Cracking on regardless

I'm sure the rest of the world wonder why we Brits are obsessed with talking about the weather.  Until they spend a week here and a) get it and b) question as to how on earth we live here (teensy exaggeration but...). 

The other thing that I don't get it - how does it still irritate the bejeesus out of me all these years later.  45 of them to be precise.   You would think I would be used to it now (as the long suffering husband points out on a regular basis).

Well I'm not.  And it pees me off BIG TIME (nothing to do with what I fear is my peri menopausal mood swings.  More on that another time...). 

So balls to the weather - I'm on a let's buy a Summer wardrobe mission. 

Seeing as I have just spent the most glorious 3 days in Cyprus, I am all about the Summer gear.  Inspiration times a gazillion from getting my old summer clothes out and seeing what works, year in, year out and spending time with other ladies and ogling over their wardrobes. 

We decided (that's not the royal we.. that is me and a couple of my friends) did decide that one perfect Summer dress which we all needed was... wait for it and don't all dismiss it immediately... is.. the bardot dress. 

Which sounds all sorts of wrong diddly but it works.  This is the perfect dress for sitting out in the sun and not getting those incredibly irritating tan marks on your shoulders.  Don't ask me how but you don't really seem to get marks on the tops of your arms (go figure).  What it does do though, is hide the top of your arms which, as we get older, does become one part of our body which most of us would rather keep hidden. 

You can belt them, you can wear them loose.  Or there are ones you can buy which are already waisted for you.  They are the ultimate dresses to dress up and dress down as they don't look too "beachy".  The one I have, is my regular "it's boiling in London, what do I wear to a meeting" dress.  Thinking about it - these are the only Summer dresses I actually need. 

And I might.  I just "might" get my knees out this Summer.  Don't all gasp at once, I said might and I'll return another day with why. 

But in the meantime, here are a selection of what (currently.. I reserve the right to change my mind..) is my favourite Summer dress.  For holiday AND for here.  Which is something you can't really say for most beachy dresses.  

Bra issue I should probably cover off.. hmmm well I swing free but I have fried eggs as boobage however dare I say a strapless bra?  I am fully aware that the word "just get a strapless bra" is only uttered by those of us who can go without one.   If anyone more blessed of chest knows of an amazing strapless number, maybe they could share in the comments?  

ASOS Tall Off the Shoulder Maxi Dress £20

But they don't have to be long.. you can have short too. 

ASOS Tall Off the Shoulder Dress £15

Plain in white at River Island 

Maxi Bardot High/Low Dress £32

Which they also do in black... but in the sale now at ASOS for £25.50 (from River Island)

Plain at Ganni except for a piped trim.   This is just crying out for a statement belt and would happily take you out for drinks in the evening.

Off the shoulder gathered dress from Ganni was £300 now £150

Bring on the print... Black tile print high low hem dress from River Island £36

ASOS DESIGN off the shoulder dress with shirred cuffs in floral print £35

Now I am always always being asked about the Petite ranges and TA DAH!  I am beyond jealous that this is petite as I would absolutely buy this.

Brave Soul Petite Kaylee Off the Shoulder Dress was £50 now £30

Longer and printed again at ASOS.  

Reclaimed Vintage Maxi Dress £60

Or this...oh that waist.  Love love love. 

Raga Tessi Off the shoulder dress was £140 now £105

This one is superb for the Summer though.  

Off the shoulder gathered dress from Ganni was £300 now £150 from The Outnet

Now this I love - if only it was longer.  I have become vaguely (code for VERY) obsessed with shirring.  

Off the shoulder shirred gingham dress by W118 by Walter Baker was £175 now £87

Short again.. 

Off the shoulder embellished dress by Velvet by Graham Spencer was £245 now £120

Absolutely love this short one (obvs it's got shirring..). 

Fashion Union Dress with balloon sleeves was £35 now £21

Another short one in red for a steal. 

Vero Moda Dress was £36 now £18

But this would be my choice.  They only have it in a small but I think I'd 

White Cove Tall Dress was £70 now £17.50

And here I am in mine that I wore in Cyprus that's two years old now. 

Dress - & Other Stories (sale two years ago)
Sandals - & Other Stories (two years ago)
Belt - Topshop (ss17)
Sunglasses - Chloe from Very Exclusive (aw17)
Bag - Hill & Friends (gift current)

So we are off to see The Vamps this evening (well, hopefully, I've obviously left everything till the last minute and now have to pick the tickets up from the Box Office.. what could possibly go wrong?)  OR we may just go to the cinema if it doesn't pan out.  Last is actually my middle name....

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9 comentarios:

  1. Not for me. They simply don't work if you have boobs unfortunately.

  2. Same here - boobage plus broad shoulders means I’d look like a linebacker in a frock!

  3. 'Wear a strapless bra' said nobody with big boobs, ever. They are massively uncomfortable and if you have big boobs, you need the support of straps to hold those puppies in. Strapless bras are like chocolate teapots. When it's hot, it's even worse. Good luck to all you smaller boobed women out there though!

  4. Lovely dresses but I agree anything Bardot is a no-no for those of us with boobs. However the only strapless bra that I have ever found that stays put and doesn't actually feel like it is doing me an injury is from Walcoal

  5. Ditto about the strapless bra! They have to be tight enough not to fall down, but not so tight that you can't breath! I do have one that I can wear strapless, but I always use the straps, I can breath and the girls aren't in danger of making an inappropriate appearance!

  6. The only strapless bra that is anyway decent is the Wonderbra ‘Ultimate Strapless Bra’. It’s sort of got hands built in it that hold the puppies up. It gives a nice upper boob shape rather than a bandage effect.

    1. People rave about that Wonderbra but even buying one about 3 sizes up it cut me in half after a very short time :-( The other problem with strapless bras in hot temps is that rubbery stuff they have on them to make them cling to you that then needs to be prised off :-( Strangely though - strapless bikinis no problem at all - so that's my under summer dress wear! Since I live in the frozen north it's almost exclusively on holiday abroad I'd wear them so all good!

  7. Many thanks Kat. I have many bardot maxis. Lots in white for some reason. I only wear them abroad but as you say for a lineless tan they can't be beat. Got the veto moda in red. Told myself 1. Haven't got a bardot dress in red and 2.I can brown my legs too. Only him indoors sees the bits in the middle and he won't care what colour they are. A steal, thanks for the doing all the work.

  8. Oh I'd never thought of wearing this style... I to dislike my arms and would rathe hide them. though trying to combat this with vigorous front crawl on a week day morning before work in the studio begins!