My inner magpie is in seventh heaven.

Oh how I love it when I discover a new go to place for all things sparkly.  And have I found the most wonderful jewellery retailer - Stella& Dot.  I'm sure many of people have heard of them as I can imagine anyone who has bought their jewellery would spread the word - it really is gorgeous.  As well as their products being so great, the other best thing?  You can order online and so don't even have to leave the comfort of your sofa.  Clearly I would shop with wine but am always partial to coffee and a biscuit too.  Heaven.

You can also host a party which is music to my ears. I am loving the opportunity to turn my sitting room into a retail outlet and have all my friends over for shopping and drinks.  So local buddies - watch this space!  It's going to be a long summer holiday and I'm loving the idea of having another big get together.

 Here is my current favourite bracelet which arrived this morning.

The Renegade Cluster Bracelet 

Here is the pic from the website 

But I don't think it really does it justice - here's my pic of it and honestly, it's just gorgeous.  Plus the packaging is designed to make you feel instantly spoiled the moment you open it.  I am a total convert.

Here is my wish list - actually here is the abridged version of my wish list.  Otherwise we'd be here for days.

The Nugget Wrap bracelet - which just happens to be in the sale.

Garden party Chandelier earrings - I just love the green of these. 

My friend has this Infinity necklace.  I am afraid I'm going to have to copy her.  Oops.  Sorry S.

For statement necklaces, you can't ask for more glamour all year round, than with the completely divine Pegasus Necklace. I love love love it.  An instant addition to any plain black top to turn into the perfect evening outfit.  Or with just a plain tee and some vintage jeans for a laid back bbq. I need this in my life. 

Honestly I could go on forever.  I would advise a blissful perusal with a cuppa (or something stronger...) and defy you to find something you love.  Stella and Dot  Just before I go, I'd definitely check out the sale site where they have the loveliest charms to go layer up on a faceted ball chain necklace.  So so cute.  This is the necklace and you go and add the charms you want (from the sale section and also from the charm section) 

If you would like to have a party - there are details on the website.  I can't wait for the summer when I'm sure not everyone will be on holiday and will be more than desperate for an excuse for a girls get together chez moi.  Anyone up for it?!

A last minute round up of what I've been wearing yesterday and today.  Let's just say I'm loving the weather!!

Nude vest - (not seen but very much vital) - Primark
White blouse with silver button detail down back - Zara
Chambray wide leg trousers - Zara
Tan belt - Primark
Tan clog sandals - NW3 by Hobbs
Brown cuff with gold rope detail - Hultquist
Gold renegade bracelet - Stella & Dot
Gold flower earrings - Etsy
Sunglasses - Tom Ford
Tan shopper - Zara

And today for complete kiddy day - watching swimming this morning, dropping smallest at his school induction this afternoon and then taking the brood after school for swimming and a picnic.  Making the most of the "summer"....... My clearly pissed off expression is due to me just having looked at the forecast for tomorrow. Not good.  Boots, you're up again.

White longline ribbed vest - Joseph
Striped diamante skull tee - Zara
Navy linen knit waistcoat - James Lakeland (via TK Maxx)
Faded straight leg jeans turned up - Earl
Silver hav rip offs - George at Asda (as good as the Primark ones but £2.50.  Faint.)
Silver ball bracelet with silver heart charm - local boutique now closed down
Silver vintage charm bracelet - Mawi
Fuchsia Roxanne tote bag - Mulberry 

Hope you're all doing well with the sale shopping.  As some have commented, I will say that the Zara sale is due to start (due to my source!) next Thursday 28th.  I have my list, anything on yours?  I had planned to go to London today in an attempt to perhaps see if I could source an Italy Outfit but my hay fever has attacked me with a vengeance and I woke up feeling exceptionally sorry for myself.  (this is clearly the Karma Fairy coming and biting me on the arse as I was crowing last week at having escaped hay fever this year.  Tool.)  Hence the slob outfit and the slob day. 

Tomorrow, I shall try harder!

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9 comentarios:

  1. Ooh that Zara shopper, is it lovely leather? I was looking at it agin today with hand luggage in mind - would you recommend? Loving your white buttoned blouse too :) x

    1. Obvs looking at it online otherwise I would have seen the leather!!

  2. Oooh - I have the matching necklace to the bracelet. It just looked familar and then I realised it's the same design as the Hunters Narrative necklace in Anthropologie which was in the sale for £19.99. I want far too many of the jackets in Zara so if any come up in the sale - I will be a happy lady. Love the Zara wide legged trousers - I'd need to hack about 8 inches off the bottom to wear those in which case they'd probably look like culottes on you? Actually - culottes - new look for you?

  3. I've noticed Stella & Dot jewellery featuring in some mags and blogs but have never checked out the website until now - some really lovely bits and pieces and very reasonably priced. Might have to place a wee cheeky order... You really are a very persuasive writer!

  4. Stunning Zara blouse - presume it's not from this season, as I can't find it online? Truly pretty piece.

  5. Love all these pieces, Stella & Dot is gorgeous!

  6. Bizarre - went to a Stella and Dot party yesterday! Do you think it was National Stella and Dot Day?

  7. HI.
    Would love to buy some new jewellry. Is it ok do you think to wear gold and silver jewelry together or is that a fashion faux pas??