I fear I'm partly to blame...

for the somewhat dismal turn in our weather.... I've been yapping on about A/W and I fear that I may have peaked somewhat early.  Whilst I do love looking and dreaming about new season goodies, I don't actually want to be wearing them in August thank you very much. 

But it seems that the weather has turned.  There is a decided nip in the air.  This is reminiscent of the sort of Summers we had before the glory 70's Summer of last year.  I remember when my kids were small it was never really hot.  Never.  Was warm but it rained in the Summer A Lot. 

Last year however, hell - it was the Summer from my childhood.  Glorious, proper wall to wall sunshine.  So hot I even got my legs out.  And this year, it had all the promise of being as stunning and Summerlike. 

Until we went on holiday in the UK.  Ok so we had one good week and maybe it's my fault as we booked another week, but the temperature doesn't look like it's going to nudge above 20 for the rest of the week which, in August, is pants.  On the upside, I don't have to shave my legs (I probably shouldn't admit that, should I... I meant tan, not shave.... did I get away with it?) but I'm not entirely sure I'm ready to clad them in jeans yet.  It has to be wrong and against some law somewhere. 

But again, looking on the brightside, I think you could legitimately be forgiven for not only considering but also buying ankle boots.  Even in black.   Which is a domaine I wouldn't normally consider till at least - ooh September.  Check me out.  Living dangerously.  I'm ignoring the fact it may mean a daily downpour till October.  There are gorgeous boots to be admired and wishlisted (no clearly not a real word)

Now Hush call these Chelsea boots - hmm not to my mind.  I shall come on to Chelsea boots shortly - you really can't ignore them this season. 

These may not be what I would call Chelsea boots but they are pretty darn gorgeous.  More than a hint of Acne about them, I would say. 

Chelsea Boots from Hush £110 

Clarks this season are going to have good 'un, I predict.  Some great boots for starters....

Merrigan Dane £69.99 

Kea Blues in Black Leather £89.99  Love the off kilter heel on these.

Selected Femme Carla Boots £110 from Atterley Road   More than a Pistol tribute I would say.

Dune Platter Boots £99

A pull on leather pair from ASOS for a bargain price. 

ASOS Road Rage leather pull on boots £55

Slightly lower but I am hugely biased as I have the beige pair and also these are very similar to my ancient Pied a Terre Ohio boots which I've dragged out for the past 6 years.  

Ash Jalouse in black £155

Very similar pair from Boden for slightly less (they also do these in lots of other colours online)  

Boho Boot £119

Another lower pair from Carvela - Scottie £150  Dare I say again, these are Acne-tastic.

And from Steve Madden - lower again and in a faded black which has a much more casual feel to it. 

Steve Madden Neovista Boots £80

Mint Velvet are having a storming Boots season by all accounts.  Got most bases covered here. 

These are like the Jalouse but slightly cheaper. 

Black Evie Stacked Heel Boots £139

A variation on a theme here...but higher.

Black Elsie Leather Boot £139 

These ones again are slightly higher and are grey and black - I like the two colours - less severe than a full on black. 

Grey & Black Iris Strap Boots £149 

I love the double textured leather and the strap detail.  Ideal if you're looking for a chunkier boot that isn't a full on biker.

Black Mila Leather Biker Boots £149 from Mint Velvet

Love their styling with a dress 

If you're looking for a pair with a contrast heel, I've admired these more than once in Hobbs. 

NW3 by Hobbs Otto leather boots £149

Also with a contrast heel and very very much like the Isabel Marant Jenny that I was obsessed with a couple of years ago.  Amazing - a suede boot for £40 (two even)

ASOS Aloof Suede Pull on ankle boots £40

And finishing with a hint of something I want to explore in more detail another day - we're talking pointy pointy.... 

Leather Pointed Toe Boots with Insolia £89

Another version in full on suede from Bertie. 

Bertie Panola Pointy Toe Block Heel suede boot in black £110 

But my favourites have to be these from Penelope Chilvers. I love the western vibe, the heel, the texture of the leather.  For me, the fact they're slightly higher in the leg too is perfect as I have trousers leg issue ever so occasionally. 

Kalahari Boot from Penelope Chilvers £389

Now this is by no means a definitive list - how on earth could it be in August?  But for starters, I think it gives us something to chew on. 

So how is everyone else going on the weather front - are we all surviving?  Weird, isn't it?  Dear god, please let no-one have resorted to their thermals.  Boots yes, cardigans yes, jumpers yes, thermals no.

We've now moved to our other cottage.  Loving it - Grade II listed which is interesting when it comes to the kids jumping.....  I'm drinking through - it's all good. 


Blue and white linen shirt - Mango
Distressed patched skinny jeans - Mango
Champagne & silver espadrilles - Penelope Chilvers
Straw hat - Zara

And yesterday - crabbing with the kids and a BBQ in the evening. 


Wine and bone breton top - Massimo Dutti
Tan belt - Primark
Paint splattered khaki chinos - Zara
Black patent sliders - Zara 

Braved the rain earlier on today but thank goodness it brightened up and we spent the afternoon at the Country Fair.  All I'll say a) I have never eaten such amazing cheese and so many gorgeous olives ever and b) if you've never seen sheep racing, you haven't lived.  
Tomorrow, who know what the day will bring - still at shock we're on holiday here! 

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15 comentarios:

  1. Great sunnies! Recent purchase aka. Can I still snag them :)

    1. Hmm not sure - but they're Tom Fords so maybe? They're about 4 years old - on their last legs to be honest, I shall be beyond gutted when they break as I've never found any I've loved as much. x

  2. Some fab boots there Kat....although I'm not allowing myself MORE black boots this year, I need tan! Btw, here in Bonny Scotland, it's been 12 degrees here today & we've had the fire lit!! X

    1. Ah, now tan boots are something I don't need (although maybe chestnut.....!) And wow, 12 degrees, that makes it properly tropical here! x

  3. I am short and like low cut ankle boots to give me the slight illusion of longer legs. Have you seen any? I had a brief flirtation with the marant dickers but they fell apart

    1. If you like the Dickers then definitely try the Jalouse. Anything with a v at the front will give you the illusion of a longer leg, ditto a heel. My money would be on the Black Elsie boot from Mint Velvet, if I were you xx

    2. Thanks! Will check out jalouse and elsie. For some reason I never really consider Mint Velvet for shoes. Doh!

    3. you're welcome! To be fair, their boots and shoes have come in leaps and bounds in the last year. Before that, they really weren't all that. But this season they have totally come up trumps! x

  4. You look gorgeous with your hair in that relaxed side plait. Really suits you.

    1. Oh thank you! my 9yr old will be over the moon, it's her Elsa plait she loves to do.

  5. Desperately looking for some navy ankle boots, any ideas?

    1. I saw a load in M&S when I was looking but will do a thread on navy soon, fear not!

    2. Fab I'll look forward to your finds x

  6. I love the mint velvet! That's scary as I have at least 10 pairs of boots (slightly obsessed?) and I neeeeeed those....

  7. Oops ordered the Steve maddens in the black and neutral. I 'need' casual flatter boots. That's my excuse and sticking to it. Thank goodness for click and collect.