So the packing dilemma - what's the most important thing?

Ok so this clearly is a "how long is a piece of string" question but to be honest, there is one thing that I think is necessary regardless of where you're going. 

As dressy as your holiday may be (and if you're going away with kids, you're a luckier person than most some may say) at some point there will be the need for comfort. 

And for me, there is nothing more comfortable for relaxing in than good old drawstring trousers.  I was reminded of this on Tuesday when I was feeling the need for slob - ill child who I had to take to the Dr's although he did make a remarkable recovery and so we went out for lunch and I managed to have a not too painful trip to the Supermarket (amazing how much easier it is when you lose a child and have two as opposed to three - one was at football camp).  I needed to stock up on wine and crisps (mother's holiday staples) - as well as another fridge full of food as my children seem to be eating me out of house and home. 

So I dragged my Forever21 bargains from last year out of the cupboard and realised how totally and utterly useful they are for relaxing.   For holidays, they are perfect for travelling, ideal for throwing on for lazy breakfasts as opposed to hanging out in your jamas (only me who doesn't really like doing that?  I don't mind super casual lounge stuff but after 9am I feel icky in my jamas) and there is nothing better to wear snuggling up for a movie night with the kids. 

If you're in a hotel, then these are ideal for throwing on over a swimsuit to go breakfast, ditto for a light lunch with a loose tee over the top.  

Now I've gone for print today - I'm still in the Summer mode and they just bring new life to an old linen plain tee (of which I have many) 

I did see a similar shorts version of these which I posted on Instagram on Tuesday and someone pointed out they have a pair of trousers the same.  Well those ones are sold out now (they are honestly super popular!) but these are very similar. 

Casablanca Printed Trousers £27 from Accessorize 

Another navy pair from Monsoon.  Ariana Printed Trousers £39 

Now my navy ones that I have on are from Forever21 and whilst they don't have the same anymore, they do still have some options worth looking at.  I am so so pleased with mine and for the cost - you really can't go wrong.  Although I won't be teaming mine with black ankle boots.... not these ones. 

Abstract Stripe Joggers from Forever21 £15

Taupe and black Abstract Woven Joggers also from Forever21 £13.50

Tie Dyed Pair in Grey from Forever21 £13.50

Possibly my favourite and yes, it's good old M&S.  These are stunning in the flesh. 

Faux Snakeskin Print Tapered Leg Trousers £22.50

Another snake print - slightly more robust which will stand you in great stead come the cooler months. 

Baum Und Pferdgarten Elan Pants with snakeprint £89

More monochrome at New Look.  I showed this print when I was doing playsuits and I have to say I am still rather taken with it.  These I would definitely still be wearing in the Autumn with ankle boots.

Black Zebra Print Joggers £17.99

Loving a check/grid look from Vero Moda. 

Vero Moda Aya Grid Pattern Trouser £28

Obviously couldn't do trousers without having just a smidge of leopard print. 

Vila Canta Sandshell animal print joggers were £28 now £15

Slightly more expensive but Maison Scotch is a great brand and these will be a rather canny investment for the A/W.  Would look great with trainers, skater shoes or even black ankle boots.  And there's even a co-ordinating sweatshirt if you're feeling matchy matchy.  Not sure I'd go quite that far personally though - for the Summer a plain black, white or grey tee but in the Winter, ideal with a black or grey jumper or sweatshirt. 

Maison Scotch Sweatpants in Geometric Print £93 

A little more colour but still a lovely muted colour palette and not too comedy.  Would look stunning with a classic neutral of black, white or grey but also I love the idea of a pale blue or blush top, even a taupe or a camel. 

Parisian Black Paisley Print Joggers £17.99

Another gorgeous print pair in the sale at FCUK.  Adore the idea of these with a white tee and black blazer. Finish with Black sliders.  Equally these could be dressed up for the evening, I'd say. 

French Connection Tropicana check trousers were £60 now £30

So there we have a pretty good round up of what is out there at the moment.  I really need to get on packing - the weather is looking ummm iffy to say the least.  But at least it's not going to be cold so I am definitely not taking any boots.  I may throw caution to the wind and not take a coat either.  Check.  Me.  Out.  (ok so we all know I will)

Outfits from the last couple of days - been hanging out with the 9yr old.  Yesterday we went shopping and for lunch - necessary trip to clear up the last of the Jack Wills bargains for her (which means one tee shirt...) and the birthday presents for the 5yr old who is 6 when we are away next week.  Oh the excitement. 


