Bring on the bling

Ok so I can't ignore it any more.  Christmas is around the corner.   Now I'm sure that you are all infinitely more organised than me - I am definitely Queen of last min everything. (which often involves cutting corners or just simply missing out whatever I can.  I am no Christmas Elf.) 

And when it comes to shopping for Christmas outfits, this year I am determined to make good use of the array of evening appropriate items that I already have in my wardrobe.  But.... well..... that's dull isn't it?  In a complete fit of the divas, I will admit that I love having something new to wear (don't we all?)

But it's a complete waste of perfectly good clothing sitting in my wardrobe to go out and buy more. 

So the next best thing surely is to just pimp up what I already have.  And it being the start of the festive season, let's go for the bling. 

Now bling is usually expensive - to be fair, I normally do spend a lot of money on investment bits of bling. (not proper bling, we're not talking "that" much money - statement costume bling).  They last years, they can transform a cheaper top or a more mundane outfit into something completely new.  I am a huge advocate of spending as much as you can on pieces that you love and you know you'll wear again and again. 

In fact I'm hosting a Stella & Dot party later this week and am already making a Christmas list (fantastically easy for The Husband to order!). Can't wait to see some of the new bits in the flesh - I will be reporting back, not to fear. 

However at the other end of the spectrum, I recently discovered Forever 21.  Now clothes wise, the jury is out.  I'm sure if I spend long enough in there, I would be able to find a gem or two, but at a speedy glance, it did seem a lot like Primark quality (admittedly a neater store, I will give them that) at rather inflated prices. 

That was until I got to the enormous (and beautifully arranged - boudoir stylee) jewellery section. 

Oh happy days.  The quality for the price seems really good.  I am under no illusion that after a couple of wears, things are probably going to start falling apart (I did have to select carefully instore to find ones that didn't have a rhinestone or two missing), but for the peanuts they cost, I am more than happy to give life to some old favourites. 

Here is my pick of the bling.  Note please - these are all bling-a-ring-ding and I make no excuses for them!  There is a huge selection of daintier and less in your face jewellery online  but I have gone for full on rhinestone cowboy lushness.  And interestingly I found the full on stonetastic ones to be of a heavier quality than the lighter more delicate pieces.  Go figure.

Necklaces first

Now I don't tend to do wear both a statement necklace and statement earrings at the same time.  I tend to get a look of the Dynasty's about me - fine for fancy dress, but on me it just doesn't work.  I personally prefer earrings and a knuckleduster bracelet. 

Here are my earring selections - all of which I would wear in a heartbeat. 

Finishing with bracelets.   I think they had a better selection instore - certainly the one that I had they don't have online, so deffo worth having a look if you fancy something a bit more meaty. 

Now sod's law they don't have either the earrings or bracelet that I bought - but they do seem to have a different selection instore, like I've mentioned.  I am over the moon with both of mine and have worn them twice already.  Bringing new life to a very old Zara blouse.  An outfit that I will be dragging out again this weekend for a dinner party - I'm that pleased with them! 

So a round up of what I've been wearing for the past week.  Have been very busy since last Wednesday - lots of exciting things going on which is great.  Weekend was given over to a couple of days of excessive eating (and cooking on my part!) and drinking.  Two dinner parties plus more visitors, with some sofa and movie action with the kids thrown in for good measure.  

Since the weekend I have been getting iller and iller with a hideous headcold, hence I look like a complete bag of spanners, yesterday in particular when I only left the house for school runs.  Visitors at home including a plumber.  The things dreams are made of.....


Beige jumper - H&M
Camel, navy and black leopard print trousers - Whistles 
Navy jersey scarf - Zara
Tan suede & leather boots - La Redoute
Buttermilk leather trench - Vintage from Greenwich market
Chestnut Lily bag - D&G
Sunglasses - Tom Ford 

Thursday night - First Holy Communion meeting for RR1 and then out for drinks (she wasn't with me, I'd just like to point out...not entirely sure who is more excited about the dress - me or her!  The Husband is of course absolutely dreading it - he thinks the dress affair is going to be a stand off of dawn.  He may well be right, if the 8 yr old had her way, it would be Big Fat Gypsy First Holy Communion all the way.....Tis going to be interesting, that's for sure)

Nude vest - Primark
Charcoal drape front jersey top - FCUK
Camel, navy and black leopard print trousers - Whistles
Navy knitted military peacoat - Zara
Brown leather and chain detail cuff - Hultquist
Pegasus necklace - Stella & Dot
Black suede & patent ankle boots - LK Bennett
Stone maxi zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch


Nude vest - Primark
Black fine knit top - Cos
Leopard print skirt - Zara
Black tweed vintage style shrunken blazer - Zara
Beige stud scarf - Taylor Stephens
Stone maxi zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch
Bea wedge trainers - Ash

Friday night, dinner party for 12 chez nous. 

