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Ok so the only reason I'm doing this is that I spent waaaay too long yesterday looking for a last minute dress for this party I have on Monday night.   So yes, it's another blog on midi and maxi dresses BUT BUT BUT these are ones that are very much purse friendly.  I have been asked to do this by so many people, hence I'm throwing this in here as a little extra, as I came across so so many amazing dresses at such great prices whilst I was on my mini hunt (big fat fail on that count obvs).

And I meant to also order a couple of these but got super carried away last night and didn't order anything.  Which is fine (hmmmm) as I have loads that I could be wearing tomorrow night (still toying with the mini leopard number).  I really do.  However, I was so so pleasantly surprised at not having to spend a fortune to get some really fabulous looking dresses. 

For less.  Most of these, style wise, you could easily expect to see on the pages of significantly more expensive websites.  Now I would love to say I could vouch for the quality of these but alas I can't, as - like I said - I forgot to do an order.  I'll highlight the two that I am going to order (in the interests of research....!) and will absolutely let you know what the quality is like. 

I will say - like yesterday - these are all from ASOS.  And I have genuinely found that the quality of things from there can vary hugely. 

The leopard tuxedo blazer dress I ordered for £24 is really, really great quality for that money.  Lined (lovely orange lining), all the seams match up, buttons are sewn on well and I have no fear of standing adjacent to a naked flame.  And let's the frank, the latter is often a  huge concern when you slash the budget but isn't always the case that paying less means an inferior product.  But I have still failed to determine just from looking, what will be good and what will be a complete stinker. 

However without further ado, let's look at a dress which I blooming adore.  I seriously think this looks like it could be Self Portrait.  For a fraction of the cost.  Definitely ordering this one.  To dress up or to throw on with flat sandals and a denim jacket.

Reclaimed Vintage fill maxi dress £58

Another off the wall off the shoulder number. 

ASOS DESIGN Off the shoulder dress in Tall £32

Or this one... 

ASOS DESIGN One Shoulder Dress £45

Plain now - I'm not completely obsessed with print...

YAS Tie Neck Dress £70

I absolutely adore this one and so wish I'd ordered it, as I think with leopard print heels, it could be a complete winner for a party outfit.  The second one I will definitely be ordering.
Weekday Long Floaty Dress £55

I'd change the belt with this one - I think it would instantly add ££££ to the look.
ASOS Tall Midi Bardot Dress £40

This for £32?  I mean WHAT??  The cynic in me says it must be absolutely horrific in some way shape or form but it would be rude not to order to at least try.  The perfect treat holiday dress (or throw on heels for instant evening glamour.  Super peeved that I didn't order this as it could have worked perfectly for the party tomorrow.  Dang it x a gazillion).

ASOS DESIGN Off shoulder maxi dress in stripe £32 

New Look Button Through Midi Dress £27.99

Holiday no brainer that you'll have for years. Perfect for throwing over a bikini for breakfast or for cocktails.  In my favourite shade of green.  Actually I'm ordering three.

Missguided Pleated Low Back Dress £35

Vero Moda Floral Maxi Dress with Frill Sleeves £42

Upping the budget slightly...

Floral Midi at Moss Copenhagen £65

Mixed fabrics at ASOS. 

ASOS DESIGN Mixed fabric Trophy dress £45

Boohoo Lace Trim Open Back Midi Dress £25

But this one.. OH MY DAYS!  I had one that was almost identical to this that was my Party Dress when I was about 8.   I swear I loved that dress as much as I loved my mother.  

ASOS DESIGN Ruffle Top Bandeau Dress £58

So I have some to order for the Summer - I am so, so chuffed at having found what I hope are some complete gems for the money, even though I still have no idea what I'm going to be wearing tomorrow night.

Today - not in a dress as I have two days in London which will be dress heavy.. And for a cricket match which was slightly chilly when the sun went in, it had to be jeans. 

Tee - Isabel Marant from My Theresa (ss17)
Jeans - MiH from Fenwick Bond Street (sale aw16)
Belt - Pull & Bear (current)
Trainers - Kurt Geiger (gift current)
Cardigan - Hayley Menzies Portobello (current)
Bag - APC from Coggles (3yrs ago)

And the cardigan.  I had no idea what to wear with this - I always team a blazer with jeans and learnt my lesson last week at the football tournament at looking like a plum in a blazer. 

Then I remembered - cardigan to the rescue.  Which has prompted me to put together a blog on the most useful throw on cover up of the Summer (and Autumn and Winter and Spring).  Coming tomorrow - HOW have I not done this before?!

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  1. Lovely but can we have some dresses that aren't polyester please. Viscose or cotton blends. For women of a certain age.......

    1. If nothing else you're gonna sweat so much your dress sticks to your chuff, not a good look on anyone, however certain they are of their age.

  2. I ordered the New Look red midi dress after seeing it here. It looks fabulous on and much more £££ than it is. Dress for 40th birthday dinner sorted. Thanks Kat!

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