The first foray into swimwear this season

And first up, I will say that this is all about M&S as it's June already and for this month's paid partnership, I have gone SWIMWEAR! 

I will also say that, totally unpaid for, I have purchased M&S swimwear for years.  Other people have bought underwear for years - I am a dyed in the wool M&S swimwear fan.  For me and for the children (in fact I'll have a quick look at what they've got this year although I cleaned up last year on trunks and matching rash vests for the boys which they have worn on rotation all year round).

THIS is what I have worn.  It works.  I look like Jessica Rabbit in it and I don't look like Jessica Rabbit in anything. 

I will say that I always size up in swimwear.  So I may be a 10 in lots of M&S clothing but I always take a 12 in their bottoms, tops and swimsuits.  I find if they're on the very *fitted* side, the rolls of lovage have to come out somewhere.  All the not v attractive.  Which is why I like it to be fitted but not tight.  One size up works perfectly and if I'm totally honest, I'm probably an 11 anyway.

They now make this in a Long body version too (online on the link below). 

This year they also have it in lots of different colourways and printed options.

Secret Slimming Plunge Swimsuit £25

However I have ventured, in the last couple of years (I reckon my version of that costume above is 4 or 5 yrs old now... they do it every year.  Because it's BRILLIANT!) back into bikini territory.  Am I any more toned?  Nope.  Do I give less than two hoots these days?  Yup.  I don't want my 75yr old self to look back and say WHAT YOU WERE THINKING?!  Get that stomach out. 

This is fabulous.  You can wear with or without the straps.  I got the 12 in top and bottom and it fits perfectly.

Rosie for Autograph Bandeau Bikini Top £25

Striped Tanga Bottoms £16   They do also have much more substantial bottoms but in for a penny, in for a pound.

Same bikini in a different print.
Palm Print Bandeau Bikini Top £25

And the bottoms... £16

And then the other one I got which I know will appeal to all those who rely on cup sizes to fit, as opposed to buying a generic 10/12/14/16 etc, is this one with the matching bottoms.  HOWEVER, I will say, that being small of breastage, I personally preferred the sizing and fit of the one above.  I always seem to be inbetween sizes when it comes to cups (which sounds so wrong written down!).

Bandeau Ruffle Bikini Top £22.50  It does though, work perfectly when teamed with the straps.  Just if you're wearing is as a bandeau, the Rosie ones personally fitted me better!

Also available in pink and yellow.

Ruffle Hipster Bottoms £14

Not to mention a hat which I lovingly packed.. (top tip - fill hat with underwear and bikinis and pack flat in suitcase.  And then pack around it to keep the shape.  GENIUS!).

Colourblock Floppy Hat £29.50

Now I am going to do a big try on session as soon as I get back to the UK.  This is just part one of the swimwear blog and the pieces that worked for me.  I ordered these to arrive the day before I left.  And I would advise to buy swimwear asap as it always always sells out and just isn't available when you need it, if you're going away in the Summer holidays.  

Here I am in mine... 

I will be back with more I promise!   Before I do go and do a trying on session - out of interest, what do you look for in your swimwear?

This post was written as part of my paid partnership with M&S but has been written unedited.  To also remind that we are here with Scott Williams to review the villa and therefore the stay has been complimentary but we have paid for flights, car hire, boat hire, food, transfers etc etc.

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14 comentarios:

  1. Goodness you look amazing. I would say all that running has paid off, but I'm not sure you didn't look like that pre running. You gazelle you :-) I look for swimwear that covers as much as possible whilst simultaneously having as much on view as possible for tanning purposes ;-) It is possible but it's not fun to search!

    1. HONESTLY it's not abs AT ALL!! It's suntan contouring from where I've been sat in the sun but not totally flat so I've got white bits where my stomach has folded in on itself!!!! Everyone on Insta kept commenting on my amazing abs... hmmm it's amazing what an illusion it is!

  2. How are the bottoms for, er, bottom coverage? Will go have a look in Marks and see. I don't want "cheeky" in a bikini bottom - I want full coverage at the rear and thin sides if that makes sense? Love the pic with the hat, looks gorgeous there

    1. Oh they're really good. My daughter tried them on and was horrified at how BIG even the tiny ones were. To my mind , they're proper bikini bottoms - to her mind, they were granny pants. Good enough for me!!! Actually the perfect cut. Although I did size up one size like I said (I got the 12 and she tried on the 10.. she's usually an 8).

      Hope that helps!

  3. I like swimsuit for swimming and bikini for tanning. I have bought from Boden mainly and sometimes Bravissimo

    1. I've never tried Boden bikinis!! If I'm swimming I always use the M&S secret slimming one. Definitely x

  4. I love the big M&S bottoms that roll over at the top. You can roll down when you’re flat on your back and sucking it all in! I buy black then mix and match my tops as long as they’ve got black in the print.

    Have pulled away from M&S tops as they’ve gone a bit 10,12,14 etc. I need a bigger cup but a XS back. I’m sure they used to do more bra sized bikini tops.

    1. Hmm I think they do do loads more online than they do instore (cup size bras..) or maybe it's the other way round. I'll have a look later today.

      I do LOVE the way you can do mix and match. Makes it so so much easier to change your look on holiday although I have to say I'm not really that bothered - so long as they're comfy and flattering!

  5. Gorgeous collection! These swimsuits are perfect for enjoying on the beach. There are so many options for me. I will definitely try some from these. Thanks for sharing.

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