Last ditch attempt at a dress purchase.

Ok so as I alluded to yesterday, surely I can't be the only one who sees the mercury nudge 25 and thinks hey ho, I have NOTHING to wear.  I loathe being hot and have spent too many years with a sweaty crotch (sorry, way too much info there but I'm 40, have had three kids and my levels of decency and diplomacy have unfortunately disappeared with my taught skin and my patience.  Again, I can't be the only one?) 

I am in a state of euphoria having discovered shorts (even though my home made cut offs went down like a lead balloon - randomly they got nothing but positive comments in the flesh so I can only assume it was a hideous photograph.  To be fair, it was pouring with rain, I hadn't intended to wear the jacket but it got colder throughout the day so it was the first thing I grabbed.  Rubbish for the rain - the outfit went from stella to disaster as the day progressed!) and have a number of perfect little outfits for holiday.  But still the elusive day dress (and god forbid a day to night dress....) is something that is foxing me. 

But never to be deterred (and it's either research for dresses or research for kitchen cabinet door knobs, who knew it was so difficult to find a ball knob on a square or oblong backplate with four visible screws? - hmmm guess which one is winning?) and spurred on by seeing a very good friend of mine in a fabulous emerald green silk number yesterday, my mission continues. 

These are dresses that I would definitely wear during the day (now that I've sort of sussed the fake tan on legs) - especially with my new black thong sandals from Zara which I think add a little bit of grunge and dress down to the slightly dressier of dresses. (and I may have snuck some other ones in there under the guise of "necessary") 

Starting with a perfect number in the sale from Boden.  Now I've not really ever been a Boden dress fan and there are many that still I couldn't wear but the simplicity of this and the shape I love.  Also the fact that Boden does offer a longer length option is ideal for those more generous of limb.  Generally you can guarantee that your decency will be maintained and no cheek flashing will occur when you bend over.  Would also be great to wear with heeled sandals for an evening out - maybe something with a couple of studs to man it up a bit.

This is an interesting colourway (I do love the other colours but they're probably a tad too bright for ever so slightly colourphobic me) and would look fab with black or tan accessories. The jury is out as to whether the skirt would be straight enough but it seems to work in the pic below below...  

Harbour Island Dress £48.30 (obviously the one I like is the colourway that's least reduced.  Duh) 

I have to say I really do like the look of this one as well.  Not entirely me but this is one of those dresses I would love to wear.  Maybe it's the tennis racket and me being all emotional about all things tennis.  Reminds me of Wimbledon.   Swoon. 

Brompton Dress now £74.25 (still quite a lot for a day dress I'm not sure I'd get that much use out of.  If I had a smarter life, it would probably pay for itself though.  I don't even think I've got shoes that would really go with it.  Yup, think I've definitely been swayed by the tennis racket) 

This Cleo dress from Mint Velvet would definitely work from day to night I would say.  One for the maybe bench.  Now £59 (greedy cow that I am, I would possibly like to see a bigger reduction....)

Now this doesn't fit the brief at all - It's too formal for the sort of casual/glam night out I'm thinking (it may work with some killer heels mind you..) and certainly wouldn't work for an every day dress for the school run, but it would have been PERFECT for my First Holy Communion quest or a wedding outfit.   Simply perfect with the black lining - how fab would this look with a very fitted, shrunken black blazer over it?  I'm talking myself into it..... (I shall be stalking it when/if it gets reduced)  Simply love it.  Am throwing it in here as I am over formal dresses but this was worth a special mention.

Now maybe the sun has gone to my head but this to me has a complete McQueen vibe to it.  I can't believe it's sold out in all sizes bar an 8.  I may have to drag my sorry behind to an M&S this week...... With my tan shoots, I need.  I need need need. 

Now moving back to day dresses - Toast have a fab one in their sale.  

Chambray dress now a bargain at £37 from £125  (shame on you John Lewis - it's still £62.50 there)   This would look fantastic with either little sandals or lace up pumps.  I just wonder how indecent it might be on a tall person. Meh.  Might be worth a punt.  So classic.  (especially at that price) 

This is a fab dress from Hoss Intropia at John Lewis if you're a size 14 - only £54 which is an amazing reduction for a Hoss dress.  If they had this in my size I would SO be picking it up from Waitrose tomorrow.  Would be perfect in this lovely weather with my new Zara black thong sandals.  

