Always be prepared...

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..for whatever weather life throws at you.  And it appears that the chances of us needing to don a pair of strappy sandals this weekend is LOOKING UP!  Temperatures in the low/mid twenties.  Of what madness is this you talk?  

Regardless though, in my experience, if you don't nab the sandals of your dreams now, they'll be long gone by the time you actually need them.  And given the weather, we need to get our sandal act together IMMEDIATELY.

Sandals sell out offensively early.  Bought by people who are either a) organised or b) jet off to far sunnier climes whilst the rest of are still battling with jumpers, hats and wellies.  Do we need any more reasons to dislike these people?  Not hate hate but just feel a slight antithesis towards?  Please say it's ok..

Ok so that's mean.  If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.  I'm not advocating booking a holiday to the Caribbean but lets just become ever so slightly organised? 

First up. 


Strappy Sandals from Forever 21 £12.99

In the tan as well - £12.99 Yes for that price, it would be rude not to get both.

Strappy with a slight heel which I know is very appealing to some. 

Strappy Open Toe Sandals from Forever 21 £20

And then there are the flat ones... 

Cutout flat sandals from Forever 21 £12

Or in the red - also £12

Similar at Mango but leather for only £29.99

And in the black.... leather again from Mango for £29.99

These I think look so much more expensive than the picture.  The STUPID picture.  Seriously, who has calves that long?  Almost tempted to not purchase in protest....

Canvas Bow Tie Sandals £15

Minimal and a style reminiscent of the Sam Edelman Gigi's which are significantly more. 

Open Toe T-Bar Sandals in navy from M&S £15

Or in the green - also only £15 from M&S

And in the silver... £15

Slightly similar at Boohoo but this time in leather £14 in black

In tan leather from Boohoo also £14

Leather ankle strap with a hint of the Marant about them at M&S. 

Leather Studded Toe Thong Sandal £45

Or in the tan - again £45

Buckle again and my beloved ankle straps at ASOS.  A hint of Bally I think.

ASOS DESIGN Flora flat sandals £18

And my personal favourites... 

ASOS DESIGN Faro Leather sandals £18

Orrrrr these ones... 

ASOS DESIGN Favoured leather sandals £18

Nope - hang on - these from Stradivarius. 

Stradivarius leather flat sandals £25.99

This is clearly a mere drop in the vast sandal ocean.  I shall be back with loads more ideas in the next couple of weeks (maybe sooner if this weather continues) but in the meantime - I shall be on trotter duty.  Yes, my feet are still at hoof status.

In the meantime, here I am from yesterday when I did the most amazing shoot with Simon Rimmer (yes THE Simon Rimmer who is as absolutely lovely as you think he will be) and I wore boots and was WAY too warm!

Dress - Studio by Preen for Debenhams (sample from ss18)
Jacket - Ted Baker (from paid partnership 2 yrs ago)
Boots - Marc Jacobs for Dr Marten's from My Theresa (current)
Sunglasses - Chloe from David Clulow from Bicester Village (current)
Bag - Gucci from Bicester Village (4yrs ago)

I will be back - maybe even tomorrow with biscuits (not of the edible variety - think colour... I know random, but it works!)

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  1. I so know what you mean about trotters! Mine have been treated to those sock feet peel thingys (technical term), so any day now the will start to shed skin like I'm suffering from some disease! So I'll be limiting myself to closed toe, but slingbacks this weekend (must be half sandal at least), or if they're really bad (the trotters that is) ballet flats

  2. Landed here via google search. Your content rocks!

  3. I love these strappy sandals, it looks comfortable to wear.


  4. Very Nice

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