When Kate went Margo

So this was last week - it was when Kate went to Denmark or Sweden or somewhere I should probably have paid more interest in and I'm too lazy to google again as I really don't care where she went - I DO care about the clothes.  And I've been sitting on it and pondering.  

I've pondered. 

I love it.  On first seeing it, I thought WOW and I still love it.  Now I know it divided opinion and for some - it went against the grain of how she "should" look.  Which is how she normally looks.  Demure, elegant (she does always look elegant, I will absolutely give her that), beautiful, smart and safe.  

Safe.  She gets it right, from a very safe, reliable, trustworthy, classic wardrobe persepective. 

Which most people love.  But as I've said before, I just wish she could be a bit more Diana.  Pushing the boundaries - I'm not advocating a bikini with swinging tassels from her nips - but just something with a bit of edge, a bit of bite - something fresh and more modern looking.

AND TA DAH!!  Ok to some, it was hideously frumpy.  Curtains and other not flattering associations were made but bah bleeding humbug to the naysayers.   And certainly fresh and more modern weren't some of the descriptions being bandied about.  Yes it was ALL THE MARGO.  Which.. is all the aboslutely MARVELLOUS.  As far as I am concerned there is absolutely nothing not to love about a bit of Ms Leadbetter.  '70s head to toe - not an ounce of flesh to be seen - floral.  Long sleeves, high neck, floor skimming hem.

This was awesome in a daring, dramatic and oh so decadent way.   And it's from a British label.  The utterly divine and utterly unaffordable Erdem.

So this concept is going to divide.  For those of you who hated it on Kate, I'm going to bet that you've not been scouring the internet for a more purse friendly version?  And that is your prerogative.  (and whilst we're here - err WHO KNEW it was prerogative and perogative?  I have been sat here singing the Bobby Brown song and he never said prerogative.  "It's my perogative".  Sing it - I dare you... Every day's a school day).

Myself however?  I have been frothing at the mouth with excitement,  there has been veritable smoke coming from my keyboard as I've tap, tapped away looking for similar that  I won't have to sell a kidney to afford (how many kidneys do you need again?)

Why are these so completely amazing?  It's the equivalent of wearing a massive nightie out, which I appreciate is not exactly selling it but bear with me.  Seriously - it's as good as it gets outfit wise.  You can wear tights underneath if you're a chilly soul but for me - trainers or ankle boots (hold fire with that thought), jacket, dress and that's it.  There is no shaving of legs (at the moment I am part woolly mammoth, I daren't go to the Natural History Museum for fear of being shoved in a glass box as an exhibit) and there are no tanning requirements either as there is literally no flesh on show. 

I'm going in...

Oversized Maxi Dress from & Other Stories £89

Monsoon Print Amy Maxi Dress £69

Suncoo Floral Maxi Dress with Tie Back £162

Green at ASOS.  

Vero Moda Feather Print Dress was £56 now £46

This one I absolutely LOVE.  I don't think I have a blue dress - this would take you from a wedding through to a dress down day with a denim jacket.  All the love - oh seriously, all the love for this one. 

Gestuz Maxi Dress with Blue Flower Print £150

Austin Floral Crepe Maxi Dress from Anthropologie £148

And the same in the purple (although I think the background is black) £148.

Darker again and ideal for this time of year with a biker and ankle boots.  

Vero Moda Floral Print Maxi Dress was £38 now £26.50

Red with an amazing reduction at ASOS. 

Suncoo Floral Maxi Dress was £129 now £51.50

And there must be more.. there WILL be more but I'm going to hazard a guess that most of you will think these are pretty repulsive. 

However I think they work exceedingly well - I made the most of one I was sent for the Stella shoot but couldn't wear as it didn't go with the outfits of Erica and Freddie.  It will absolutely come into its own in the warmer months (even thought it was from their Winter range) as it has a super low v neck but I've thrown a thermal polo neck underneath to keep my inner Margo happy.


Dress - FCUK (gift aw17)
Roll neck - Autograph at M&S (4 yrs ago)
Trainers - Golden Goose from Farfetch (sale aw17)
Biker jacket - hush (gift 4 yrs ago)
Bag - Loewe from Matches (current) 

I am off out now but tomorrow I will be back in the morning with something a little different... 

But in the meantime, to Margo to go No-go?!

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18 comentarios:

  1. I love them! I scored a Liquorish dress from ASOS for £17 in the sale and wore that to a wedding. Covers everything, is comfortable and looks fab. Winner!

    1. I LOVE Liquorish but they're usually too short for me - being freaking Gulliver.. So pleased the first comment is a yay and not a "barf they ming"...

  2. Kat, Firstly, absolutely all the love for Margot! Secondly, the second Anthro dress has a navy background :-). I tried on both in store & bought the green.

  3. Ooh I love those two from Anthropologie! I am taking a v quick trip to London on Sun/Mon so I might try and pop in to try them on.

  4. https://www.atterley.com/women/dove-maxi-dress-floral-spray-4
    I love them! I just ordered this and have my fingers crossed that it’s long enough as I am basically a giant x

    1. Oh WOW! Let me know as I'm a fellow Gulliver xxx

  5. I think Kate looks great in her Margo, great to see her in something a tad more daring. Looks great on you too, but the high necks don’t work well on me, too booby. I do have that Vera Moda, which I always get lovely comments on but it’s massive and wish I’d sized down. I wear mine with a jumper over it (thanking you for that tip) as it looks awful on it’s own.

    1. The feather print dress? That's a great tip, thank you. I keep looking at it - I absolutely love the colour. Think it will come into its own in the Spring..

  6. Absolutely love this look. Quickly ordered the red/navy Asos one and just off to make my cheese and pineapple on sticks ( to poke ,into a foil covered potato ) and a large Cinzano ! The dress looks fab on you btw x

    1. The '70s were simply THE best...! Hope the dress works - amazing reduction x

  7. I love Margo, Kate is no Margo. But she's pregnant and I am not going to hate on Kate. I agree she is safe and I wish she would be a little more interesting but god, I hated this dress so much. It didn't suit her AT ALL. You are right, I hate all these dresses. I hate maxi dresses. There, I've said it. Midi yes, maxi no.

    She was in Sweden. And no, I am not a royal watcher but I do follow Tom & Lorenzo. If you don't follow them Kat, you need to as you would love them.

    1. HA HA HA!! It would be SUCH a dull world if we all liked the same thing!

  8. Oh, now I love all of those.... pattern, style, everything! I loved Kate's frock too, such a lovely colour. Mel x

  9. I loved Kate's dress too - such a welcome departure from safe and elegant. I love these on other people, but sadly they do me no favours. I'm too dang short and not as 'petite' as I used to be (packing some winter timber and it doesn't take much to completely alter your shape when you're as short as I am). I love the Vero Moda one and may have to order it just to see what it's like on - I do have a Maje maxi dress that actually looks OK on me, so you never know... Saw this the other night on TV and can't stop thinking about how beautiful she looks in this gorgeous dress https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gytVhLACiwM. Pure 70s loveliness!

  10. I feel your 'height issue' pain. I have not quite (or even nearly actually) the same problem, being a bit of a small person, well not small but awkwardly heighted. Slightly not short enough for petite ranges (unless is cropped trousers) but completely too short for normal lengths, hence pretty much everything I wear is a rolled up type jean/trouser. Can only really wear maxis in the summer when its acceptable to be a tad draggy on the floor!

  11. Can't talk about Margo without saying "well thank you very much Jerry"! My most quoted telly line, even when it makes no sense to say it (like just then probably)!! xx