The top that could make all the difference to your wardrobe

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When I say top - I mean jumper.. but I have a variation on the theme. 

I'm not reinventing any wheel but it's a superb option if you're looking for a new jumper that you possibly don't have. One that can do a great job of bringing new life to old dresses. 

Now I know I always say this but that really is the key - I think - to curating (RUBBISH fashun word but it works) the perfect wardrobe that works hard for you.  Finding things you can wear year in year out, season in and season out with the addition of one or two new things. 

And a hooded jumper - yes, you read that right - hooded aka a hoodie - is the perfect knit that you may not have.  Over a dress and under a biker is the perfect dress down outfit and makes those summery dresses much more wearable in this wintery spring weather. 

Alternatively - with jeans or any trews and a blazer - a take on a smart casual look.  I had hoped that Pinterest would be a source of great interest but alas, these are the only couple of woeful looks it threw up.

And that's it.  THAT'S PATHETIC.  It's also clearly not a popular look but I honestly think it has legs.  

So I've found some to experiment with and I've also seen one at my favourite local shop whilst on holiday (the superb Collen & Clare) that has my name all over it... wait for pics (over on Instastories now... under @doesmybumlook40). 

In the meantime - some more cost effective ones (the one I have my eye on is cashmere but we're on holiday so money is holiday money - even if it's ££ and not Euros or Dollars and it's pouring with rain so a new purchase is SO easy to justify).

Stradivarius knitted hoodie with neon edge was £29.99 now £17.50

Noisy May Knitted Hoodie in black was £30 now £21

ASOS DESIGN slouchy knitted hoodie in oatmeal £28

Soft ribbed lounge hoodie from Topshop £24

Or it could work as a sweatshirt - it doesn't necessarily have to be a knit.  I actually love the idea of the juxtaposition of the casual sweat with a feminine dress and a more androgynous blazer or trench.  But I would suggest perhaps that slightly cropped might work better...

Classic Hoodie from Topshop was £20 now £14

Or the blue - which is now only £7 down from £20 - clearly these are not popular at all!

Or the Premium Hoodie from Warehouse in camel £34 

Or classics at H&M in modal - beautifully soft and slouchy... 

In Navy £17.99

Light powder pink £17.99

In black £17.99

I LOVE the plum - £17.99 Love.  Love love love. 

Slightly less ubiquitous a shape with balloon sleeves and just generally more of an oomph to it (clearly not any fashion led description but you know what I mean) at All Saints.

All Saints Talow Hoodie £88

Upping the budget now with some designer options (which are more expensive than the cashmere ones I'm coveting... I know which I'd opt for... investment knit any day!).

Isabel Marant Etoile Malibu flocked logo hoodie £215

Acne Joghy Cotton Cropped Hoodie £220

Or a knitted one from Ganni at Net a Porter for £270

And here I am today in an outfit that would be PERFECT with a hoodie... in face if you head over to my stories on Instagram you can see a neutral one and a black one that I tried on at Collen & Clare in Aldeburgh which aren't online.  Suffice to say they are utterly superb (they're cashmere with super long arms - seriously, what's not to love?!)

Dress - H&M (current)
Jumper - Zadig & Voltaire (sale aw18)
Jacket - hush (gift 3yrs ago)
Trainers - Golden Goose (sale aw17)
Bag - Chloe from Bicester Village (3yrs ago)

I will be back tomorrow with a review of my 4 days in Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago.  And then it's all about the footwear... not to mention all the requests I have had for MORE dresses.  I also feel we need to start thinking about Spring outerwear.  Small bags?  Tote bags?  The mojo has definitely retuned. 

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4 comentarios:

  1. Love your outfit!
    I have one hoody, mine's cashmere and I definately love it in a dress up/ dress down kind of outfit. It's sort of half way between air force blue and navy, and I love it with those M&S ankle grazers with the turn ups and a navy leather jacket.
    I definately could be in the market for another one in cashmere!

  2. I love hoodies with blazer and trousers but it has to be a quality hoodie. I'm in agreement with you, definitely has legs.

  3. Great outfits! :) I have to agree that this pieces of clothing is definitely a need in one's wardrobe. Thank you for sharing this, very helpful and informative! Looking forward to your next post! :)