Ramblings of woman in frock(s)

Three days I managed.  A pathetically woeful three days of wearing a dress.  As I mentioned in my last blog, this was a pitch in at the last minute for the FrOctober cause raising awareness & money for PND sufferers.  The troopers over there had been wearing a dress every day for the entire month of October.  Every.  Single.  Day.  

Much much respect ladies - I thought it would be difficult but after my embarrassing contribution of three days (seriously appalling I appreciate), there is no way I could have done an entire month.  Well at the very least without an extensive shopping trip (which wasn't really the point but would perhaps have been a bonus)

It really doesn't sound that difficult does it but boy, was it food for thought. 

I've mentioned it before on here, although not for a while - it's normally a couple of months into a season - how it's very difficult to straddle that balance between a style that suits you (barf alert - "signature style".... you were warned...) and just wearing a variation on a theme, day in day out and risk looking much of a muchness.

Total first world problems of that I am more than aware.  But as this is a fashion blog and my ramblings of how I'm clawing my way through the last months of my 30's into my (hopefully but unlikely) formidable 40's without resorting to selling my soul at Planet or Windsmoor, I feel a post on this topic is justified.  As shallow as it may be.

Looking back through my pics, it's clear that I am a fan of skinny trousers.  Not just a fan to be fair, more of an addict.  For which there is no help group.  I am going to be proactive and self help.

So a couple of weeks ago I went in search of other trousers that weren't skinny.  That went well.  Not.  To be fair, if I wanted to be super smart (which also equals dry clean.  Just no no no on a daily basis.) then I would have a far bigger selection to choose from.  But for the school run and my not so smart life?  No.  Too expensive, too impractical and not the style direction I think I want to go in.  Plus I have very few day tops to go with them - a whole other can of expensive worms that doesn't need opening. 

Ok so there must be other less smart trouser options that can be explored in more depth - that's a mission for the next couple of weeks - trousers that aren't skinnies.  Harems? (oh I bet that will be a fantastic discussion - how to divide a nation!) Cargos? Chinos? Peg legs? Boyfriend jeans? (that aren long enough..)  The search will begin shortly. 

And therefore in the meantime, surely a dress will be the secret to my success. 



I have realised I do not feel comfortable in a dress or skirt.  I feel overdressed.  I don't feel like me.  In fact on the second day, I was actually asked by someone "wow where are you going all dolled up?"  I wasn't dolled up! I had a dress on.  With biker boots as well, so hardly evening appropriate. 

And that's another thing.  It's very difficult, I found, to wear a dress/skirt with heels.  And, despite being of Gulliver proportions, I like wearing heels.  All my new shoes are heels and I want to wear them goddamit!  The heels that I have don't really work with long dresses (I think knee high heeled boots look fantastic with them, but I am not an owner of any.  Doh.) and with a knee length dress, it completely changed the look from casual day to much smarter.  Which isn't an issue if you have something smarter to go to.  It was half term here.  Nowt smart occurring. 

Then we have the shorter dress.  I have quite a few of these actually.  Except that on me they're not dresses.  They're glorified belts.  I am simply too tall to make them look anything less than indecent.  There are no opaque tights on the planet with a denier high enough to stop me looking like a hooker.   On others they look great - little DVF tunic dresses with opaques & ankle boots, knitted dresses with knee high boots or biker boots.  I've no problem finding dresses for other (shorter) people.

And so I therefore normally wear them with.... you've guessed it.... skinny trousers.  Slaps forehead in comedy fashion.  

And so we come full circle with regards to my frock issues.  This could, of course, be merely problems that I have with the (paltry) selection of dresses in my wardrobe.   Maybe in the next couple of weeks, I'll have a look and see if I can find any day dresses/skirts for the A/W that I would be comfortable in.  

But in the meantime, I've learnt to look at my plethora of skinny trousers in a new and affectionate light.  For a start, they're not all the same at all.  Some are jeans, some are trousers, different fabrics & textures, some are patterned, some are less skinny and more straight.  You can wear them a wide variety of footwear - from flat boots, ballet pumps, slipper shoes, sneakers (not of the running variety, dear god - I was thinking cons or superga) to an array of heels (I will admit, I am a sucker for an ankle boot.  Moves quickly on) 

Then there is the multitude of different tops you can wear with them.  From blouses (not that I am a big supporter of these but I aim to become an ardent fan......), oversized jersey tops & jumpers (fab with ponchos in the winter), to more fitted jumpers and tops with blazers and leather jackets. 

The upshot is, my small escapade into the life of the skirt has taught me something.  That, on reflection, for me it's more important to feel comfortable in what you wear and knowing that it suits your lifestyle.  Than have a huge variety of looks in your wardrobe.

