My favourite accessory of the season.

Is a belt. 

So this I have touched upon during the last couple of seasons but this Spring I have embraced them with aplomb.  The one I have. 

I know what you're all expecting.  A slew of Gucci numbers.  Well no.  I love them on other people but it randomly is something I've never had a hankering after.  

I'm going much more cost effective than that.  I am after quantity not quality.  But that doesn't mean you have to skimp on the second Q... the one I have been wearing (as it's the only one I've got) is a leather version from Topshop and is blooming ace.  Admittedly it's a tad Bangles but I have completely fallen in love with it. 

So that seems like a good place to start.  I should pre empt my choices by saying what I want these belts to do.  It's not to hold trousers up - it's to cinch a dress in.  Having said that, if it does go with jeans too, then double bubble. 

And the first one I've found does.  I LOVE this.  It's kitsch, it's different and it looks really expensive. Over a leaopard print dress.  Done.

Lion Buckle Waist Belt from Topshop £22 (not leather obvs)

It's not as good but they only have XS left in the belt above *weeps* so I've ordered this one as well...

Pieces Lion Belt from ASOS £12

Little bit of leopard at Topshop?  Jury's out as I don't know what this will look like.  I think if it's going to be leopard, it's got to be in your fame unashamedly leopard and this one looks a bit of a lame duck.  Or does triple mean "goes three times round"?  Who knows.. so I've ordered it to try...except they only have an XS left so it will be double not triple in my place.

Leopard Print Skinny Triple Belt £14 from Topshop 

This one has a lot more oomph to it.. '70s style round buckle?  £10 at ASOS.

Staying with the off piste.. this.  This I love - think clashing... will it work?  Who knows.

ASOS Floral Fabric Belt £10

Get your cowboy on.  THIS!!! I so so so wish I'd ordered this - why on earth did I not (I may have done now...).  It's so so like the Dodo Bar Or one from last year that I didn't order (and have wished I had done on many an occasion despite me saying I don't want an expensive belt).

Aqua Stud Western Belt from Topshop £36 (again not leather)

Just throwing in a slightly pricier alternative to give you an idea of how great that one is... 

Donatella embellished leather belt from Dodo Bar Or £537

On a stud roll... 

Light Grey Stud Leather Belt from Liebeskind at Atterley £59

And the same in black again £59 from Atterley

Or in stone.. 

Studs again at New Look £9.99

Red at Topshop.  Again - this is all sorts of awesome. £38  This is over on my stories.  It's WAY better in real life than it looks here.  Honest.. (although I may have looked at so many of these by now I can't see the wood for the belts).  It's a much richer dark red than a bright scarlet.

Stone and studs again but this time in leather at River Island £38.  So apparently this is brown but it's verrrrrrry dark.  As in errr black?

Leather Beaded Western Belt from M&S £17.50

Contrast at Next (thinner than you may think...)

Black/Tan Stitch Belt from Next £14

But fear not - I have more subtle if you'd like. 

ASOS Faux Croc Tipped Belt £10

Plainer again at ASOS with a bamboo detail on the buckle £12

And finishing with one which I'm personally not entirely sure of... but I think it could work with an ethereal summery dress. 

Cream woven knit buckle belt from River Island £18

And finishing with two plain and rather fabulous from Isabel Marant.  To be honest, if you're looking for ones that work for every occasion - these are them.  Plain with enough detail to be different, good quality and elegant.  TA DAH! 

Marcia leather belt from Isabel Marant at Matches £120

And in the brown 

And here I am - in the Topshop belt that I bought last year.  Didn't splurge on the Dodo Bar Or one which I REALLY wanted as I didn't think I'd get enough wear out of it.  I've lived in this.  I could so have justified the more expensive one (she says off too google.... knowing that it's sold out.  *weeps*)

Skirt - ASOS White (ss18)
Tee - AND/OR at John Lewis (part of paid partnership aw17)
Blazer - Baukjen (part of paid partnership ss17)
Trainers - Golden Goose from Farfetch (sale aw17)
Bag - Gucci (3yrs ago)

So that was Monday DONE!  In the sun.  Which was a little bit more than lovely - dare I say, perfect weather?  And it's set to get warmer... which means fully expect me to be moaning that it's too hot by Thursday.   However not sure I care as tomorrow I am off to PARIS.  WHOOOP de WHOOP (in a French accent please...).  A Press Trip with Decleor which I am ridiculously excited about.  It also means total and utter chaos at home as I have to sort out everything for the children which means military organisation.  Obviously it's the two days they have cricket and a parent's evening.. For me - not normally an issue - regular week.  For the husband?  Suffice to say, not. *and breathe... and expect a million messages despite me having done everything I can possibly think of in advance*... just my family?!

In other news - over on Instatories on Instagram, I've got talkies on some of the belts above as well as the two dresses from yesterday's Monday Must Have (on a Sunday...).

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4 comentarios:

  1. I love a good belt! Mine are mostly worn with jeans or trousers. Gucci isn't for me either, love it on others, but a combination of price and ubiquity puts me off. If I was going to splurge it would be a fendi belt (my last initial is F)!
    I stopped buying the cheaper leather belts as some have a tendancy for the two layers to part company. The last ones I've bought have been from Elliot Rhodes, mid priced and you can swap the buckles! That feature sold them to me, I'm afraid - but they are great quality, with buckles and belt straps at various price points.

  2. I need some good beits! Mine are all old and worn out!

  3. Massimo Dutti... gorgeous belts. Really good quality and around €35.(Sounds like I'm doing an ad but bought tan one recently and has transformed outfits)