I swear I am a stuck record...

So I'm going to keep the blurb brief as I'm slightly embarrassed that I'm still chuntering on about about this.  And bored.  And if I manage to bore myself, I can't imagine that anyone is still actually reading at this point. 

The Big Sales.  And the forever quest of trying to find the perfect heeled sandals. 

We're talking investment, we're talking high end (I will cover high street sales shortly, I promise).  Matches, Net a Porter, My Theresa (although I'm not sure the latter has started.  I think I did a cull - of all about three and then I got bored - of newsletters I subscribe to.  So I'm not sure if sales have started and feel smug that I'm not looking.  And then get REALLY mad that I've missed out and start buying a whole load of random stuff.  That I do then return and sit at sulk at having not grabbed a bargain.  The life of a fashion obsessive.  Pathetic.).

So first up, with this in mind, as I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets Sales Blindness (aka totally forgetting how to shop) it's probably worthwhile reminding myself of the sale rules. 

1.  When it comes to sales I think THIS is the most important thing, especially when looking at the big budget items.  Would you be happy to spend the SALES price if it were (full price let's say) in Zara?  I find when you're looking at the most expensive sites, the figures get skewed... as in when everything is £300 and you find something for £150 you think - WHOOOP BARGAIN.  But it's still £150 which is double what it would cost you in Zara.  Are you buying it for the label and the reduction of because you love it.  Would you love it as much as if it had a Zara (or it could be Mango or & Other Stories or any high street brand) label in it?  BE FIRM WITH YOURSELF!

2.  Does it fit?  Looking at you, Celine shoes which are a SMIDGE too small (sales purchase in Jan from Harvey Nichols, I speak from experience at how easy it is to forget the rules).

3.  Can you think of at least three outfits and occasions when you could wear the item? Again, looking at you Celine shoes.

4.  Do NOT buy something to wear later in the year.  If you're not going to wear it imminently do not buy it.  You think you will.  You think it will look amazing with all your next season outfits.  Trust me.  It probably won't.  I have the bastard Celine shoes to prove the point.

5.  Do not buy a pair of Celine mules.

And we're good.

BRING ON THE SHOES.  Or I should say sandals.  And we are talking heels here.  I have sandals that are 5yrs old that I bring out every year and wear and wear.  I think these are timeless.  A good heeled shoe that LOOKS GOOD ON YOU!  It doesn't matter if it's not the height of fashion, it should just be ridiculously pleasing to your eye, go with the outfits you wear and, perhaps most importantly, be comfortable (just read Rule number 5 again....).

Have to say, these are really growing on me and I think would be much more useful than you would first think.

I'm getting the mules out of the way as I'm not really sure they're my thing at all - I know I personally work better with an ankle strap.  BUT I'm always tempted.... These are so so sooo high though.  These are a shandy shoe.  Nothing more alcoholic than that would be able to pass your lips whilst you're sporting these babies.  A&E on speed dial if you insist on giving two drinks a whirl.

Then, because I have a vague obsession (when I say vague - I mean one I've had for about 5yrs.  Hence the stuck record...  the eternal struggle to find a pair of red sandals.  I've nailed the boots.  The sandals however have proven to be somewhat more elusive.  One could even mention Scarlet Pimpernell - oh god sorry, that's bad... Just call me Dorothy) with red sandals.

Then let's go flat.  I LOVE a flat.  In fact, I'm going to be definitely doing a whole blog on flats.  Dressy flats.  That's for sure.  But in the meantime, I'm just leaving these here.

Back to the one drink rule with these.  Oh but they are so pretty.  Shoes to put in a glass case.  I'm going to throw it out there that these would be a punchy purchase, were you to have a puppy.

Strappier now and nope, can't get past the red.  There is something about this red and black together that screams '80s to me.  Which is always a good thing.

And these - these are the sorts of shoes I would have loved as a child.  These epitomise "clippy cloppy" shoes to me.  Or maybe it's just the Strictly reminder.

Rupert Sanderson Starfire heeled sandals were £595 now £179

Similar at Michael Michael Kors Tamara sandals were £166 now £100

And call off the dog's now, as these are PURE CINDERELLA shoes.  Oh my lord, I would genuinely sleep with these.  Are they what I'm looking for?  Absolutely not.  Would they go with most things I own?  Only a few.  Would I be happy to ditch my entire crop of floaty dresses and go all black, white and denim just so I could wear these every day (and sell a kidney to pay for a taxi to get me everywhere) - HELL YES.  

