A jersey number (and it's a dress!)

Now I feel a titchy tiny bit fraudulent posting this as it's no secret that I'm not the biggest dress fan on the planet.  However on giving this far more brain consideration that it deserves, I have realised that all of the dresses I love and get a lot of wear out of ("lot" being a euphemism in this case for "some") are of the jersey variety.  I love a bit of stretch.   Even my dressier dresses - a DVF tunic, a Whistles brown cowl neck dress, a Patrizia Pepe midi dress, an All Saints one shoulder evening style dress are all a jersey derivative (mostly silk jersey).  Which means they all go in the machine (on a hand wash - admittedly if you wash silk jersey on 30 degrees it will end up small tunic size as opposed to dress length.  Please tell me I'm not the only muppet that's done this)

On my holiday wardrobe quest (yes, I could actually justify shopping for a trip to the supermarket if I really tried), it struck me that a jersey dress would fit the bill perfectly.  Something that I could wear to the beach but dress up for a casual dinner, something that I can roll up in my suitcase or even hand luggage, that will arrive crease free.  And if needs be is easy to wash and probably won't need ironing.

All hail the Jersey Dress.  Here is my cream of the crop.  And most in the sale, yeah baby. 

Just deciding which one is most me. 

Starting with Baukjen - now this is a total cheat and isn't really for holiday at all (but whilst looking it would be sincerely rude not to plan ahead if I see a bargain.....)  Absolutely ideal for those cooler September evenings for out to dinner with shoots (my obsession with all thing shooty is set to continue into the A/W, I'm warning you now) 

Jersey Drape Dress - now from £71  Plethora of colours to choose from.  The ruching is infinitely flattering to all shapes.  Gives those without curves, curves and accentuates those lovely ladies who are bless with more shape as opposed to the tubular amongst us. 

The Classic Wrap Dress - now from £59.50  Now I've said before I can't wear a wrap dress but for those who love them, snap this up.   I'm not going to lie (and apologies Baukjen) but I really can't get my head around these boots.  Each to their own mind you, and it would be a dull world if we all loved the same thing (I can hear people hurling into their soup everytime I mention shoots) 

Naomi Dress - now £63  This is up there for me as the perfect jersey dress. (and my main reason for this post if I'm honest but then I kept finding bargains)  The sort of dress that this blog is all about.  Ideal for covering a multitude of sins (a must for the majority of us, surely?), as perfect to wear for a wedding with big jewellery, fab shoes and a glam bag as it is to wear with flip flops to trog down to the beach.  

This is slightly similar although perhaps not "quite" as dressy but still perfect for a bbq with strappy flat sandals. Ruched Waist Jersey dress from The White Company  now £42

Another multi occasion dress I think is the Helena Dress, again from Baukjen and now £66.75  Also in a lighter camel colour which I just love. 

I love this and adore how they've styled it in the second pic.  I would need to overdose on the fake tan mind you..... The Mila Dress now £69.30

All things All Saint are usually all good.  In navy, the Jules Dress at just £35 now (and I am still beyond in love with those boots..)  

Or black 

Strapless Drawstring dress - The White Company now £45 

Cornflower cotton dress - now just £25 from Hush

And in fuchsia - how stunning are the pockets?

And black - I LOVE this 

Very beachy indeed but how serenely cute (dear lord please let me come back in the next life, just for 10 minutes, as a White Company lifer)  Curved Empire V Neck dress now £36

So I have enough food for thought for a little number that will sneak into a spare pocket in my case that will work for a number of occasions.  Ignoring the fact that due I may have to pack enough fake tan to sink a battle ship to enable me to wear it (white leg phobia klaxon alert) 

Having said that, here I am yesterday in all my bare leg glory  Literally facing wind and rain in my shorts.  You couldn't have written it - the most leg phobic person on the planet wearing her new shorts and sandals in sheet rain.  I tried. I so tried.  And these are my home made version as well - a cut off edit of an exceptionally old Zara pair which I haven't worn in living memory seeing as I have 3 new updated pairs which I'd wear instead (exceptionally bad shopping, I so don't practise what I preach).  I have to say I want to immediately have my knees covered on seeing this pic - can you do lipo for knees?  But I appreciate that it's not the worst thing on the planet and refuse to be deterred (this is a big thing for me believe me - as pathetic as that may sound...)


Silky print blouse - Zara
Cut off jeans - Zara
Cream jacket - Zara
Gold Mini Antelope charm pendant - Bill Skinner
Rose Gold Gigis - Sam Edelman
Cognac bag - Campomaggi from Plumo

Rain - optional.

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11 comentarios:

  1. With you on the jersey dress...I got a fab one from Hot Squash. They're just brilliant for dressing up or down. Loving your silky Zara blouse and get those legs out more often - they're fab! Ax
    School Gate Style
    Scarf & Jewellery Shop

  2. Never mind the dresses, I want the black & tan shoes that the Baukjen model is wearing...LOVE them!

    I'm just dipping my toe in to the world of day time dresses with bare legs for summer. Strictly speaking it's not warm enough to reliably wear bare legs all day long, but I'm so fed up with jeans! I love the look of a casual jersey dress worn with lo-top Converse.

    1. They are zara last year - can often find them on ebay ....

  3. I LOVE the Mila dress - do you think they would do an offer if a load of put a bulk order in! And get those legs out more often - you look fabulous in the cut offs - may even look mine out as the sun is meant to shine this weekend. XX

  4. Your lovely long legs would look even better in shorter shorts x

  5. I agree with anon your knees just look a little squished by the shorts, you could go a tad shorter. I love all of the dresses, mainly the ones shot on beaches that remind me of holidays, not the boots, plain weird!

  6. I am a big fan of your blog, and think you have a fabulous dress sense.
    Also you are a gorgeous woman but please, no offence, those jeans-shorts you are wearing are not flattering at all.
    With your length you should either go for wider but still smart bermuda's ( see look de pernille blog) or shorter kind of shorts, kind of mid thigh.
    And while we're at it, I know you are a big fan of boyfriend jeans but the ones you bought, are just too wide and baggy for you.
    I think every once in a while, we just have to accept defeat and acknowledge that, however much we love a certain style or trend, it's just not for us.
    Having said that, I am sure that a less wide boyfriend jean would look great on you ( Bébé, an American brand, do a really good one for slimmer build women)
    Hope I haven't offended you, as I said, you are a beautiful woman, whose style I really love.

  7. The styling is all wrong, the top half is way too smart for the bottom. Lose the bling, the blouse and the structured jacket. Shorts are for relaxed casual days, with shorts that tight they need a looser longer smock top, although I agree with the other comment, shorter, wider cotton shorts would suit you much better if you insist on so much accessorising up top. Not in your top ten.

  8. Reading that back sounds harsher than I meant, sorry. I should have said first that you generally get it right, and the jersey dresses are lovely, but denim cut offs are the most casual of shorts and I'm not sure your natural style sense will let you go that casual! As I said, echoing another comment, wider shorter cotton shorts would be much better for you, in a plain neutral so you can go wilder with the shoes and jewellery. Then maybe a denim jacket rather than something more formal?

  9. sorry lovely - the jeans shorts are not good

  10. I so agree on the jersey dress thing....it's the way to go! Love that Khaki Mila dress too! xx