Because the obvious purchase when the sales are on... something that's full price.  Duh.

But I have to say, it's such an utter bargain that I don't think it's such a dunderhead thing to do.  Especially as I've already worn it.  And (now this does make sense in my head - written down, hmmmm, not so sure, but here goes) it will be fantastic with the pale pink jacket of some description that I will bagsy in the Zara sale.... (I don't like to think of that as being bonkers, more positive forward thinking - on your starting blocks on Thursday girls)

So here it is, the most wonderful huge (and I mean seriously huge) snakeskin print scarf from... (drum roll......) M&S!  Actually I spied it when I was just picking up some food things so it doesn't "really" count as shopping at all.  Verging on grocery which therefore = a necessity. 

Here's my pic as the one online doesn't do the size justice at all.

They call it a Monochrome snakeskin print scarf in an orange mix, but to be truthful, it's a rust, khaki, peachy nude, black and cream mix.  I certainly wouldn't use orange to describe it.  Am completely over the moon with it and, as I mentioned, it's already had it's first outing.  Despite me being on a self imposed (not including the Zara sale "obviously") spending ban, I've decided this doesn't count as it was a) part of the grocery shop, b) only £19.50 (clearly not the point - all those £19.50s add up but when one is looking for justification, let's just say straws, clutching) and c) is perfect for the A/W wardrobe.  

Now speaking of things that aren't yet reduced, I've had a number of requests for the link for the Next jumper.  Be patient young Jedi.  Honestly the photo from Next makes it look truly hideous and you will think I've lost leave of my senses.  I am snowed under at the moment with preparations for the school summer fair (oh the glamour....but it does mean I get to hang out with my mates, drink coffee and cook sweets, so not nearly as arduous as I make out to The Husband) but am managing to sneak out on Thursday morning and will hunt down aforementioned jumper and pap it.  

I am going to cave this weekend and do a round up of what's left in the sales (hopefully - if I can bring myself to have a look and not actually purchase anything.  The Italy Outfit is still burning a hole in the back of my mind but I'm being head in the sand and will be treating you all to a fortnight of panic and hysteria before I go.  You lucky, lucky people.)

So a quick one from me today - a round up of what I have been sporting over the past couple of days including my outfit from Saturday night.

Saturday during the day, I went to a very good friend's daughter's First Holy Communion which was just lovely.  Fantastic day, wonderful BBQ and great company.  Our turn next year.  If we give RR1 half as good a party, I'll be over the moon.  At the moment, she appears to have her heart set on a full on Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Communion dress so that little saga will be interesting to say the least. 

Nude vest - Primark
White straight leg trousers - Next
Scarf print silk jacket - Zara
Nude & gold belt - Mango
Resin and enamel necklace - Mango
Gold Renegade bracelet - Stella & Dot
Tan (very very very old) handbag - Jimmy Choo
Nude strappy sandals - Zara
Sunglasses - Tom Ford

And what I wore on Saturday night to the most fantastic birthday party ever.  Beyond amazing, we were all blown away by how superb it was.  T, congratulations!!  Somehow I neglected to take any photographs earlier in the evening so this is me at 3am, barely able to stand up.  The photograph is abysmal but hopefully you get the idea.  Can I please add, that my hair was not this fluffy and hideous when I left the house but it was rather rainy and I got rather wet.  My hair and rain, do not a flattering combination make.

Black ruched dress - All Saints
Gold earrings - Etsy
Black suede sandals - Zara
Black bullet bag - Coast
Gold renegade bracelet - Stella & Dot

Am still pondering whether I could make this work for The Italy Outfit - the theme being La Dolce Vita/Sophia Loren meets George Clooney.  And it's a Town Hall wedding with no Italians. Hmmmmmm

Now onto Sunday - ever so slightly (read crucified) hungover.  A picnic in the park as a send off to some lovely friends who are off to Panama.  And we got drenched!

