The Sale are coming up trumps

I'm on a roll....... 

Firstly with holiday things. I had a moment of panic the other week thinking about my holiday wardrobe which is severely lacking.  Well, lacking, ish.  I have a number of jumpsuits that I love and are perfect (ok three).  And I have a new stack of shorts.  I also have proper tee shirts that are great for this country but for warmer days, vest top wise, I am severely lacking.  (if you can believe it).  

But more importantly than that, is the small issue of swimwear.  Ugh. Ugh ugh ugh.  Last year I had a great haul from Primark but truth be told, I need slightly more scaffolding and basically better quality material to try and hold things in.  Regardless of being slim, things wobble where things shouldn't wobble.  And I'm too lazy and not bothered enough to spend the hours and hours needed in the gym to tone it up to Elle McP standards.  Life is just too short and I like coffee and caffeine far too much.  Not to mention booze. 

Plus, I would love some matching sets of everything.  I'm hoping to distract from the thigh dimples with gorgeous outfits.  A 40 year old can dream...

However there is of course, the little issue of money.  £90 plus for a bikini just ain't happening. 

And FCUK was my saviour.  To start with. 

I'll be honest, I loved this dress, it's super flattering on, perfect for throwing on over the bikini and would look equally good over skinny jeans as well as it is rather sheer. 

The bikin isn't "quite" as sturdy as I would like but as it's the same price as New Look and H&M bikinis (and not that much more than Primark to be honest) and matches the dress perfectly, it would really have been rude not to. 

Lou Lou Bandeau top £12

Lou Lou Thick Waistband bottoms  £11 (loving the "thick" waistband - more flattering than most) 

My second purchase of the day was this fantastic dress.

Flower Fun Printed Dress £36  Now interestingly they say this is cotton and linen which it clearly is - duh.  But if you'd asked me, I would say it's towelling.  It's the perfect beach cover up - there is no way I would be wearing it in for a more formal occasion as pictured below, but horses for courses.  I love it.  And the woman behind me (of a similar age to me!) bought it as well.  Great minds.  Perfect with a black or black and white bikini. 

Next was my next (ha ha - sorry, that's woeful) port of call where I failed miserably in picking up a black bikini - no matching tops and bottons 

But this black and white leopard print one goes excellently with the yellow floral dress.   And, and and the top actually fits my fried egg boobs.  No gaping - the 34A/B is perfect.  Off to check out their strapless bras and hoping I have the same success. 

I am so thrilled with this Next one that I shall be hunting out their black ones in matching sizes online. 

A couple of random items now but things that (following my rules - polishes halo) will fit perfectly into my wardrobe. 

Firstly a navy and black cami.  Half price from All Saints - now £22.50 (no way would I pay full price) although it's not silk, it completely feels like it and it goes in the washing machine.  Slides over the tummy (very forgiving) and a perfect length just below the waistband.   Will be great over black cropped trousers and heels as well as over skinny indigo jeans for a less formal look.   Definitely a potential Marbella outfit.   Strapless bra needed.. (as depressing a shopping trip as the bikini escapade) 

Finally, and I've kept the best till last, a wonder buy from Zara.  This was reduced from £39.99 to £12.99.  Faint.  I literally jumped on it (I'd love to say I was cool in my picking it up but no, I pounced on it like a lunatic)  I haven't seen it instore before otherwise I would definitely have bought it.  Perfect in every way for me.  I never even saw it online. (certainly not now in the sale) 


And here we have it on.

Untitled Untitled

Blush vest - By Malene Birger
Khaki silky trousers - FCUK
Blush, khaki and grey dragon kimono - Zara
Clay Thelma wedges - Ash
Resin and shell necklace - By Malene Birger
Cognace cross body bag - Campomaggi from Plumo

Friday I was working and didn't get home till gone 1am so no time at all for a photo. 

Saturday, school summer fair.  Beautiful day.


Navy and brown striped maxi dress - New Look
Denim jacket - Sainsburys
Leopard print thong sandals - M&S 
Secret Garden necklace - Stella & Dot
Cognac cross body bag - Campomaggi from Plumo

Yesterday was also a ridiculously busy day and again, no photo.  Apologies (another maxi dress day) 

But today for another scorching day, I got the legs out.  Finally!   