Finding a style that you're comfortable with, I have also learnt does prevent a host of buying mistakes (not all though - we all have a random something we've bought....)  Sticking to a theme, knowing what suits you and just breaking the mould occasionally with the odd item that's off piste, be it colour or style.

That's not to say I shan't be looking for a new pair of trousers to add a twist to my wardrobe (the linen Topshop ones I had in the summer, I was over the moon with - in fact, no reason why I can't drag them out of the summer pile).

So just wondering what other people think?  Do you have a style that you stick to?  Or are you more than happy to branch out and have a host of different looks in your wardrobe?

And therein the ramble ends. 

Finishing with the pics of me, not in skinny trousers! 

Black vest - Primark
Black thin knit l/s top - Cos
Leopard print skirt - Zara
Washed leather jacket - All Saints
Black biker boots - Kurt Geiger
Stone maxi zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch
Beige scarf with gold studs - Taylor Stephens 

Black & Beige dress - A danish brand from a Danish shop locally (we have a few - go figure)
Black boiled wool coatigan with ribbed sleeves - Ronit Zilkah 
120 denier tights - Topshop
Stone & black snakeskin print scarf - By Malene Birger
Tan shopper - Zara

Brown maxi dress - All Saints
Tan hipster belt - Fever London
Chocolate leather jacket - All Saints
Leopard print scarf - Louis Vuitton
Chocolate leather cuff with gold chain detail - Hultquist
Tan suede pirate boots - ASOS
Tan shopper - Zara

And today I am mostly wearing........

...skinny trousers

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61 comentarios:

  1. It's a shame you're not a fan Kat as you really do actually suit them. I love your hair in a giant bun too.

    Nic x

    1. Sorry love - I meant to reply but like a bozo have managed to leave myself a comment. Moron. See below..... DOH. Darn kids - trying to blog and have 3 kids yelling at you is hard.

  2. Thanks love! It's not that I don't like them, I just didn't feel comfortable in them - maybe as it was half term and I was just chipping around with the kids. I am determined to wear them more often - but it mainly was a great eye opener in that it doesn't matter if the majority of time you have a style that you stick to and work around.

    The hair bun is my fave hairstyle at the moment. Takes me about 2 secs to do. So so so easy!

  3. You look great in all choices! I think you've hit the nail on the head regarding other 'usually worn' tops / accessories etc not working though. Skirts / dresses do require totally different proportions on the top half, and shoes/boots as you've highlighted.

    I just see it as an excuse to have more shoes :-)

  4. I used to wear dresses alot,with thick tights and knee boots.
    All myknee boots a bit old now and have bought 3 pairs of ankle boots this season(you are to blame!)
    so cannot justify new knee boots really....
    Am bit sick of seeing myself in skinnies all the time though...

  5. I think you look great in all of those dresses, i even recall you wearing them throughout the year (yes i am your stalker :) ) So was it the fact that you were trying to wear one everyday?

    For me i find dresses too 'girly' and find it difficult to pair with the right jacket. My 'uniform' is also skinny jeans/trousers/leggings and a boxy loose top with a vest underneath, infact i think that's why i'm drawn to your blog so much, i too am never knowingley underscarfed lol. I am VERY envious of your extensive scarf collection. Perhaps you could show and tell...

    Sharron x

  6. You look great in your 'frocks' Kat (as had already been pointed out!) but if you don't feel comfortable.... I'm afraid I'm a complete skinny jean/trouser type girl these days just can't get back into the habit of skirts and dresses (feel overdressed) - despite having several options. Completely agree with the heel and skirt issue too - only really wear them for nights out (few and far between) or work (sometimes) and I'm a shortie!

    Jen x

  7. how tall are you just out of interest, I am also a tall-y and find the whole dress boot thing a problem too. I also can't wear heels of any kind which upsets me no end, but just like you said, if you don't feel comfortable. I love that stripey dress by the way.

  8. Kat, I love dresses, always buy them, rarely wear them!! Learnt that lesson! Me too a skinny jeans girl!! You have helped sort a few of the gaping black holes in my wardrobe and after reading this blog I dashed home for a try on as you have inspired another look for me!! I have a lovely long black jersey skirt from Gap which I have worn in the summer with flats but have just put with some low heeled black suede dicker boots, Primark black vest and the ropey H&M stripey jumper (cream & black version) you blogged about a while back that was at one point £3.99!!! Job done!! That's my look sorted for tomoz!! Ta v.much!! Loved your wedding look on last blog and love the stripey dress in this one!! Much more food for thought!!

  9. Hi Kat I have hair very similar to yours and just wondered how you do your big bun? I love a bun but mine always takes ages, yours looks fab.

