My first style staple of the S/S

I'm going to stick my neck out and say that this is a slightly less contentious blog than the last couple have been (I am still planning my head to toe print outfit - you have been warned......).  

Today I'm all about the cream lace top (sorry but I can't bring myself to use the word blouse.)  It is the perfect purchase for this time of year - the ideal light and bright cheeky addition to your wardrobe amongst all this miserable rain.  An easy throw on for nights out, great for smart day occasions and it will take you through all year round.  I've also chucked in a couple of cream detail blouses (there - said it - read it quickly and move on) as they're equally as useful if lace isn't your thing. 

I have only bought one recently - the bargain lace longsleeved one I got from Zara in the sale a couple of months ago - but it has had so many compliments and I've found it so useful, I thought they deserved a blog all of their own. 

I wear mine with skinnies (go figure) but I even think they'd go perfectly over my elusive boyfriend jeans for a more dressed down casual look.  The couple with no lace would work perfectly with print trousers.  For me a no brainer and the perfect start to your S/S wardrobe that you can wear immediately. 

So starting with Zara

Top with quilted yoke £29.99  my non lace version but I just adore the detailing on the shoulder.  Love this.  

Lace Blouse £39.99 still at Zara.  I tried these grey jeans on.  They were utterly minging.

Moving onto ASOS and a River Island number (can't actually find this online at River Island).  Ignoring the 10 year old model.  I have to say I'm not entirely convinced by the back of this - you'd definitely need to wear a vest top under it (well I would anyway). Also not loving it teamed with the floral skirt.  But with different bottoms I think it could be lovely.  Very vintage looking.  

River Island Button back crocheted top  £32

Longsleeved Lace Shirt Massimo Dutti £54.95.  This is so so pretty.

Percy Ruffle Shoulder Top from Reiss £110  Another plain number in silk, but again with gorgeous detailing on the shoulder.  Think I prefer the Zara one mind you. 

The next two are from the Somerset by Temperley range at John Lewis.  I think they're good value for silk.  Both come in black as well.  Though personally, I'm all about the lightness of cream at this time of year.  Both looked equally good untucked - I love the silhouette of a loose tunic shape over skinnies. (which is probably pretty obvious seeing as I wear it so often) 

Mesh embroidered blouse £99

Lace blouse £89 

Fiona Top by Goldie at Topshop £66  This is open at the back so again, would need a vest top under it.  Gorgeous vintage style detailing. 

Lace Front Blouse from Topshop - £38  This is much more modern lookswise.  Rather Whistles in nature to me.  

And there we have it.  Thoughts?  I'm a huge fan, any others out there that I've missed? 

Finishing with my outfits from yesterday.  Lovely day out for lunch with the family and then out for a dinner party on the evening.  Seeing as I'd had my toes done and a spray tan before the fashion show earlier in the week, combined with the fact that I am so over this abysmal, dank, damp weather, I went totally impractical with open toe shoes and short sleeves. 

The bottom photo is one for my 8 yr old daughter who begged me to put it on with her RND boppers on.  For you H.  Thank you for being the best photographer in the world xxxx


Black and stone striped jersey dress - Whistles
Black coated jeggings - Dorothy Perkins
Black boiled wool coatigan - Ronit Zilkha
Black suede and patent ankle boots - LK Bennett
Beige snakeskin print scarf - By Malene Birger
Black multi pocket bag - M&S
Charcoal wrist warmers - Toast
Dull gold link bracelet - Made for Whistles 


Black metallic skinnies - 2nd Day

Charcoal and lime swing top - Cos
Black, lime, snakeskin & tan sandals - Zara
Black and gold razorblade cuff - McQ by McQueen
Dull gold link bracelet - Made for Whistles
Gold bee necklace - Alex Monroe

Working on more blogs with things we can wear now despite the lack of all of things Spring.

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22 comentarios:

  1. Love a touch of lace stops me looking like a wwf wrestler if I have been overdoing the training.

  2. Help !!! White, cream and nude colours don't suit my skin tone. What do I wear ? Thanks. Looking a yummy mummy. X

  3. I love lace tops, but need some colour to my skin to carry it off!!

  4. Ooh I've a few of these. So thumbs up from me! I like your Cos top, love a neon pop!

  5. I have the River Island one and can't stop wearing it...just love it, was inspired by one of your older posts.
    Kat, I loved your open toed boot/sandal post but need something in tan ( like your high heeled buckle sandals from Clarks last year........will you keep an eye out?

  6. Now I have finished finally washing the bleach from my eyes over the top-to-toe ;)

    Love these tops, especially the first one. Unfortunately 1)they all look like they need ironing (which I don't do) and 2) they are all a bit waist hiding and my shape needs to show my waist (without tucking it in, yes I know I'm fussy).
    The good thing being for some reason I look glowing in cream.

    Your hair looks great down.

  7. Can we get a close up of your McQ cuff please? Love your outfits here!

  8. Love the cream lace tops this season, particularly the Zara combination crochet blouse. I bought a couple from New Look ideal colours for me too, so score on all levels.

    Absolutely love the deely bopper pic of you as well as the Cos top and Zara sandals. Emma

  9. My favourite pic is the deely bopper one as you might have guessed. Fun and funky mama.

    And I've tried the first two blouses on from Zara too. Love. Though the arms are very long on me.

  10. Love the idea of the cream lace, er, top (nope, can't say the other word either!), unfortunately none of these would look good with my broad shoulder/big boob combination - will be on the lookout for something inspired by them though - food for thought, thanks!

  11. All lovely. Like the Zara one with the quilting. Some of the others are very like the top of my Mothers wedding dress, I wonder could I up cycle? Are the Zara sandels this season?

  12. I've just bought this cream top from Mint Velvet (which has a lace insert)....I really love it. Hides any lumps and bumps around the waist and the colour is very flattering compared to a harsh white. Better for the petite ladies (rather than sleeves hanging down to our knees!)

  13. Communion outfit shopping today. Scary! Can't wear skinny jeans or leather leggings.HELP!

  14. I love these cream tops but not on me..... I really like the two combinations you are wearing in your photos here though, awesome!

  15. I'm a fan of a lace top, but I think my fav is the top with the quilted detail. Also love your RND boppers! x

  16. Just bought a lace top recently after an old post of yours - its zara and has a drawstring at the waist - have gotten loads of compliments! Today I bought patterned trousers in Zara - can you do a post on them?!

  17. I recently bought this mulberry silk one from Zara it was £40

    Loved the blog about scoring ebay for items previously missed out, have just got the Zara silk scarf print blazer for a bargain, love it!

  18. h&M have got some lovely cheap as chips white/cream lace "blouses"/shirts too. BTW, love your wavy hair in the last photo. Do you ever do any hair/beauty posts - you know, how to look as preened as you do for the school run within minimal time whilst getting everyone else ready first? Or is that just me leaving the house with hair like rats tails and a shiny face!

  19. Love 'em! And I thought I was the only one who doesn't like to call tops/shirts a blouse. I also hate "panties" and call them underwear. Am I alone on that one?

  20. I also am a lace 'blouse' fan, have a gorgeous cream Zara one bought recently that you didn't feature but think you would love if you haven't already seen it, and a lovely cotton one with lace panel down the front from the H&M sale for a truly bargainous £5. So good, I got one in cream and one in charcoal grey. Would recommend. Great posts as usual, best read on the web! xx

  21. Office boots have 20% off at mo.. Enter spring 13 at checkout online!!!!!