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Ok who needs to scrabble around in the sale rails when there are is a 20% offer on new season stuff.  I've received (as anticipated...!) one of those rather handy 20% Friends and Family codes from M&S.  And as I have a spare day with absolutely nothing better to talk about (on the blog not as in real life... it's 6.15 am and I up watching Monsters University - or Universary as he calls it, with the 5yr old), I am spewing forth all the more expensive bits that I promised from the other day. 

Clearly 20% isn't to be sniffed at on any occasion but the more expensive the item, well, the better the discount. 

M&S has fallen into the same cycle as many of its high street counterparts of having a gazillion seasons.  Which is irritating to one point - when you see something you love, you have to buy it.  It's taken lessons from Zara.  Said item of lust "may" adorn the shelves all season and so you'll have weeks, nay months, to consider a purchase.  Which works for me as I am a very contemplative shopper.  I rarely impulse buy (and when I do I often take it back - I'm pants) and prefer to make sure everything I buy "works".  Of course, what can also happen is that things are these days are sold out when I've decided I simply cannot function with aforementioned item.  Oh we've all done it.

But on the upside, it does mean that things are less ubiquitous.  Which is always a good thing in my book. 

So without further ado, let's have another peruse at the gems that I've seen in M&S but this time with a whopping 20% off.

Code whilst we're here is AUG14A27 and is valid from today for (I think.... can't be bothered to go and check email - sorry) three days.  All prices here are pre discount.

Leather.  Oh yes, I have decided I need leather leggings.  Now I'm going to give the pleather ones a go but when these are on offer and if they're a good fit, it would be foolish not to try them.  As these have a ponte backing they're slightly less full on Suzi Quattro than the full leather versions.  I do still have a slight whiffy bob worry as they are ridiculously expensive to dry clean but I'm figuring it's worth a punt.  

Leather Ponte Leggings £99

A coat is obviously a big ticket purchase and so 20% off does make a great difference.  

This navy cocoon coat is a complete classic and as useful for work as it would be over jeans and sneakers for dress down chic. 

Wool Rich Cocoon Coat £139

One of the best trenches on the market is the M&S one.  Super useful, fab quality and a great price, even before the discount. 

Buttonsafe Pure Cotton Trench Mac with Stormwear £85

I'm just going to throw in about fur coats - I shall be exploring these in more detail but just as a teensy tiny taster....  Apparently we shall all be wearing them this season..... 

Faux Fur Coat in black. £89

I have to say as much I don't *think* I'm a massive fan (and yes we all know I'll have at least one come October) I am developing a little soft spot for the blonde ones. 

Faux Fur Coat £89

Another obvious purchase is cashmere with money off. 

This isn't the most expensive but a lovely addition to any wardrobe and definitely a treat - a cashmere tee. 

Pure Cashmere Jumper in silver/grey £69

I did mention last season my *need* for a cashmere hoodie and this one would fit the bill perfectly.  I am loving the idea of this under my brown leather jacket or even under a dressier duster coat for a laid back (if rather eclectic) look.  This clearly all works in my head and at the very least I'll be warm. 

Luxury Cashmere with silk cardigan £129 Ok so this isn't how I'd style it At All - please believe me that it does look loads better in the flesh?  They also do it in black. 


Another sneak preview of something I'm definitely going to look at in more detail in the coming weeks - the Chelsea boot.  I have to say I think these with the slightly higher heel are easier to wear for most.  These are a bargain - under £70 (BEFORE the discount!) for leather boots.  Hats off to you M&S.

Leather Block heel Chelsea boots £69 in grey   Am totally coming round to the idea of a lighter boot with a darker outfit. 

Also stunning in the wine 

Or in the black - yes, this is how fab they look! 

And I saw these the other day and was going to put them in the Dress Post but thought actually, they'd be better to go here with money off. 

This isn't my usual style at all and to be honest, I don't really have any occasions to wear it.  But for anyone who wears dresses to work or who has a smart occasion coming up  - and Sep/Oct formal parties are notoriously difficult to dress for, then this would definitely be worth considering.  