White linen tee - Maxx Studio 

Print harem pants - Forever21
White sliders - River Island
Whisky Marcie satchel - Chloe 


Grey and white stripe top - Zara

Grey cargo pants - Hush
Print quilted biker jacket - Zara
Stone leather sneakers - Gap
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang

I must get on with the packing - next blog will be from sunny (hopefully....) Suffolk.

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24 comentarios:

  1. Love a good drawstring trouser too!! Mango always have a good choice plus I have bought really cheap fabulous ones on eBay direct from China! xx

    1. Oohhh you're a risk taker J! Have never looked at Mango ones actually - my go to place is Forever21!

  2. I've just booked a girls weekend away to Marrakech so am looking to buy a couple of pairs of these. They'll suit the conservative dress 'code' & just look so comfortable. Add a white vest, denim jacket & statement necklace & that's my evening wear sorted too, heh heh!! X

  3. Great choices, thanks! Am with you totally on the pyjama front, am happy to relax in joggers though! On a totally unrelated note, you have an August child - have you noticed that this is a disadvantage in the year group? Xx

    1. Hmm, he's only going into Yr 2 and so far no, it hasn't really been a disadvantage. I will say though that he's middle of the road in his class, whereas were he born two weeks later he would be the whole year below and would easily be much nearer the top. However friends with older Aug children (and from what I can see in my older kids' classes) they do definitely catch up by year 3. Maturity wise, he's the youngest of 3 so that hasnt' been an issue at all. He's always been very confident, knows his own mind and is easily able to hold his own with children who are (literally 50 weeks!) older than him. x

  4. I have two pairs I'm wearing on repeat this summer!
    ~Anne xx

  5. The Print Hareem Pants Forever 21 you are pictured in (second last photo)- are they online now - I can't seem to find them?

    1. I'm so so sorry, these are from last year and not this year's stock. The Accessorize ones are very similar, if that helps x

  6. I definitely agree about the joggers. So easy to wear! I hadn't thought about wearing them with boots before but they look great with the Forever21 abstract woven ones. Will be wearing mine like this in the winter :) Have a lovely holiday, we were in Suffolk a few weeks ago and it was beautiful x

    1. It's such an easy look for Winter dress down days. And yes, we're loving Suffolk, thank you! xx

  7. Looking fab as always. Love the joggers choices.. although sometimes hate the way the elastic band sits on my belly! You're inspiring me to get fit.. nothing beats a good clothes horse than not having extra weight ;-) Audrey x

    1. Hmm I definitely do like to size up on them as I totally agree there is nothing more unattractive than a full on tight waist band munching into your muffin.... I prefer mine to sit on my hips!

  8. Over the years I've hoiked far too much stuff when travelling, at detriment to my back ha ha! The only 'essentials' now are my regular cleanser and moisturiser, and also the bottle of whatever nail polish I'm wearing for emergency touch-ups. Everything else can be bought if need be!

    Happy packing and holidays!

    1. oh if only...... I am beyond impressed!! x

  9. I love this type of trouser. They're also briliiant if you have to sit on the ground for ages for any reason! Not something I generally do, but recently at picnics, sports days and outdoor theatre performances I've been really pleased to be wearing a pair of these as opposed to eg a little dress. I might have given small children nightmares otherwise!

  10. Sounds gorgeous! Hope you're enjoying Cornwall xx

  11. They really are the perfect hoilday trousers & I have a couple of pairs which I love! The Zara jacket & stripes combo is one of my favourite looks on you! Ax

  12. The process of packing can certainly be such a dilemma. The decision process that leads to it can be very agonizing. What should you keep? What should you discard? What would you still be needing? Well, that is the story of every human endeavor really, but what you can solidly ensure is you choose to go at it and you should be able to keep your decisions. Best of luck to the current endeavor you're at.

    Lauren Woods @ Adhesive Tapes Australia

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