Hold the front page.....

.......as this is something you don't hear me say very often at all.  

I don't need any clothes. 

Yup, you read that right.  I don't need any clothes.  

I should probably preface that by saying "at this moment in time"  ie today.  Not tomorrow clearly.  And definitely not next week.  But for today, I am satisfied with my wardrobe. Nay, I would go so far as to say, completely sated. 

This random, out of character stance occurs only twice a year.  At the same time at the beginning of the A/W and then the S/S seasons.  I am surrounded by magazines full of delicious new season stock. I am bombarded by tantalising emails forwarding me to websites full of divine goodies that I simply can't live without. 

Except I get to a day - and today is that very day - where I shut down.  It's all too much.  I can't have everything - I can't "do" every new fashion trend that's out there.  The choice is too overwhelming.  And so the shutters come down and I retreat into the comfort of my own familiar and much loved (this is for today only may I remind you - tomorrow I shall want to bin the lot) wardrobe.  From chatting to friends yesterday, it seems that this is a common occurrence for women.  But most don't just have "trend overload" for one day - they have it permanently.  

It also appears that the older you get the more difficult it is.  The magazines don't seem to age - but we do!  So in the next couple of weeks, I'm going to be looking at some of the trends which are big in A/W12 and give my opinion on how I think they can be worn so we all nestle happily on that fence between mutton and frump. 

If there are any trends which you would like me to have a look at, please do just email me or leave a comment. 

Now of course, when I say that I'm completely satisfied with my wardrobe, yes I do mean sated but me being me, I can of course dream........ And whilst today only dreaming of new trends gives me the fear, I turn to dreaming about classics.  

"If" I were to purchase anything for A/W (and right now I'm obviously saying I don't need anything.....) it would make sense to add a couple of good quality classics that I can wear year in year out and will happily fit in with what I already have in my wardrobe. 

Firstly, on my classics wishlist is a trench.  I have covered this topic before months ago during the spat of April showers I believe we had (ie the biblical rain season).  And now it's time to seriously consider one.  Much more research to be done - it's very difficult to get something quality that isn't obscenely expensive.  Case in point, I do have a trench from Principles a number of years ago and frankly, it's pants.  Thin, creases really badly, is about as functional in rain as a tea towel and doesn't keep you remotely warm.  I like the detailing on it and it now owes me nothing. I have justified the purchase of a new one.  Result. 

I would, of course, love a new Burberry but there are nowhere near enough funds in the coffers to spend on such a luxury. (why oh why oh why oh why when I bought a Burberry 10 years ago did I buy one in the Burberry check.  What an absolute eejit.  I can try and vaguely dig myself out of this fashion black hole by mentioning it is the faded check and not the Daniella Westbrook full on in your face one? Hasn't really worked has it.  I am waiting for it to come back into fashion.  Yeah right.) 

The first one I've got my eye on is this one from M&S!  I think this is the same one I tried - I could have sworn it was part of the Limited Collection but there doesn't seem to be a trench there.  It is pretty much exactly what I had in mind - mid calf (on me), thick water repellent fabric that won't crease and will hang well, lovely detailing (love the epaulettes on the shoulders) and a darn good price. 

It does of course look hugely uninspiring in this pic, but honestly (if it is the same one) it looks a ton better in the flesh.  I will in the next couple of weeks have a look instore and make sure it is the same one. 

Like I said, I do have more perusing to do - although to be honest, it's the sort of thing where there really isn't that much to choose from if a) you want a classic shape without any modern twiddles and b) you don't want to ascend into Aquascutum/Burberry etc prices.  Hobbs is another good bet as is Jaeger (we do need to go classic HS I think) but I doubt they're going to be able to beat the M&S one on quality and price. 

My next item which will happily slot right into my wardrobe with no trend to tick off, is a classic Breton. 

Now I did have the most stunning Breton top from Joseph which took me months to justify purchasing. I ended up caving, wore it once and a helpful 2 year old decided to turn the washing machine up to 90 degrees from handwash. I actually still well up thinking about it.  RIP beautiful Breton (and all the other clearly expensive things as it was a handwash cycle. Sob)

I have a number of stripey tops, it does have to be said.  But the classic slightly boxy, thick jersey, finishing just below the waist, which is what I consider to be the traditional Breton top, has alluded me.

