This week I have mostly been....

..... doing absolutely sweet diddly squat bar lounging around on a boat in Greece.  And it is so amazing what a little bit of sun can do and how much better it can make you feel. I'm not going to lie - it may have been made better by the absence for four days of the three rugrats.  

I know, I know, that's a sacrilegious thing to say but sod it.  I love my kids with every bone in my body but my body did very much appreciate a break from them.  

So now that I've finally got into summer (whilst obviously the rest of the High Street has skipped merrily into Autumn.  Doh.) I clearly had to have one small last purchase for going on holiday.  As it was only four days and three nights cruising round the Greek Islands, I would have struggled to justify buying an excessive amount but I managed to sneak a pair of the most stunning sandals in which I have to share with you.  Slightly ironic, seeing as there were no shoes worn on the boat at all, but to make up for it, I have pretty much not worn anything else since i've been back.  

I refuse to believe we are in the dying throes of summer.  I'll be frank.  From a purely selfish point of view as I now have a vaguely decent colour and am more than happy to get my brown feet out.  As they're normally the colour of uncooked tripe.  And it is only the beginning of August so we could well have weeks and weeks of stupendous sunshine beaming down on us.  Or maybe not. 

But let's be positive and let's all buy new sandals.

Actually before we get all super excited, I feel I do have to add that they are not anything unusual or exciting.  I have made it clear before my adoration for the Sam Edelman Gigis but have been allocating my shopping funds in different directions this year and so was delighted to come across the sandals below.

These are the little beauties that I have been sporting. 

Thanking you kindly Marks and Spencer!  A rather bargainous £19.50.  And leather.  I think the sandal buy of the season.  

Which could only be pipped by these ones which are as stunning and will highly likely be making their way back with me some time next week.  I shall be obviously having to get some more school uniform (three of the small monkeys to kit out now.  The 5th of Sep will be interesting for me!) and I'm sure a pair of these could find their way into my basket.  It's practically grocery shopping no?

Now obviously I have been having a sneaky peek at A/W stock.  (for sneaky peek read salivating rather unattractively)  And shall be reporting back in the next couple of days, fear not.  Footwear has been high on my agenda.  We are in for a boot fest this year.  Delish. 

A quick round up of what I was wearing the couple of days before heading off to paradise (I'm sorry for keeping going on about it, I am dull I appreciate it, but dear lord, it was beyond amazing!)  In that other week of proper Summer that we had.  Remember?

Studded skull tee - Zara
Denim shorts - Warehouse
Black glitter flipflops - Primark
Sunglasses - Tom Ford
Black bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs

For a night out with the girls before I left.  Starting the party early......

Nude vest - Primark
Blush oversized rib tee - Cos
Peach coated skinnies - Zara
Snakeskin, neon, black and tan sandals - Zara
Snakeskin Sloane clutch - Michael Kors
Renegade bracelet - Stella & Dot
Earrings - shamelessly borrowed from friend!  They are divine though and I'm seeing if her supplier can get some more - if so, you'll be the first to know as they are simply gorgeous.

Last day before we go - making the most of the English rays.

Peach and black missoni style bikini - Primark
Emerald green linen tee - Zara
Denim shorts - Warehouse
Straw hat - Fat Face
Neon flipflops - Havaianas
Black bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs

And now for the holiday shots.  Made better by an amazing spray tan that I had before I went.  If anyone in the West Kent area would be interested in knowing who does a fantastic spray tan at home, just email me or leave a comment and I will pass on Sarah's details, as honestly, she was superb.

A brief selection of photos.  I didn't have my personal photographer with me, but I managed to round up some other amateurs who were happy to help (!)

Ready for a night out (at this point, my hair clearly has been a victim of the wind on the boat. No I neither cared nor felt sorry for it.  Suffer for thy cause hair)

Khaki leopard print strapless jumpsuit - By Malene Birger
Gold necklace - Day Birger et Mikkeslon
Snakeskin Sloane clutch - Michael Kors

And for going out for breakfast - on the island of Hydra.  Or maybe it's Milos.  Can't remember.  Both were completely stunning. 

Navy and off white strapless dress - Primark
Sunglasses - H&M

Evening on the boat 

Black jumpsuit with white paint splatters - Marks and Spencer
Cream and gold chandelier earrings - Primark

And for our final lunch in Santorini - by this point the hair has just given up the ghost. 

Khaki leopard print jumpsuit - By Malene Birger
Rosegold Gigi sandals - Sam Edelman
Snakeskin Sloane clutch - Michael Kors
Sunglasses - Tom Ford
Earrings - as before borrowed from friend

Back with a bump.  Actually we went to a fantastic 40th birthday party on the Wednesday but it was all slightly chaotic and despite having an outfit that I was beyond chuffed with, I managed to neglect to take a photo.  Unbelievably poor show.  However I shall hopefully be wearing the same outfit this week as I loved it!  An excuse for a night out (it doesn't take much......)