Stone & khaki boxy tee - Next
Khaki skinny zip trousers - By Malene Birger
Tan Rockafella boots - Russell & Bromley
Mushroom & tan shopper - Taylor Stephens
Snakeskin print scarf - M&S
Sunglasses - Tom Ford

By Monday, had fully recovered.  A day of running around, dropping kids at school, speech therapy, nursery, going to the supermarket and picking up from after school clubs and drama clubs.  Glorified chauffeur.

White vest - Primark
Mink jersey and silk oversized top - Taylor Stephens
White skinny jeans turned up - Next
Resin & enamel necklace - Mango
Mushroom & Tan shopper - Taylor Stephens
Tan Organza wedges - Clarks
Sunglasses - Tom Ford (I do only have one pair of sunglasses by the way) 

Tuesday - today what a glorious sunny day.  As the weather men told me it was going to be max 21, cloudy with a high chance of showers, I didn't go all out summery and was therefore chuffing hot.  I don't know why I listen to them, I really really don't.  However am banking on it being super warm tomorrow.  If they have it wrong, I will look like a nob.

Nude vest - Primark
Cream drapey tee - H&M
Distressed biker jeans - By Malene Birger
Mink drapey cardigan - Day Birger et Mikkelson
Brown and gold oversized wooden bead necklace - Anthropologie
Cheetah print ponyskin shopper - Zara
Chestnut Saxon boots - Kurt Geiger
Sunglasses Tom Ford 

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and is having a wonderful time sales shopping.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't hankering looking at the A/W gems of beauty that keep popping into my inbox, but I'm trying to restrain.  Because I'm well known for my restraint.  Smirk.

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9 comentarios:

  1. Looking amazing as ever. Beautiful scarf!x

    1. Thank you! Am super chuffed with the scarf it does have to be said xxx

  2. Hi just love your blog! Great writing and great outfits. Wish Clarks still had those tan organza wedge sandals in stock - darn it! Looking forward to more inspiration from you when you shop the Zara sale :)

    1. thank you so so much - that is such a lovely thing to read. Those shoes do seem to be out of stock everywhere. Such a shame although to be fair, I'm hardly getting oodles of wear out of them in this weather. If I'd bought new wellies, I'd be in clover!

      Apologies for my scant haul from the Zara sale though. Am about to do a second reccy to see what's left!


  3. Loving the scarf hon, its lush and looks massive which I love! I seriously need to give the LV one a rest, I just find it hard to be parted from it! Saturday nights outfit looks amazeballs, you look amazeballs, I knew you would and did I know you had those shoes? Wish I had bought them last week in Zara but knew I couldn't walk in them. I think that outfit would be fine for Italy so keep it on the back burner x

    1. Thanks darling. I did do a post about the shoes - the Zara ankle strap ones? Bargain at £29.99. But they sold out I think. Wish I'd got the orange and tan ones and got the orange zara clutch and I'd have been away with the black dress for the wedding. Sod it!

      Definitely am keeping the outfit for the wedding - I think it will be fine with some super glam accessories.........


  4. hi kat,
    I have been following your blog for a few months now and daily check if you have posted anything! Even tho i am 45 i still love fashion along with my 16 year old daughter who has her own fashion blog. In the post i love your mango necklace but am wondering where you purchased it as i can not find it on the mango site. Would be grateful if you could let me know - thanks. I look forward to reading your next installment ...

    1. Thank you so so much for taking the time to comment. Such a lovely thing to read - really made my day! And yes, there absolutely should be no age on loving fashion - definitely not.

      hmmm the Mango necklace I got a while ago - I'll check later if it's still on their website. If not, you could try HofF or John Lewis as I know they both stock Mango sometimes - or ASOS?

      Sorry for not being able to be of more help.


  5. love love love the scarf. Thanks so much for alerting me to it! I hope it's o.k...I've posted it on our blog but of course I've given you full credit!