Firstly is the classic Petit Bateau top.  They seem to have made it slightly longer and slightly more fitted this season which isn't quite what I'm after but it's a classic choice. 

Then there is another fast becoming a classic - the Breton from Boden.  Every year I say I'm going to get one and every year I don't.  Well this year I shall.  (when there is a good enough discount code. I know I just missed one for 20% due to my "I don't need anything" mood.  Fool.  But a fool with £23 in my bank account still... or that should rightly read £23 less on my credit card.  Obviously) 

Two colour ways - I'd probably go for the navy and vanilla as opposed to the vanilla and navy - the second one (clear as mud?!) as I have an off white and navy jumper which is v similar. 

Having said that, there is probably a higher chance of me getting this gorgeous one from Cos.  The mecca of all things beautiful for me - this is guaranteed to be fantastic in real life.  I will check it out tomorrow (although clearly I'm not buying anything.....)

Lastly, I will not even attempt to say this is a classic item as to some people (a lot of people) they are the most hideous things known to man.  But there are a growing number of people who are coming round to seeing them as a staple in their wardrobe all year round, me being one of them.  The beloved or dreaded wedge trainer.

Seeing as I have had so much wear out of the two pairs I have - mine both being Ash, my preferred wedge trainer - I could probably justify another pair.  If I "were" to purchase another lot, top of my wishlist would be the Bowie in Camel.  Now to me, this looks exactly the same as the Birdie in Camel from last year.  Except they're about £40 more expensive. Hmmmmm. Irritating much?  Yes.  What's more galling is that I actually had a pair delivered last year and didn't keep them as I chose the Acne Cypress boots instead.  (which I have to say I love and were such a bargain, I don't feel too bad about it) 

So - brace yourself for those who loathe them - these are the Ash Bowie in Camel. 

There are a whole host of other classics that I will be adding to my wishlist over the coming weeks.  Does anyone else have anything they feel they must be buying this A/W to add to their staple collection?

Now a quick round up of what I've been wearing.  Friday, had a lovely day at soft play with two of my sister in laws and my nephews. 

Tobacco silk swing top - Taylor Stephens
Leopard print jeans - Primark
Rose gold Gigis - Sam Edelman
Gold renegade bracelet - Stella & Dot
Tan leather rivet cuff - Mulberry
Resin horn and enamel necklace - Mango
Sunglasses - Accessorize
Vanilla Roxeanne - Mulberry

Saturday - birthday party for my god-daughter and then lunch with her lovely family afterwards.  Stunning weather for a stunning day. 

Navy & white striped silk jersey dress - Isabella Oliver 365
Resin horn & enamel necklace - Mango
Tan clog sandals - NW3 by Hobbs
Gold renegade bracelet - Stella & Do
Tan leather rivet cuff - Mulberry

Sunday - day spent with the family swimming and chilling out with friends.  And then a BBQ at friends which turned into a rather late night.  I had intended to get changed from my slob day outfit but never quite got round to it.  Am loving the summer holidays!  As you can see my hair, not so much. It's becoming less like hair and more like weetabix. 

White linen tee - Zara
Denim shorts - Warehouse
Dull gold hav rip offs - Primark

Gold renegade bracelet - Stella & Dot
Tan leather rivet cuff - Mulberry
Sunglasses - Accessorize

See you shortly! 

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17 comentarios:

  1. Fashion followerMonday, 20 August, 2012

    Am laughing as I had the same realisation about not needing anything the other day!

    I am also lusting after the prefect trench, though I'm not sure the double breasted type suit my boobage. A breton top is a must for any wardrobe in my opinion.

    Love the Isabella Oliver maxi, must check out their 365 collection again. I had loads of their maternity pieces and loved them.

    1. I'd give a double breasted trench another go - I think it's about finding the right one! Imho a trench should be double breasted - single breasted is better in a non belted style I think. (still lovely coats!) Isabella Oliver 365 are now called Baukjen! Worth checking out definitely.