But this was me the day after, somewhat jaded (excuse the pun)

Nude vest - Primark
Jade silk oversized top - Taylor Stephens 
Indigo straight leg jeans turned up - Earl
Leopard print sandals - Marks & Spencer
Khaki, jade and teal leopard print scarf - Marks & Spencer
Black bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs

Now I don't mean to rub it in but this is a week of exception for me.  My mum is here helping out with the rugrats being Nana extraordinaire, and as she does a much better job when I'm not around, I took advantage and headed off yesterday into town to meet one of my oldest bessie friends for a day of shopping and a fabulous boozy lunch.  Ended up going to meet The Husband and his friends for drinks, followed by oysters and champagne at J Sheekeys.  A fabulous end to the most amazing week.  Back to earth next week with a bump (although I do have something pretty special to do tomorrow but I fear I am pretty close to the periphery of being vomit inducing and so won't mention it now....)

White silky vest - Cos
Distressed biker jeans - By Malene Birger
Silk scarf print jacket - Zara
Leopard print sandals - Marks & Spencer 
Gold filigree & leather bracelet - Lady Butterworth
Tan leather rivet cuff - Mulberry
Renegade bracelet - Stella & Dot
Gold necklace - Day Birger et Mikkelson
Tan shopper - Zara

Finally finally finally, we have another contender for the Italy Outfit (yawnarama)  I am saying nothing but here it is.  Clearly we will have a divided opinion (again!!) as it's black which I appreciate some people feel is a total no no to a wedding.  But it actually has a blush satin layer underneath so I'm sticking by my guns in that it's actually pink and black and not just black...........  Dare I ask for thoughts?!

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18 comentarios:

  1. Welcome back!!!! Love the blog ..only following for a few weeks but missed it while you were on well deserved break(i hear you girl...going to and girlfriends for two whole glorious days nxt week leaving the 4 minis with hub.....ahhhhhhh .CANNOT WAIT) the m+s sandals...will be purchasing and i adore the dress...but if you are going darker your all saints one shoulder num is vvvv hard to beat....its stunning on you....till your nxt post....helen ..cork :-)

    1. Thank you so so much Helen for such a lovely comment! And I bet you can't wait for your two days away in Dublin. Sounds unbelievably fabulous. Enjoy. (and good luck to your husband too.....!) Yes I completely agree about the black All Saints dress being great, but I've got another wedding in October with the exact same group of people - theme that time is City Chic, so I'm going to keep it for that! Kat xxx

  2. Welcome back, have missed your posts! Love that dress, perfect for the theme too. Just tried to buy M&S sandals online, they are completely sold out, am on a mission to track them down somehow! Emma x

  3. Ah ha!! You are sorte in that case the black and blush dress....oh god i know...god help my poor hub ..he will do his nut!!(cue evil cackling on my a dreadful spouse ;-)..Helen

  4. Kat - v envious of trip but especially minus kids! Can I ask where the black feather dress is from? It's lovely. Thanks.

  5. Love the M&S sandals - what a great price! I haven't spotted those before.

  6. You come back, I'm off! Missed you glad you had a great time x

  7. ah I have that striped Primark dress, its pretty good considering my 34f boobage rules out strapless. Lovely holiday pics, I recently went on a boat trip to Capri and have been busily untagging various pics of myself as my hair was... well I looked like a madwoman, yours looks good!! anyway keep up the good work - have a cruise booked in october and need fashion inspiration as panic is setting in.

  8. Glad you are are back. Did wonder where you'd gone until my son signed me up to twitter and all became clear. Love the dress, it looks amazing. You must buy it so I can enjoy it through you ( it wouldn't suit me, boobs and tummy too big) . Jenny

  9. Let's pretend knights dressing up costume" look it up on tesco website... Not going to win you any fashion awards, but might win you mummy of the year if you didn't manage to find a costume yet??? X

  10. Fab dress for your Italian wedding! Love it!

  11. Hi Kat, welcome back, loved your holiday snaps, it and you looked fab! And how great to have a proper 'grown up' break. I absolutely adore the black and blush dress, would look stunning for your Italian wedding. Take care xx

  12. Sounds like you had a fab time and looked fab on holiday. Love the Zara dress too xxx

  13. fab dress. where is it from? just found your blog via modesty brown, and I love it. keep up the dressing and the posting..xx

  14. Sorry, Kat. I totally love you but that dress is not right for a wedding in Italy. It's mutton, witchy and trying too hard all wrapped into one. Why have you lost your mojo so badly with this event?! It's like there is a spell on you or summat.

  15. Not a fan of that feathery dress Kat but love the holiday pics - you look great with a tan, esp the last pic on the boat - you look so relaxed (or just sozzled?!) ;) so glad (& touch envious) you had a lovey hol.

    Nic x

  16. The dress is from Zara- new collection. Saw it at the weekend x

  17. not a big fan of the feathery dress either...with a figure like yours you can definitely get away with something more simple and just accessorise it up ...your holiday looked beyond fab..your house always looks amazing too would love to see more pics(nosey cow ;-) xx Tina Dublin x