Miu Miu Embellished Suede mules were £740 now £370

Sweetie anyone?  These look like those little glass (well obviously not glass.. boiled I think is what I mean.  Duh) sweets that you used to get in plastic animals in Spain when we were little.  Pretty sure I'm the only one who knows what I"m talking about. 

Sophia Webster Rosalind Shoes was £395 now £237

Moving onto Classic Black.  And this is where I'm pleased that these aren't in my size as they would be the perfect replacement for my 5yr old Burberry sandals which don't owe me anything now and could do with a friend to prop them up.  They've been reheeled FOUR times!  That's wearage (not a word) for you. 

Jimmy Choo Motoko 100 were £750 now £450

And a classic. 

L'Autre Chose t-strap Platform Sandals were £267 now £160

Then sod's law, I've ended up ordering a pair that I have had my eye on for ages.  And not entirely sure there's anything I like as much in the sale so I've scratched the itch and ordered these.   Can't work out if I hope they're HIDEOUS or gorgeous.  Yes, they're very similar to two pairs I already have.  That I wear and wear and wear and wear.  A leopard pair from Zara (that I've had for three years - one shoe is a size 40 and one is a 41.. they're all the perfect. HA!).  And a pair of Isabel Marants in cream that I got from Vestiaire Collective last year and have worn and worn. 

I have a tan pair of shoe boots that I got from LK Bennett at Bicester 5yrs ago that are just an inch or two too high.  BUT I love them - am hoping these will be a really good replacement.

Lace up leather trimmed sandals from Malone Souliers at The Outnet were £465 now £227.  PLUS I got 15% off using the code FIRSTTIME15.  Now it's not my first time shopping at The Outnet at all but I thought I'd give it a go, hold my breath and it worked!

But what else did I order.  THESE. 

Although they will be going straight back as I was so excited that the only size they had left was my size. So I ordered them.   Except I then read the info and it said to size up.  I have bought mules that are too small for me.  AGAIN.  Seriously, the ONE thing I said I shouldn't buy.  The blooming irony of it all is that I started writing this blog yesterday.  And then ordered these as I was doing the research today.  It's not even a "with hindsight" sort of thing.  I wrote and I just totally ignored it. 


However I have also pressed buy (as it's free delivery... and if I'm sending stuff back I may as well send everything back!) on the Miu Miu Cinderalla Goth Shoes.  Just so I can try them on and prove to myself I can't walk in them.  Or will I now be looking for all the black and white dresses....

In the meantime, here I am yesterday in.. drum roll.. flats. 

I have a blog coming on flats to get you through the Summer if heels aren't you thing, I promise. 

Tee - Set at Quattro Rish (current)
Jeans - MiH from Kilver Court (2yrs ago)
Shoes - Jigsaw (gift current)
Sequin jacket - Zara (5 or 6yrs ago)
Bag - APC from Coggles (2yrs ago)
Sunglasses - Tom Ford from Very Exclusive (ss17)

So for the next few days I am doing a quick scan of the more expensive sales BUT I shall then be doing best dresses under £50 with lots of other bargain things to be had.  Shoes included, flats you don't have to spend a fortune on, not to mention Out Out tops and how to wear black in Summer.  Is it possible?  Anything else I haven't covered this Summer yet?

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4 comentarios:

  1. Do I love the look of heels? Yes, just can't walk in them!
    Do I salivate over ankle straps? Yes, but they visually cut my short arse legs in two!
    Do I remain optimistic and think the perfect pair is out there? Hell yes! Reality is rocking horse poo!
    Do I return most of what I order? That is a rhetorical question!
    Flats, they're what I do best - comfort zone, both literally and psychologically. Out out tops sounds great, as does wearing black in summer (I'll just substitute navy for that one!).

  2. Aquazzura are ridiculously comfortable and I can drink like a fish and still walk over cobbles in mine. LOVE them.. So I'd say any of theirs are a safe bet. I long for the powder puffs but cannot justify at the moment.

  3. Love, love, love those starfire sandals and positively drooling over the Jimmy Choos but all too high for me nowadays. I've turn into a comfy pants, comfy shoes kind of a girl :-( Love your tshirt but not sure I could wear something that distinctive often enough to justify the price.. What's the length like for us mere mortals? Black in the summer - oh yes! xx

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