And now we have A Tale of Two Scarves

Can you smell the desperation in the air?  There is so so much out there that is just begging to be bought.  But the weather has a different idea.  So boring.  Just incredibly dull. 

As I'm bootless and unbelievably sick of the sight of my warm clothes wardrobe (isn't everyone?), I am itching to change things up a bit.  New boots would have worked wonders.  So would boyfriend jeans (I haven't bored you with the updates on these - I'm boring myself to tears, The Husband and RR1 say they all look the same to them - which they probably do.  It's become a dirty word in my vocabulary.  I shall save my research for a Boyfriend Jean Bonfire Blog.  There has been Lots.  None of it successful). 

I have neither.  Hence the sense of desperation.  This could be very very dangerous - hell knows which direction I could end up blindly heading into.  Oh most of you will be pleased to hear, it's not going to be in a skull camo jacket one.  I was slightly concerned The Husband might have some sort of seizure, he was laughing so much when I forewarned him of my potential purchase.  Best forget that, I daren't give him the leverage. 

And then I saw this scarf.   It's a Lily and Lionel Scarf from Whistles which, exceptionally unhelpfully is no longer on the website.  But I saw it in two stores last week (was a sign surely?) so it is still available.  I believe it's exclusive to Whistles, although Lily and Lionel did a similar one last season which was more widely on sale, but in a different colour/pattern way.  A selection of other L&L scarves can be found here. 

I really wish I could justify £100 on a scarf as this would be a year round gem to wear.  Colours mean it would go with anything - it was that perfect weight of not too heavy or big and not too flimsy or titchy.  Once again, the Goldilocks of Scarves.  Ignoring the price tag. 

But then, the Fashion Karma Fairy clearly realised that I was in need of a gee up and, along with my bargain leopard print shoes from Monday, she also threw one of these in for good measure. 


Now clearly, this isn't going to have the longevity or all year round use that the Lily & Lionel one would have.  But then this one is £7.99 from H&M!  Can't find it online - doing really well with the links today but bought instore on just Monday.  Perfect for adding a nod to Spring (that should've been) to my old, tired, A/W outfits.  It's a blush with a bright coral star print in a lovely soft fabric. Which is in fact apparently 100% polyester.  I promise you it doesn't feel like that. 

And here I am with it on yesterday.  Excuse the random hair style.  I'd just tonged it and so we still have a rather more Shirley Temple-esque vibe to it than I had anticipated.  It does calm down later.


White longsleeved tee - Topshop
Charcoal jersey harems - Toast
Brown leather jacket - All Saints
Bea suede wedge trainers - Ash
Star scarf - H&M
Charcoal wrist warmers - Toast
Stone maxi zip cross body bag - Anya Hindmarch

So how is everyone else getting through with this weather and their wardrobes?  Is everyone sick to the back teeth of last seasons clothes or are you getting some wear out of new stuff?

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10 comentarios:

  1. That H&M scarf is brilliant, totally cheerful and spring-like. Need!

  2. Refuse to believe summer will not arrive as also sick of winter clothes. Have just ordered white skinny jeans and washed indigo, and a few tops from Boden to try. Button back in yellow. Standard Breton one in white and navy. Also just ordered some tops in Zara. Have to believe summer will arrive!

  3. I have now washed my puffa coats & jackets & put them away ... THREE times!!! And every time they've had to be dragged out again. Really fed up as well. However, I did get a gorgeous cream/navy/blush scarf so that combined with an order for tops from Mango & Baukjen (waiting anxiously to see if they work!) has helped to cheer me up.

  4. Gorgeous scarf from h and m. Am sat here reading your blog with heating on full and shawl over shoulders in manner of old woman to keep warm... How did you find your order from River Island? Would love to know how you found your haul as am off into town shopping tomorrow.....

    Cath x

  5. Love the H&M scarf, a great wardrobe addition!! I am too curious to know how you got on with the River Island cloud jacket??!! I ordered it but it went straight back as it put me in mind of a granny's bed jacket once on!! Lol!! Best to get these out of your system though!! Onward and forward, bound to be something else around the corner!

  6. You look great, love the make up. The weather got me down today (and heating not working) I am in 6 layers of brown with greasy hair and glasses.

  7. Oh so funny Kat! Been following your blog since January when I discovered it during the 2 week flu that mowed me down. Anyway, I too am fed u with the weather. Went to guildford today wherei usualy spent a small fortune in Toast, whistles and Gap. Not to mention HOF. But today? Nada! Except 5 scarves. Yes 5! One is for a friend but 4 are for me! Everything I saw was either totally unlikely to ever be suitable for our climate or else what I already have- denim dresses? Got 4! Grey tunics? Also 4. Navy stripe dress? Yep. So came home and put scarves with old stuff - dug out 3 scarves never worn and hey presto I have a new wardrobe! Hx

  8. And - you will love this - I too loved those slouchy boots you blogged about - tracked down the upside boots in Office - v excited to go and get them but! The 5 (my usual size) were enormous! The 4 a tad too tight. I tried them in 2 different shops and no good. Double gutted! Hx

  9. you´re so funny haha! ♡♡♡ fashion karma fairy? lol
    might get the h&m scarf as well, i decided to start wearing pink and coral with my winter colors. i´m so over cold weather, just like everybody else...dear fashion karma fairy, please send us some sun, light and warmth (and optimism, haha)

  10. Yep bored of tights, boots, jumpers & just layering in general. You'd think I'd have packed for Dubai weeks ago in that case but no, still not started. I can't bring myself to unearth all my "summer" stuff so in denial at present. It wil be nice not to need a coat though!