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Yes you read that correctly.  Going short.  I know - things I never thought I'd write.  

But isn't life too short to hide away your knees forever?  I'm not talking about raiding Boohoo, Forever 21 or Pretty Little Things (although I wouldn't rule them out) - we're not talking spray on, body con, boobs out, knees out, verging on foof flashing numbers (I have nothing against them, just not what I'm looking for!), we're talking more on top and less on the bottom.

So I have a huge party on Monday night.  It's our Summer work party (Gleam - the management company that I'm part of) - it's very intimate, it's only people who are signed to Gleam and who work for the company who are invited and it's a blooming fabulous affair. 

But it's a PARTY party.  And I've sort of dropped the ball with what to wear.  Yes, I obviously have LOADS that I could wear in my wardrobe. 

However I just thought that maybe I would think outside the box and try and go a little bit outside my comfort zone. 

Which is why I ordered this... 

Unique 21 Tuxedo Leopard Blazer was £40 now £24

Suffice to say it's shorter on me.  A biiiit (lot) shorter.  BUT I think I love it.  I do slightly fear that I have been Love Islanded (it sucks you in, I'm telling you...!) but I think it *might* work.  Which has sent me into a spin and so the only place I can order from for delivery tomorrow is ASOS (I pay the £9.99 for their annual next day delivery - genuinely the best tenner I spend a year).  

So yes, these are all from ASOS as this is a total indulgent "I need to order a dress and therefore may well blog about it" blog.  

I am TOTALLY outside my comfort zone but I'm going to give it a go.  Plus with ASOS it's free returns too - what's not to love (and no, this is in no way, shape or form an ad for ASOS!)

I've also ordered this.  It looks too big on her so I'm hoping it will fit a normal person!

Vero Moda Tux Dress was £38 now £17

Then this one... 

ASOS Ultimate Tux Blazer Mini Dress £28

Curiously taken with this...

Missguided Polka Dot Dress £28

Another spotty dress. I LOVE this.  I seriously seriously love this.  Am going to definitely order.  Except that the model is 5ft 6.  Which means that this would be 4 inches shorter on the legs.  Which means you would see foliage.  Meh.  Maybe not.

Nobody's Child High Neck Mini Dress with Ruffle Hem Detail £28

Can't work out if I love this or if it looks like a nightie.  I think pale pink may be just a step too far for me.

River Island dress with plunge neck line jacquard £50

Speaking of pink - thank goodness this isn't in my size as I would probably have bought it... And I have no shoes to go with it so that would have been one big fat fail.

ASOS Embellished Sequin Kimono Dress £55

I think this looks so so much more expensive than the price belies.  It's perhaps slightly too girly for me but I love it. 

ASOS DESIGN Embroidered Wrap Mini Dress £42

If we're thinking off piste.. something more fitted?

Closet London in navy and black £55

A shorter version of what I would normally wear... 

Floral YAS Mix Print Tiered Dress £65

And another... 

Lipsy Tiered Ruffle Dress £45

Then looser versions.  I love this in cream.  Am concerned it might be a tad too short for me but I love the idea. 

Selected Femme Tiered Dress £70

I have all the pics over on Instastories of the leopard tuxedo dress and I am so surprised at how many of you love it!  I'm not sure.. the jury is still out but I think I actually really love it.  WHAT THE CHUFF?!  I am so so surprised but maybe I should take a step out of my comfort zone?  I'm thinking with a blow dry tanned legs, actual make up on and a tan on the legs?  Still working out what shoes but I do have a fair few to choose from!

I will also be taking two reliable, safe options that I already own.  In case someone else rocks up in this for a start!

And here I am - not in my usual comfort zone at all but dog walking is all about the very relaxed. 

Jumpsuit - hush (sample gift from two years ago)
Trainers - Kurt Geiger (gift current)
Bag - Hill & Friends (gift current)

Tomorrow, it's more dresses of a bargain nature.  I found so many when I was looking today - I have a whole host lined up for the next blog.  We're off out tonight for supper with friends so I'm off to get the glad rags on.  Yes, that will be a dress!

Would LOVE to hear your thoughts on the short leopard tux dress... 

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5 comentarios:

  1. Love the leopard print and the polka dots, although as you say, that may be rather short. Both pink options look like nighties to me though! Can't wait to see what you choose.

  2. Was just catching up on your stories after turning the light out as up at 4am Sunday morning. Love love LOVE the Leopard tux dress. Had to go for the 8, fingers crossed the ‘give’ is real!!

    1. So it came and I love it but it is way to tight across the chest. I’ve kept it though. Will wear black vest under it as the material ‘wraps’ under the boobs!

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