more exciting than they look in this pic.  Absolutely fine for bombing around in the summer (what a bloody risible statement)  

Most of the Hav rip offs in neutral colours were completely sold out.  Unsurprising for £1.  Having worn them for a while (round the house every day and for those two idyllic weeks ie our summer, we had), no the quality isn't as good at all.  And if money were no object, I would definitely get the Havs.  But to be able to buy 20 pairs for the price of one pair - hmmmm, this year, I shall be sticking with my Primarni rip offs.  Especially as I've worn them so so much with all this glorious sunshine we've been having.  Not.

And the final Zara haul.  Off to a good start - the first blouse I actually think I'm going to take back.  I bought it and was beyond beyond excited.  I have been salivating all season over the  Mark Jacobs oversized broderie anglaise collections at Louis Vuitton.  They have been marked in their absence on the High Street.  So my delight was palpable when I swooped on this blouse that I also hadn't seen full price (clearly I have been slacking) 

But of course now I've seen a myriad of them for the new season.  Which, randomly, makes me not want it.  I know, I know, that sounds insane (and it would be so unlike me to make an insane comment) but sometimes, I just do not like to have what everyone else has.  It's my inner Aquarian rearing her ugly head and shoving it firmly up my arse.  It sounds unbelievably pompous and crap but every now and again I get all snotty about buying that's popular. (bloody ridiculous)  Especially as I then do a total about turn and become obsessed with (other) items that other people have been wearing for months and are now completely ubiquitous on the High Street.  I don't claim to talk sense........ Anyone else join me on the crazy bench?

On a purely practical note, it was the last one they had so I grabbed it but really it's too big.  And if I'm honest, whilst I do still love the pattern, it's not really me.  So £20 back in for my navy leather jacket fund.

This, however, I definitely will be keeping.  "Obviously" as it's an animal print.  Duh.  Snakeskin sheer blouse.  Reduced.  Had wanted it earlier in the season but it had sold out.  A SALES SUCCESS!!!!!!

This scarf I had ummed and ahhed about earlier in the season again but as there was only one left and it was reduced, it's now mine.  Goes completely beautifully with the pale pink jacket I bought (there is blush as well as peach on the scarf).  Very pleased indeed with it.  

And finally a perfect night out black top.  I used to have one last year but it got a hole in it and was only thinking the other night, I wish I had a replacement.  Well now I do. 

Finally a round up of what I've been wearing in...... I'm not going to mention the weather.  Needless to say I am in winter boots today.  Counting the days till we fly to Greece. (although the thought of getting my body beach ready fills me with dread.  And to be honest, the amount of work it's going to take - I should probably start now.  I fear I may throw myself into the hands of the professionals.  A chunk out of the clothing budget but needs must.)

Sunday.  A family day.  Actually a family weekend - RR3 not well again and I didn't feel too clever so just hung out at home.  A really nice change (although am looking forward to a night out later in the week, it does have to be said!) 

Natural linen rectangle jumper - The White Company
Floral skinny jeans - Primark
Apricot tassel scarf - Mint Velvet
Clay Thelma wedges - Ash
Gold renegade bracelet - Stella & Dot

Monday - back to the grind with the kids - school runs etc and starting the countdown with organising big End of Term party on Friday eve.

Blush oversized jumper - H&M
Nude jersey scarf - Mint Velvet
Leopard print jeans - Primark
Dull gold link bracelet - Made
Clay Thelma Wedges - Ash
Chestnut cross body bag - Campomaggi from Plumo
Sunglasses - Tom Ford

Today I actually made it to Spin.  And then had to sit down for an hour as I thought I might collapse.  Must do more exercise.  My fitness levels are truly woeful.  

Cream and black sleeve oversized top - Cos 
Light beige and black stripe poncho - H&M
Black jersey scarf - Cos
Indigo Baxters - Topshop
Leopard print ponyskin bag - Zara
Black Madonna stud wedges - Ash
Sunglasses - H&M

And tomorrow - hopefully it will be maxi dress and flipflop weather.  Pah.

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18 comentarios:

  1. loving the Primark leopard print jeans, just bought a similar pair from George believe it or not! :)

  2. Have you looked at the Tegan website (teganfashion.com)? They're the French Connection people but this is an online only, much better quality line for a slightly (dare I say it?) older target market. They have a lovely vintagey feeling dress in exactly the same colours as the nude and yellow one you're trying out, but hitting just below the knee - I have it in the black and tan stripe and it feels lovely on. The exact page address is this:http://www.teganfashion.com/product/womens+Dresses/01AQ7/Silk+Stripe+Pleated+Dress.htm but I'm crap at links so it might not work.

    Will look forward to hearing how you get on - I thought the Massimo Dutti dress looked gorgeous myself, but you don't want to risk being the cause of a bridal meltdown!


    1. Or how about this one from Cos? Looks nice and floaty just like the MD dress:


  3. Love the new jeans - never thought I would 'miss' Primark over here!

  4. Hi Kat..Have been following your blog for a while,love so many of your links and am so excited that I have bought something you bought without it being my usual shameless copycat thing(zara floral blazer-check,scarf envy star scarf-check,Stella and Dot-just don't ask how much I spent!)..I did a Primark run a few weeks ago and picked up the animal print jeans but with a red background.I think they look really rock and roll but perhaps I am kidding myself and I just look like a crazy old lady who just needs purple hair to complete the look!

    Great blog

  5. I can't believe I've missed so many of your posts! What is wrong with my google reader, I always scroll back to the last one I've read. I love the yellow dress and don't know why it wouldn't look great on your fantastic figure - silly billy! Glad I am not the only leopard print freak, I almost bought another scarf but stopped myself when I remembered the LV upstairs in its box! Off to check out your other posts I've missed - hope your well xx

  6. So what then if you, as a wardrobe consultant, advised a client to wear the white dress to a wedding and it proceeded to cause offence?

    Just wondering.

  7. Have realised embarrasingly the dark red jeans are snakeskin not leopard..my stumpy legs couldn't carry off the light tones in the leopardprint but you look great

  8. Thats a beautiful dress and I can't think why it would look bad on you, I am sure you will carry it off!

  9. nice look! really love that oversized top!

  10. Love that yellow dress! I am sure it will look amazing on you!

  11. Kat you have a lot to answer for - just been in the Zara store to browse their sale - damn bought about 50 tops. xx

  12. Huh! My MIL no less turned up in white to my wedding!! I couldn't have cared if she had been in a gorilla suit.....too much goin on to be bothered. Expect your bride will be the same. Lovely dress, lovely price!

  13. Can't believe you're still getting grief over the white dress. I thought it looked perfect on you and *gasp* wore a white dress to a wedding years ago. Love the jeans, i really really must get off my backside and make a trip to Primark...i just need to bribe a mate to look after my mini terrors whilst i do...

  14. Fab Primark jeans - bought a pair yesterday. Love your blog.

  15. Do you do florals? I can really see you in this: http://www.teganfashion.com/product/Woman+Sale/01BU7/Floral+Silhouette+Halter+Dress.htm

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