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So the two most popular requests I've had during lockdown are most definitely t-shirts and dresses.  It seems that this is mostly what we're wearing - I'm assuming we are wearing trousers and skirts with those tees - and they're the best thing that you can buy and then wear afterwards as well.  I'm also going to throw wide leg trousers and jeans in as well BUT finding good ones of those is like the proverbial rocking horse poo.. I WILL tackle it though. 

For now though - we are going to look at an instant wardrobe lift.  As I said when I looked at these a couple of weeks ago, they really do last the test of time.  I have had mine for years,  They also offer a versatility you might not have thought.  Team with a black suit and suddenly they're perfect for a dress down day at work - off duty with jeans and trainers and throw on heels and whatever trousers rock your Out Out world.  

And in lockdown they work with everything. 

PLUS you don't have to spend a fortune.  Starting with some very reasonable ones in 100% cotton from H&M. 

Dare I say this one has a vibe of the Bella Freud's about it? 

Text print t-shirt from H&M £3.99

Another variation on a plain white tee.  And this one is part viscose so will have a fabulous drape to it.  

Off White Love Flocked Slogan Tee from New Look £9.99

Some colour now and a vintage vibe at ASOS in the sale. 

Then there are those that aren't white... this one I bought and it's pale pink and I LOVE it. 

Pale pink again. 

Also love this one - pale blue again at Joanie Clothing. 

Stripe now again at Joanie and as weird as this one is - it's so wrong, it's right! 

Another stripe one - both of these would just look superb with a black suit.  LOVE the juxtaposition of a super smart outfit and a tee that looks like you nicked it from your child. 

Then there are the investment ones.  Now I have a complete mix of tees.  Ones from H&M which cost a fiver and ones that cost significantly more.  And they do all last the test of time. 

Now I know it seems like MADNESS mentioning a cropped one but actually with high waisted trousers or skirts, these work. As opposed to trying to tuck in lots of fabric, these give a much smoother look with not a hint of midriff (muffin in my case) on show.  

Cropped printed t-shirt from H&M £9.99

And finishing with a long sleeved one which I LOVE in the sale at MiH at ASOS. 

MiH peachy slogan top was £117 now £60

And this from Victoria Victoria Beckham at Fenwick was £110 now £55

And I KNOW it's getting warmer but I couldn't not post this as it's such a bargain.  I've ordered one in the interests of research...

Bella Freud DJ Fred jumper from Fred Perry was £125 now £37.50

OR... in the Ecru... again only £37.50 for a wool Bella Freud Jumper (very limited sizes left, somewhat unsurprisingly..).

TA DAH!!!  As you can see, i am a MASSIVE fan... Logo tees are for life - not just for lockdown...

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