Classic call one

The black ankle boot. 

Seems rather ridiculous sat here typing this when a) the sun is beaming through the windows in our late arrived but more than welcome summer and b) I'm heading off to an even hotter Italy tomorrow morning.  Black winter boots really shouldn't be on the agenda. 

However on my last minute, desperado calling, shopping trip yesterday, it became evident early on that there is absolutely diddly squat left that's remotely summery.  Unless you count rifling through a solitary rail of crammed together, usually damaged, tut, aka the sale rail. (actually having said I got an absolute doozy of a bargain which I shall show later - I am really on a sales roll this year!) 

But, as I was still partly in my no go shopping zone, (I did say it wouldn't last forever) and was on a different mission (one beginning with I and ending in talian outfit. Yawn yawn yawn.  Again more on that in a bit) I didn't do an indepth persual of the new collections.

However I had already spied a couple of great black boots and they are one thing that are definitely a staple in my A/W wardrobe - a black medium heeled every day ankle boot.  With the popularity of the Acne Pistol boot last year and the string of tributes that flooded the High Street there is a pretty great selection out there. 

There are obviously lots of variations on the black ankle boot and what works for you depends on the sort of trousers or skirts you wear.  And you can wear them with skirts as well. Yes you can!  My favourite way to wear them is with a skinnier/straight leg - no huge surprise there seeing as it's my go to leg shape.  But I think they would also definitely work with the looser tapered trouser this is proving very popular this A/W.

So here is my first foray into the black ankle boot quagmire that is out there.  It's still very early in the season and I haven't done a full sweep yet so there will be some gaps and shops I've missed out.  I will try get round to exploring more later but I'm happy that this selection will keep you going in the meantime!

Firstly a surprise contender for me - New Look.  People rave about their shoes but I've always found them hit and miss to be honest.  However these two pairs of leather books look fantastic.  I haven't seen them in real life so they could be the result of a great photographer but they're a great price if they're as good as they look online. 

These Limited Black Leather Ankle Boots are the most fantastic combo of two of my favourite boots by Acne - the Cypress and the Pistol.  Genius.  Really really genius.

These Limited Black Leather Chelsea Boot also look like a great classic option as well.  I love the dull tone to the leather. 

Back on to more familiar territory with one of the most perfect ankle boots I've seen in a long time.  Popular for the last couple of years in the US but bound to be more prevalent here now with the opening of their shop on Sloane Square.  The Rag & Bone Classic Newbury Boot.  However a not to be sniffed at snip at £345.  Faint. (if I'm being honest though, I have to say I'd probably go for them in the Chilli.  Hubba hubba.  They will no doubt sneak into another blog post if not, alas, into my wardobe.)

Now where better to look for a classic black ankle boot (and usually I would have been using classic in a slightly pejorative term but no longer - preaching to the converted) than Clarks. (still can't believe I'm writing that!)  They don't have a huge selection that float my boat but certainly these do look like they're worth a try on - the Macay Holly in black. (thank you actually to my friend S for bringing these to my attention.  I do believe there's a 20% off discount code floating around as well......)

I did see these Nubuck panel boots yesterday in Cos and they're lovely.  A slightly smarter option than some but still easily worn on a day to day basis.  

Going back to a Pistol stylee we have these from Topshop - classic style, the Mighty Black Leather Zip Boots (I'm not inferring that they're super duper - that's their actual name)

These are also from Topshop - The Alanic Croc Mix Boots.  Again, you can see perhaps where the inspiration is from.... hmmmmm.

If something with more of a western twist on classic chelsea boot floats your boat, then I'd definitely take a look at the Star boot from Acne.

Or a much cheaper version - the Anarchy Western Chelsea Boot from Topshop

If you are after something with a slightly higher heel, these I think are gorgeous.  Absolutely stunning and although they're £120 from Topshop, I think they look more expensive.  Love the detailing on the sole and the strap.  The Power Gold Trim Boots. 

And finally, a blog from me wouldn't be the same without a Zara nugget, would it?  These are stunning. I completely love them and they are definitely top of my wishlist.  Perfect for day (albeit a bit high) but an easy transition into night as well.  Would look fantastic with black opaques.  I just love them.  Ankle boot with double zip. 

Are you in the market for black ankle boots?  Will be doing a tan feature soon if that's more up your street?  Or do you prefer a knee high boot?  Maybe you're a flat boot lady?  Talk boots to me!!

Now a quick round up of the last couple of days outfits. 

Monday.  Very lazy day running around after the children and then taking them all swimming with friends and having a late picnic supper.  Laid back.  This top looks pretty nasty in this pic but I can assure you it didn't look this drab & mumsy - well I hope not, as three people said what a lovely top it it was!

Oh and yes I am very very tired.  Sleeping ridiculously badly at the moment.  But onwards & upwards. 