Chalk shorts - All Saints
Swing linen and crochet top - By Malene Birger
Tan and gold stud thong sandals - Tesco
Cognac cross body bag - Campomaggi from Plumo

I was so thrilled with my long shorts (not entirely sure the world or I am ready for shorter shorts on the school run/shopping.....) that I may have taken to an old pair of jeans with a pair of scissors this evening.  It may not be a good idea to cut off skinny jeans as you may end up with a sort of denim cycling shorts affair.  Just saying. 

I have more sales bargains up my sleeve - I haven't succumbed yet but suffice to say, my resolve is weak. 

How's everyone else holding up with their sales shopping?

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13 comentarios:

  1. Your by malene birger resin necklace.... Love love, it has to be my personal favourite out of all your necklaces ( and you do have some rather nice ones! Jealous! ) loads of tutorials on google for cutting jeans in denim shorts.... Tempted myself. Should get your legs out more, they are nice.

  2. I know that will probably come out very rude but i think there is absolutely no way your bra can be 34 band width. Were you measured in M&S? If so, their bra fitting service is hopelessly outdated and horrid. There is an ongoing "bra intervention" thread in style and beauty on mumsnet, may you might find it helpful?
    Again, sorry if it came out wrong but badly fitted bra can give all sorts of problems, just thought I mention that as a very loyal reader!

  3. I agree with Anon above re bras. You're tiny Kat (your back not your boobs!) and I'm sure you'll be a 30 maximum. Have recently been correctly measured and gone from 34B to 30D and it makes a world of difference. Info here:

  4. Sales haven't inspired me at all even Zara was in there on Sat and a) the selection wasn't great and b) anything I did like was reduced enough I am always slightly jealous that you manage to find some great items I must persist without kids in tow - although I did manage to nab a pair of Lucy Choi Ankle boots from Harvey Nichols that were originally £245 reduced to £49!! and if thats my only result of the summer sales I'll be quite happy!

  5. I've done the complete opposite and bought a shed load of stuff before it went on sale. Doh. I'm wondering if most stores still offer that sign up for our card doohickey if you pay full price for your items and they go into sale?

    It's a minefield though, how long do you wait probably to see your size disappear forever and when do you know if/when the sales will begin? Things were so much easier when there was only one sale per season. At the end of said season. Grr.


  6. Another for the bra intervention! I think you're about the same size as me, though I am 3 inches shorter... Small boned = small rib cage. Get the tape measure out! It will make buying a strapless bra so much better - and it will do a lot more for your boobs if the back if the bra fits! I recommend Wonderbra Unltimate - doesn't slip downwards... Sara xx

  7. Duh - should say Wonderbra Ultimate... and I'm guessing you're a 32. Nobody except teenagers are 30s! Sair

  8. Well I'm not a teenager and I am 28 FF! Marie.

  9. I never usually shop at FCUK but inspired by you - and rigidly sticking to your rules (ahem..)- I adore the sunshine wrap dress and thought it might work for A/W. Now dreading it's arrival in case it's to muttonous. Love the All Saints shorts. L x

  10. Marie - that's not fair! You're simply not allowed to be :) Sair

  11. Im a newbi to this site after reading about it in essentials mag - must say its gr8 to see what other 40 somethin women wear or think is ok to wear. I have quite a few panic attacks over casual gear - no prob wit workwear or occasion but have been guilty of living in jeans and fleece jus because i can't think of anything else. . Will be following closely to pick up tips ;-)

  12. Love your outfit picks, (especially, the all saints and the stripe skirt) love your hair, your writing and your wit! Rare, rarer, rarest.
    I agree with the need for gorgeous outfits to cover thigh dimples and... I am wondering.. isn't coffee and chardonnary legit food groups?
    I especially love the red and open shopping bags to the side of your blog.. brilliant.
    I am following you now, not stalking, mind you..
    XX, Elle

  13. I loove your maxi dress! Is it from a different season? I couldn't find it!