Black silk pussy blow blouse - Zara
Black coated skinnies - Cos
Suede asymmetric stilettos - Zara
Rhinestone earrings - Forever21
Rhinestone and chain bracelet - Forever21

And for another dinner party on Saturday night 

Black silk pussy blow blouse - Zara
Dark indigo Jessie kick flare jeans - Topshop
Rhinestone earrings - Forever21
Rhinestone and chain bracelet - Forever21
Black suede & patent ankle boots - LK Bennett
Cream and gold jacket - Zara
Snakeskin clutch - Michael Kors

Monday.  A shadow of my former self.  Beechams flu plus is also a large addition to the day.

Tobacco oversized jumper - Primark
Black coated jeggings - Dorothy Perkins
Beige and black poncho cardigan - H&M
Black armwarmers - Long Tall Sally 
Black biker boots - Kurt Geiger
Leopard print scarf - Louis Vuitton
Stone maxi zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch

Tuesday - still feeling very rough

Navy knitted dress - Whistles
Indigo Baxter jeans - Topshop
Chocolate leather biker jacket - All Saints
Tie dye navy and beige scarf - Cos
Brown clog ankle boots - Sanita
Chestnut Lily bag - D&G 

See you soon! 

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20 comentarios:

  1. Kat, even when you're sick you look great! is the oversized jumper from Primark a recent buy? Like :-) Audrey

    1. I've got this same jumper and bought it at least two years ago - I'd actually forgotten about it so been inspired to dig it out again. It is nice but doesn't fit under a normal coat/jacket very well!

  2. Shame there isn't a Forever 21 store by me as this stuff looks lovely!! Well spotted, will check out their website though....thanks for the tip off!! I find H&M always have some good pieces too. I've found some lovely leather look cuffs in there, I know they will only be good for a few wears but it is a really cheap and easy way to update things!! I too love the Primark jumper....I have something a little bit similar from Zara, it's more of a jersey than knit and it's in the top section, no asymetrical hemline line but it's a cape style with roll neck, it comes in black grey and a camel type colour and a very resonable £19.99!!

  3. Looking fab as usual - love the kickflares for a change and the bling looks great too! I have that navy zara peacoat too - have started wearing it again thanks to you!!

  4. I too would like to know when you got that Primark sweater .. v,v nice! I'm soooo jealous that you have RR1s communion coming up ... it's so much fun. It was almost daggers at dawn in our house too between The Child & I (the OH persisted in referring to it as the Mini Wedding) but it was all eventually resolved to everyone's satisfaction. She looked gorgeous, I was delighted and it was a truly fabulous day. Would love to be doing it all over again!

  5. Hope you'll be feeling better soon - looking great despite the cold!

  6. wow you look TOTALLY different with your hair up! Amazing.
    Forever 21 is absolutely the best thing ever, it's the first store I go to when I go to America (that and Old Navy!).

    The Emerald Cut Rhinestone Earrings are almost identical in style to some I have from Stella and Dot and even though I paid £16 for mine (half price) I would have happily bought the F21 ones a a fiver! I wish I had a local store to rummage through .. my bank says no you don't but I say yes I do


  7. Love you in those kick flares, you need to wear them more often!

  8. Aw bless ya... love the cream/gold Zara jacket & the black bikers

    Nic xx

  9. Aw d bling! I was in d Forever 21 for first time in New York last may and it's huge!! Like you , i loved the jewellry d best, rather thn d clothes. Mind u, we were on a stop off en route home from disney...tired, lost d husband in confusing floor levels and 2 cranky kids not interested in clothes, but d bling did catch d attention!!!

    As for d Holy Communion, it's alovely time for u all. I had my girl two years ago, had my wedding dress remodelled for her, very lovely and precious to me...all teary now!! My son, well his was this year, i got his suit on ebay( as i knew he wud not wear it again and sure enough he had tear in d pants from playing!! But it was soo gorgeous on him...teary again!!!

    Love your outfits, great inspiration to try out new things. But your just say i have it bad for bags and bling!!!

    Siobhan x

  10. Forever 21! I know these gorgeous photographer in LA who always manages to make it look so chic and mixes with J Crew....but I'm always too scared to go inside! But I must....this bling is gorgeous!

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