Obviously (apart from the one above - I shall be on the phone to JL tomorrow morning to see if I can one instore) one of my favourites has to be one that isn't in the sale.  New Season from Day Birger et Mikkelson, the Gateway dress.  This could so easily be dressed up or down.   In the navy £150 

I also love this Whistles Scattered Petal dress - sold out most places but available in the sale at Atterley Road for £95.  I fear it may be horribly short.  But love the muted colours (quelle surprise).  And it could be a great day to night number. 

The Orchid Bloom Dress from Great Plains that I've featured previously (although I think in maybe a different colourway?) is now a completely bargainous £28.  For that, I woud wear it during the day.  

This is also up there with my faves - the Lolly's Laundry Bibi Multi Print Shirt Dress now £75, again from Atterley Road (the place to go if you're looking for something that's sold out elsewhere.  Fab)  Apart from the fact I think this first model perhaps isn't the tallest. 

If you do up the budget (oh go on then), bargains are to be had at Matches online.  

For a start off - a fantastic jade jersey dress which looks so simple but with stunning pleat detail down the back.  Definitely one you'd have for years.  Fidato dress half price at £73. 

Ok so this isn't a day dress (well not in my world anyway - certainly not school run day dress - maybe lunch out with flat sandals to be fair.....) but half price at £127 for a Camo-Print McQueen Dress which also would be perfect for A/W with tights and shoots - YUM YUM. (rushes off to see if Matches are still doing free delivery..... and no they're not.  Darn)  

And here I am yesterday loving the sunshine.  I must make mental note to self of public levels of decency but I think I'm clinging on to the borders of safe so far. 


Floral swing top - Zara
Faded cut offs - Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply 
Gold Mini Antelope Charm necklace - Bill Skinner
Stud tan leather sandals - Tesco
Cognac cross body bag - Campomaggi from Plumo
Sunglasses - Tom Ford 

Now please.  Please please please can all those delicious clothes companies STOP sending me Sales emails. 

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14 comentarios:

  1. Your legs are AMAZING why on earth haven't you got them out before!!

  2. Right, short shorts for you from now on - those just above the knee ones you were wearing last week not a patch on these shorties - your legs are too fabulous to only flash knee.
    Glad you wrote this as I too have been having a complete wardrobe malfunction and did something I swore I would never do - had a meltdown in front of my 3 year old girl whilst getting dressed on Sunday. 3 old maxi dresses in the bin later (too booby, too maternity, too blah) and I genuinely struggled to find anything to put on. Would love a midi stretchy mirror print dress that isn't too tight and in quite a thick fabric to suck everything in. The ones I've found have been too short and too flimsy so that you can literally see ovaries. Any tips? The M&S one above looks interesting but maybe too going outy? Will have to look for it.

    1. Thanks love! The longer ones are great for slightly cooler weather but in this veritable heat wave, yes I agree the short ones are better! Oh god we've all had those meltdowns. Midi dress - have you looked at TopShop? I got a fab one from there at Christmas. Do you want it for every day?

  3. Great legs - I love this outfit! I thought I was the only one to get a sweaty crotch in the summer!!!

    1. I am absolutely positive that everyone gets a sweaty crotch. And thank you - have to say it's a ridiculously easy outfit to wear in this weather. Not a sweaty crotch in sight!

  4. Well done girl you got your legs out!!!! amazing xx

  5. What a terrific selection of dresses you found! The print on the Great Plains orchid dress is beautiful, and the Mint Velvet one looks really good.

    1. I may have ordered the Great Plains dress - would be rude not to for £28 surely? And as that was such a bargain, it seemed a shame not to at least "try" the McQueen.......... (I think it will be crotch flapping mind. duh)

  6. Great Plains keep emailing me and I keep looking at that orchid dress but was worried it might be a bit too short. I look forward to your review, as you say, for £28 it's a potential bargain!

    1. I will let you know as it's on its way.....

  7. You have very sophisticated taste! I don't think you can go wrong with any of those choices!

    1. Thank you but the McQueen one was TERRIBLE on me! Sod's law. Duh!