  10. Enjoyed your post. I'm at the wearing versions of the same thing stage but I am gradually finding my fashion mojo again with the help of blogs like yours.

  11. Hi Kat,
    I agree with you that skinnies are far more 'your bag' and I have yet to see a photo of you in skinnies where you are not looking fabulous.
    I am desperate for a pair of your black kurt geiger biker boots. Are they past season as can't seem to find anything remotely similar. If you have time, please please could you post a black biker boot that is as close to yours as you can find. I would be so grateful. Thank you.
    Kitty x

  12. Whats the brand of the black and beige stripe dress please, I'm a sucker for a stripy dress and that looks very similar to an All Saints one I foolishly sold on ebay and have forever regretted....thanks!

  13. You look lovely as usual and although you always look fab in your skinny jeans these outfits look just as good on you. I worry about living in jeans in winter too but do wear skirts and dresses for work and do love maxi dresses in summer so hopefully it balances out! Ant xxx

  14. Your skinny jeans is your signature look and it's a great look for you. If I had legs like yours I would in skinny jeans everyday too. The dresses look very natural on you actual - you're one of those people who look good in both and it's not "shocking" to see you in something which you would not normally wear. I prefer pants and jeans - it suits my lifestyle and it's a bit of a boring formula but it works for me crawling around on my hands and knees with the boys.

  15. You do suit skinny jeans so like Sue, I'd say, stick with it girl…you do vary it enough to keep it interesting. Having said that, loving the skirt/dresses..defo worth digging out once a week or so. Particularly love the Zara one. Well done on doing three days in a row. I think I managed a week. It was difficult! Avril x

  16. I agree with everyone else the dresses look great on you, but know what u mean by the whole feeling over dressed thing. I tend to wear dresses on a Sunday, I might wear a skirt on a Saturday, but only a Saturday it feels to dressy for a week day, unless it's a work skirt. It's funny the notions we take.


  17. I think you are wrong about the short skirts, you are tall with great legs I think a miniskirt with very thick tights would look fab on you. Use it before you lose it so to speak. I do like your looks this week and as much as you don't feel as comfortable in dresses/skirts if it was a once a week thing rather than a froctober mission you might enjoy the day off from Skinnies.

    I am quite happy to flit between styles (which includes gilets #ahem #hardstare). I am just as likely to drop the children off at school in dirty tracksuit bottoms, fleece stolen from my husband, hair unbrushed and no make up as I am to do it in skinnies or a skirt. It just depends on how I feel on the day (and what I am doing after drop off!)
    I think my main style seems to be fitted jumper, skinnies and knee high boots (ok I didn't say my style is up to date but I came to this look late due to body issues so it's only 1 year old for me) but have experimented lately with skirts I used to wear pre-kids that I can now get back into.

  18. Oh, your Anya bag. Le sigh! Trip to Bicester beckons, I feel.

    I agree re dresses, esp in winter. Makes me feel very 'worky', when really am very 'soft-play-y'. Again, le sigh.

  19. I too always seem to associate skirts/dresses with more formal occasions - I wore a black maxi skirt the other day with blazer/scarf/boots and someone asked me if I was off anywhere nice. No, just to the supermarket actually. Perhaps it's just something you have to do on a regular basis to feel more comfortable. I love the stripey dress you have - I always struggle to wear that length.

  20. Nice 'Take' on a dress - by the way how tall are you?

    Planet and Windsmoor...... shan't be heading near them untill I'm at least 65

    1. Hi kat, this is a great discussion! I have the same issues when it comes to dresses and skirts. I have bought so many different styles in the past and they just end up in my wardrobe for months with tags not getting worn. I just don't feel comfortable in them. I'm a skinny jeans/trouser kinda girl and have loads! It's all down to what you feel comfortable in. X

  21. Bugger, I so should've signed up for Froctober. As someone who (on account of massive bottom) has a wardrobe entirely consisting of frockages it would have been easy peasy. Although asking anyone to sponsor me to do nothing out of the ordinary might have been a stretch.
    I'm totally jealous of your fabulous height (as someone who gets stuck in people's armpits on the tube, and has to ask teenagers in tesco to get stuff down off the shelves) and your long legs, (mine stop around the ankles and are kind of vase shaped).
    Therefore to me, your options are wide open and so limiting them seems bonkers. You look great in a dress, maybe you just need some more boots????....knickers to austerity.
    Penny x
    P.s. Still loving your Pegasus necklace. Virginia Bib should be on your wish list. You survived half term with 3 kids, surely there must be some recompense.

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  27. I love these looks, particularly the leopard maxi... you rock a frock! I've been stuck in a fashion rut and have set myself the challenge of wearing 50 different outfits over 50 days 'til Christmas to try and haul myself out. So thank-you for the style inspiration!



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