Monday Must Have

Ok so randomly last week seems like a loooooooooooong time ago - all this new season loveliness has filled me with inspiration and I'm loving rediscovering suits and block colour. 

Speaking of colour.... that leads me neatly onto my speedy Monday Must Have.  Yes it's colour.  But this time it's colour for your hair.

First up, I will say that yes I was sent this by a PR company.  About 18 months ago.  And it's been sat in my cupboard, as I took one look at it and thought - pah, that won't work.  Roll forward to last week when I went for lunch with really old friends, we were bemoaning the dilemmas of ageing - silvery hairs being one of them, and one of my girlfriends said she swore by Color WOW Root Cover up. 

I said, I'm sure I've got some of that in a cupboard and lo and behold I did.  Even then I was still sceptical.  I only had dark blonde and light brown and I would say my roots are naturally dark brown (not to mention the fact that I looked at it and thought, that is NOT going to work...).  

So this is the product.

Color WOW Root Cover Up £28 

Inside - you can see it's like a massive eye shadow.  Clearly that's not the technical term.

Well what do you know.  My lovely friend F (she was also the one who persuaded me that metallic trainers were a good idea) was absolutely right. 

Excuse the terrible photos - I may have forgotten to do them (and so had to screen shot from the videos - I was too keen to use it!), there are videos over on Instastories (which, I'm not going to lie are also terrible, BUT you can see how it works).  This is me using the light brown - I would definitely have chosen the medium brown had I not had the light brown in the cupboard BUT I would say they come up darker than you would think so perhaps go a shade lighter than you normally would.


Clearly it's not a permanent solution - I would say it's make up for your hair.  But as a temporary fix for inbetween colour appointments, it's blooming genius!  It takes genuinely less than a minute to apply.  It does say NOT to brush it on.  Which is what I did (only managed to read the instructions after I'd done the application... duh....).  You're supposed to press it on but I think it worked just fine the way I did it.  Just whack it on essentially (as you can see, I am very much a beauty user as opposed to a beauty expert!).

Have to say I am really REALLY pleased with the results - I did that "look at myself and double take" in every mirror when out shopping this afternoon.

Other colours it comes in can be seen here.  As well as M&S, you can buy it from Feel Unique where it's 50p more but you can often get a discount voucher.

So here I am - zero roots on show and in all the navy again. 


Coat - H&M (current)
Sweatshirt - FWP by Rae (gift aw17)
Cropped navy trousers - M&S (current)
Leopard trainers - Air & Grace (gift aw16)
Bag - Loewe at Matches (current)

First official day of the holidays DONE.  Mum's taxi for the 13 yr old and then we all went to Bluewater, dinner at Yo Sushi (blue plate Monday always worth it) and the purchase of a new board game.  Labyrinth.  Take THAT Playstation... (anyone else feel that holidays are mum v electronic games consoles??!). 

Work tomorrow, an event tomorrow night but I will be back with some new season gems.  Dare I say I think it was slightly warmer today? (she says ignoring the whacking great sleet/snow/rain images that are lighting up my iphone weather app *weeps*). 

I will be back with something fresh and light.  In the meantime, how late am I to the Color WOW party?  Or is there another brand that you use and recommend?  I think this will be my this year's "Body Blur".... I am a TOTAL convert.

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10 comentarios:

  1. love it too...gets me through the last week before each hair appointment!

    1. Can't believe I've only just discovered it!

  2. I have been using this for years but there's a copy out now for only a few quid.. W7 root cover up its just as good and £20 cheaper x

    1. Other people have said they just use eye shadow!

  3. I find that the coloured batiste dry shampoos also do an excellent job of covering roots! And only a few quid for a big can.

  4. I use the L’OrĂ©al touch up spray stuff which is about £7 from Tesco, takes about 10 seconds to apply and my hair looks perfect! We bought labyrinth at Christmas having heard great things about it. Haven’t had time to open it yet so be interested to hear what you think!

    1. Will have a look at that one, THANK YOU!

  5. is the h&m coat on the website please..i cant find it x

  6. That stuff is good--but the rita hazan crayon stick is amazing. i use dark brown. i believe there is a lighter shade.