November calling. We want our weather back.

I know, I know, stuck record syndrome.  Do I always harp on about the weather?  When it's as crappy as this and I'm trying to amuse a 7 year old and a 3 year old then, hell yes, I do. I need to take my misery out on someone else and as I like my friends too much and The Husband is at work, cunningly never answering his phone (when he can obviously smell my hideous mood from 30 miles away) then the weather is the dog that I choose to kick.

However I will take a moment and look at some positives.   Rugrat Two is at football camp all week. I am making good use of my Ash trainers - both flat and wedge.  The leaves are looking lovely and green.  And with that scraping of the barrel I'm all out. 

So I shall move swiftly on today and not burgeon anyone else with my "face of thunder" as the Rugrats call it (I'm sure The Husband calls it something far less flattering).  Today for a day of basically getting soaking wet. (have I mentioned I fecking HATE the rain..... Can you actually feel my anger?  Sheeite I need to get a life) I was wearing:-

White vest  - H&M (an indication of how utterly not arsed I was with leaving the house today. This is a maternity top that I now wear in bed.  The shame.  I would like to add, it was clean)
Navy & off white jumper - Zara
Indigo distressed Baxters - Topshop
Gunmetal hi-tops - Ash
Grey leather & pearl cluster necklace - The White Company
Leather biker jacket - All Saints
Leopard print ponyskin shopper - Zara

I do, of course, have a very quick Lust of the Day that I had previously dismissed as it wasn't really summery enough to justify purchasing.  Well ya boo sucks to the summer wardrobe.  I am going to go and pick this up on Saturday.  Lovely lace jumper from Mango.  A great little number to take you through to the Autumn/Winter.  A couple of pics I've seen, it's been styled with a coloured top underneath which looks great - not my bag, but fab on other people.  A lovely vintage vibe about it.  

Now lastly, I would love to know what you've got (or if indeed you have one - or it's just weirdo me) on your Sales List?  It seems to get earlier every year but the end of season sales (what a fecking joke - those poor retailers - I don't ever remember a season being just one week of good weather.  Catastrophic) must be just around the corner.  

I have been restrained so far with all the Sale Previews.  What normally happens is that I polish my halo and sit around with a smug, irritating expression on my face for a week or so and then panic - Bob rears his ugly head, wrangles the credit card from me and I end up with a massive load of tat at pathetic reductions.  I then have to spend the first couple of weeks of the summer holidays dragging the (randomly - can't think why) unwilling Rugrats to various shopping centres, blagging my way around trying to return things.  Not. This. Year.  (maybe watch this space.  I fear the rain is doing horrible things to my psyche.  Not entirely sure I can be held responsible for my shopping actions...)

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9 comentarios:

  1. Acne pistol boots - hell yeah, lets see how cheap they get first! They were on the US NAP sale and I would love to know how come theirs has started already!

    1. My friend has them and says they're her fave boots from last year. She lived in them! I can vouch for the comfort of Acne boots - just gorgeous Mulberry USA sale always starts before ours as well. Crappola, isn't it.

      Good luck - can't wait to hear if you get them......

  2. DVF ruri dress, equipment leopard print shirt and goat cardigan.....emmmm i may have had a "moment" on the matches sale site!!!!! Love that jumper.....but i must not buy anything more!

    1. Bloody hell, well done you! Tried the jumper on today. hmmmm maybe one for the sale list. Wouldn't spend £45 on it. Thank god.

      And yes - good luck with the not buying anything else. Ha ha ha ha!

    2. Well the shirt went back....maybe I cannot pull off the animal swapped for floral jeans. Will now keep fingers and toes crossed that the floral look crosses the seasons. But really should just admit defeat and invest in a wearable duvet with the way our weather has been. So if that jumper didn't work what one is on your list next?

  3. Speaking of sales, Dubai Shopping Fest starts soon on the 14th! Eyeing for a pair of nude heels from Stuart Weitzman!

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  4. You're making me consider a trip to Bicester, I haven't been for months, but it might be worth a recce as the sales are pretty good there, I did see a coat in Roberto Cavalli, which if it was half price I might just treat myself to.

    1. I am long overdue a trip to Bicester. Must sort one out in the next month or so -absolutely! I was hankering after one of the leather Roberto Cavalli coats last year. In my fecking dreams!!!