Nude vest - Primark
Mink jersey & silk edged oversized top - Taylor Stephens
Off white coated zip ankle skinny trousers - Zara
Rose gold Gigi sandals - Sam Edelman
White ball & gold leaf earrings - Etsy
Cheetah print ponyskin bag - Zara
Sunglasses - Accessorize

Yesterday - morning spent charging around after the kids, afternoon spent in London shopping and then drinks with The Husband.  Great day.  And yes, I did finally get a new dress for the Italian Outfit.  Which is handy as we fly out for the wedding TOMORROW morning.  I'm about to go and try the outfit on - in my head it all works.  (which is very very very dangerous......)

Off white linen and stone crochet top - By Malene Birger
Distressed straight leg jeans rolled up - Zara
Rose gold Gigi sandals - Sam Edelman
Cheetah print ponyskin bag - Zara
White ball & gold leaf earrings - Etsy
Sunglasses - Accessorize

Today, a day of (rushed) pampering before we head off to Italy tomorrow for 4 days.  I am determined not to look like harassed mum of 3, chewing her way through the school holidays, clinging to a gin bottle.  Therefore today I have had a mani, a pedi, a hair cut & a spray tan.  OMG.  To those women who do this on a regular basis - I applaud you and wonder how on earth do you find the time?!  It's taken me all day.  This is a once in a decade treat for me but it's also a day I'll never get back........!   I think the fact I'm still me and not Elle McPherson might be irritating me slightly. 

Navy & tan maxi dress - New Look 
Faded shrunken denim jacket - Red Herring at Debenhams
Tan wide hipster belt - Fever
Faded gold hav rip offs - Primark
Sunglasses - Accessorize
White gold & diamond pendant - Theo Fennell 
Cheetah print ponyskin bag - Zara

I am now off to pack.  The plan is to wear the black lace and feather dress in the evening - I've reread the invite and it says that there is the opportunity to change so fingers crossed it will all come together.  What I have for the wedding itself?  Watch this space...........!!!

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11 comentarios:

  1. I have those new look boots in the brown and they look way more £££ in real life.

    Have a lovely time in Italy

  2. I will swear you can read my mind, I ordered the Mighty black leather TopShop boots this morning and the Medal Charm in Rust from Clarks (I was bored !!) . Can't wait to see the wedding pics. x

  3. Looking good after the beauty treatments - I know, where do all these WAGs find the time to be so high maintenance? Can't wait to see what dress you've gone for for the wedding!

    I'm not sure about black mid-heel boots - think it's cause I wore them to death (a Bally pair which cost me a week's wages!)in my 20s when working somewhere that meant I had to wear black trousers as part of our uniform. A selection of tan (including some flatties) would be appreciated... Zella

  4. I have 3 pairs of black mid heel ankle boots, from ash(too pointy toe),russell and bromley-love these-(i also have these in tan) and topshop from 2 yrs ago (also have them in tan). i also have 2 pairs from radley(!) from 2 yrs ago, 1 pair in tan and 1 pair in cream(nicer than they sound) which are really lovely, to say i hate their bags! i too am looking for the perfect trench- i have been looking at one in aquascutum but am waiting to see if whistles bring one out soon. i ordered the bowie wedge trainer in black afew weeks ago but havent worn them yet. im still not totally sure though. have seen another nice black pair in aldo which as a total converse freak i feel are more in my comfort zone.

  5. Ooh lovely! I am a long-term lurker and love your blog but with A/W fast approaching and a Whole New Wardrobe to be purchased could def use a few tips. Am in the market for knee-high boots, fer shore. One black pair, fairly sensible, ie with a rugged-ish sole that I can rely on in times of slippery frosty hellish pavements, but maybe a buckle here and there, or a small fur trim, or anything that makes them look interesting. Also something in tan or mahogany, perhaps. More classic knee highs but still flattish that can be worn with the A/W uniform of little dresses and cable tights in a range of colours. Can't wait to see what you uncover but in the meantime enjoy la bella Italia x

  6. Its the Ash Jalouse in Taupe for me, wanted them for so long after realising I can't afford Acne or Marant!

  7. Oh I tried the Alanic boots in TopShop yesterday and they are lovely! They look terrific and feel goood. The Anarchy boots look wonderful, especially in the tan. A rich tobacco colour. I already have something similar, but there's room for those Alanic boots in my wardrobe!

  8. Such a coincidence! I have been slaving around online (when not distracted by Harry pics...) to try and find some peep toe black ankle boots - found some wedge ones in Clarks reduced from 110 to 43 so have ordered them. Not sure they are what I really want but was getting desperate. But now have found some in Uterque (love that shop) so might have to get those to try too!

    Enjoy Italy!!

  9. Kat I cannot believe you think those zara double zip boots are perfect for daywear!?! They look at least 5" high to me... I'd last all of 20 minutes MAX in those, gorgeous as they are!

    Love your hairdo & hope it lasted well over the weekend. I'm holding out for your tan boots feature, as ever... what's it been now - 5 years?!? Ankle boots... actually looked at that Clarks pair in tan online today!

    Hope Italy is fabulous, Nic x

  10. Great blog!

    On the subject of tan ankle boots - I'm trying to decide between Dune Plymouth and Dune Purleigh.....