      Happy no shopping..... (ha ha ha!)

  2. I'm the other way, I've lost 3st since Xmas so I need everything this a/w and don't know where to start, even my knickers are too big!!!
    So I'll shop for you.

    Your blog has been a god send, we're similar age, I love your style and your writing cracks me up.

    1. Oh wow what a fantastic treat. And huge huge congratulations!! Yes, please shop shop shop shop shop!! Hopefully I'll be some help along the way. Thanks for the lovely comment, xxxx

  3. Hi Kat,

    please could you do an item on winter coats? Particularly winter coats that aren't black. I hit 40 earlier this year and I think it's about time that I owned a decent one and i don't know where to start. please help! i love reading your blog and you always put together such stylish outfits.
    Cathy x

    1. Interesting. I'm personally not a fan of winter coats - I will blog to explain why, but yes, I can definitely put together some options in the coming weeks.

      Thank you for the lovely comments! xxxx

  4. Kat I got the summer version of Boden Breton & the sleeves are very short :-/ really Ps me off so prob will you too!
    Nic x

  5. I think it is this time of year,no really summery decent clothes left and feels too warm to be thinking of boots amd cardigans!
    Give me a week or two though.....
    Sue x

  6. Love that Taylor Stephens top. Don't suppose they have reps/distributors in Ireland, do they?

  7. you look gorgeous in the striped dress. I have never owned a trench and unless we move from Queensland, Australia will never need one either. I would like one with a 'Burberry' check lining though! Smiles. Alannah

  8. Have a look at banana republic for a trench, they do a really lovely burgundy one.

    I'll be buying the Bowies in black should I find any. Not at that price though! Will need codes. Only seen them in suede so far, and I don't want that.

  9. Hi Kat. You look beautiful in your Isabella Oliver maxi dress - am so jealous!! Have been contemplating purchasing some trainer boots since I saw your Ash ones at the beginning of the Summer. I decided to wait for the Autumn as I thought I wouldn't get any use of them during the Summer - little did I know what a rubbish Summer we would have. I am also not buying anything at the moment (but have a long wish list for Autumn/Winter). I have so many Summer clothes that haven't had much use yet, so am hoping for a better end to August/September. On my wish list is a Zara khaki jacket with leather sleeves which I know has sold out but am praying will be back in stock ready for Autumn. x

  10. I've been reading your blog for some weeks now and I love it so thank you! I'm 40 - plus a little ha ha - with a teenage son and long awaited 6 year old daughter (GCSEs and Reception class are in our household, husband (somewhere amidst the chaos!) and Gnasher the whippet), love fashion, live in the Home Counties too (and Bluewater is a little too convenient for me!).

    Please could you do an item about velvet coloured jeans - I love velvet and have the MiH Oslo black velvet ones which are great, and I love the idea of a deep red/claret/burgundy pair for this AW but am hesitating in case coloured jeans are just too ... mumsy?! Can coloured jeans be pulled off at the age of 40+ on anyone less than a supermodel?

  11. I have that exact trench from M&S and it is fab! It looks loads more expensive than it is and what's more it works...I have worn it in some of wonderful Summer's toerrential rain and it totally did the job. Result (as you might say ;-)

  12. hello Kat
    Just to say I am loving your blog. It is the first (and last as too many suggestions for nice things to buy from just you is enough!). I have a query - navy trench please? I work in the city my stone Ralph Lauren trench from a few years ago attracts any speck of dirt in the stratosphere and gets dirty too quickly from bags, trains, traffic eugh. So am thinking a navy one will be perfect. Please dont suggest Aquascutum...I wish...

  13. Probably old news but have you discovered Forever 21 yet? I've only ever shopped there when in the US but noticed a new one in Bluewater.Similar to primark, good for basics/accessories.Would love to know what you think next time you go to bluwey. L xx

  14. I am feeling much blessed to be here and reading your thought provoking blog. It has truly increased my knowledge. I will surely come again and again to overcome my thirst for knowledge.
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