Matchstick Print Dress from Autograph £55

Ditto this Sheer Hem Dress from Autograph £69

Into tribute city now - firstly with a nod to Alexander McQueen here. 

Floral Mirror Effect Shift Dress £55

If you told me this was DVF I wouldn't hesitate to believe you (and I'd buy it....) 

Tipped Geometric Border Print Tunic Dress £45

And throwing in my favourite thing which is happily happily the cheapest!  Loving this - it's slightly (slightly - there will be no muffin on show believe me) cropped so ideal for over the top of a skirt without getting that bouffant in the middle look.

Vertical Striped Jumper from Autograph £39.50 

So go forth and knock your little M&S socks off.  Anything that particularly floats your boat?

Here is my pic from the other day (I seem to be a day behind...)  Lovely day spent at Thorpeness with friends.  


Mon Cheri Sweatshirt - JCrew
Cut off shorts - Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren
White sliders - River Island 
Beach bag - Accessorize. 

The Husband bumped into one of his childhood friends that he hasn't seen for 10 years and so we're off to theirs for a BBQ this afternoon.  And tonight we *might* be going to a Take That tribute night with other friends.  This isn't really turning into the most random holiday of all time at all..... !!

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22 comentarios:

  1. Oh dear, I think I need the geometric border print tunic in my life! Thanks! �� x

  2. Can completely recommend the leather leggings, they are marvellous. They do come up quite small though, may have to go up a size. Jo

  3. Hi Kat, glorious selection as ever and I thought I had found THE autumn boots thank to you (again) but.... they're *patent* - ! Am I drowning in primary school memories of Charles Clinkard shoes and totally missing out on potential for fashionista points?!

    1. No, I LOVE patent boots. I think these work so so well in the patent, just much more interesting than a plain black boot. x

    2. Well... you're definitely right coz I went to M&S yesterday, liked, tried & bought! Thank you - let's never tell my husband tho, right?!x

  4. What an amazing selection, think M&S may have got their act together! I am on the case with the leather leggings ordered my normal size but were too big now they have sold out..! Would be a good buy 20% off (obvs as everyone has bought them!) have a fab BBQ this eve, and I reckon a take that tribute band would be least you'd know all the words!! Xxx

    1. Well, the TT band was AMAZING and the leather leggings have sold out in my size. GAH! x

  5. Very impressed with the M&S footwear this year - but will need to try on as their sizing can be hit and miss depending on style. BBQ sounds good - its thundery and rainy here in the Cotswolds so enjoy.

    1. That's something everyone has commented on about the footwear and I have to say I struggle with their sizing being different to everywhere else on the HS - it's darned irritating to be sure. x

  6. I have a pair of the leather leggings, love them and would recommend them.

  7. I was lucky enough to get some Marant X H&M skinny leather trousers, love them to death. Also very into wearing all dark clothes with light shoes - recently bought some pale grey ankle boots for that very purpose!

    1. Well done you - they were so so so short on me, like pedal pushers! But they were absolutely gorgeous x

  8. I spotted that cashmere t online and now I've got a code it's going to be hard to resist. Thanks. BTW. I've got some leather leggings with a ponte backing from Sandro. Bought them two years ago. Really pleased with them and - don't judge - haven't had them cleaned yet. Why? Well they aren't the sort of thing you wear to do the weekly shop so not saying I save them for " best" excactly but they don't get worn all the time. Also my daughter is looking for Chelsea boots and a back pack in leather for school. Got to say the M and S ones are hard to beat.

    1. I will believe you..... (I did want to wear them quite often though - I'll have to think about it!) x

  9. A great selection from M&S, the vertical stripe jumper stands out for me (although I always feel great in a jumper). M&S are really good with their 20% discounts, they often send vouchers in the post as well. x

    1. That's my top buy too. So hoping it's still there when I'm not on my spending ban.... (and when there's another 20% off!) x

  10. I think I've found that blouse you saw in store - is this it?

    1. I think that does look v similar but I'm not sure it's the same as the one I found had pockets on I'm sure?! Darn M&S!!

  11. Hope the weather is holding up for you!! xx