Monday Must Have

...ignoring the fact that we've had more of these on a Tuesday than we've had on a Monday.  Details schmetails. 

However this is such an amazing find, I'm sure you'll forgive me.  Order these QUICKLY as they've only just come in and are already low stock.  And I'm not sure they're getting any more in but I will check. 

I will admit - when I ordered them, I thought these were full length, wide leg trousers with a turn up.  So when I tried them on and they were flapping round my ankles I almost wept.  As M&S long wide leg trousers are simply THE best I've ever found and the fact that I thought they'd changed their leg length to not make the long so long was genuinely devastating (bearing in mind I've been playing monopoly and watching movies today - "devastating" is exceptionally relative).

However... on inspection of the label - all hail the words "ankle grazer".  Thought process then went along the lines of ...meh... I had my heart set on full length floor sweepers and how are these going to work but suddenly - throw on trainers and hell to the yes, these are blooming genius.   

I wish I could explain how amazing the quality is.  Please trust me when I say these genuinely feel like they cost ten times as much. 

Size wise - I think these come up true to size, ever so slightly on the large size.  All last season, my trousers from M&S were a 12, the 10 was on the camel toe inducing side, but the 10 is absolutely ample in these.  Definitely different sizing from the other striped wide leg trousers that I am completely in love with from last year (that is 2017 by the way so one could also say last month!).

Here I am in them dressed down.  They could so easily be worn during the day with a tee and blazer, sweatshirt and biker, trainers, ankle boots - take you pick. 


Trousers in black - M&S
Tee - hush (gift aw17)
Blazer - M&S (c/o paid project in Nov 17)
Trainers - Air & Grace (gift aw17)

And then dressed up in the evening with heels.  We're off out tonight and I think I'm going to wear them with heels and a blouse.   Photo coming tomorrow. 

I should also say a huge HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  Massive apologies for no blog yesterday but firstly these trousers were supposed to be delivered on Sunday (which I thought was pushing my luck but the website said yes...) and then suddenly it said - not till Tuesday... Hence I posted them today (lucky they were so fabulous,  I was kind of banking on it....).  Nothing at all to do with me feeling rather worse for wear yesterday... 

Tomorrow I am back with some shoe treats. 

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7 comentarios:

  1. You naughty naughty woman, you!
    I was so planning on a no spend January! But what happens, I happen to "need" a new coat (wonder where that idea came from), and now I "might have" ordered a new pair of navy trousers! There were only nine pairs left in my size so I "had to"!
    I suppose I can partly justify the trousers as I had to return a pair I ordered before Christmas (So gutted, lovely forever trousers with gold embroidery, but legs different lengths, and side split was nearer the front!). And these are only half the price, so what is saved is earned...
    Please don't do a white sneaker post until February!

    1. Oh honestly you won't regret these - for £35 they are incredible!! And the navy is a really lovely navy too (if that makes sense?!)

    2. To be honest, if I hadn't seen this post and your story on Instagram (showing how they swish) I wouldn't have looked twice, m&s need to get better images of their clothes. I so hope they are right for me!

    3. I am now showing myself up as being a complete technophobe, but would somebody please tell me how to look at stories?!!

    4. I use the app, and stories are at the top there. Not sure how you find them if you go in on the website though.

  2. Just received mine. I was a bit worried that I'd ordered two pairs before I opened the bag, but not so, they are quite heavy. As Kat says they are lovely quality. Even though I ordered the short, they aren't ankle skimmers on me, which is weird because I used to be between a short and regular length in M&S trousers, not in these! It's okay though, oh and swish-ability is great, and they hug my behind in the most flattering way. Can see me wearing these on repeat! Thanks Kat!

  3. I echo some of the comments above- they look great but now sold out in smaller sizes - I assume you have the long length?
    I find M&S really tricky, some of it (a lot) looks awful on line or in the store but then I see something like your pics above and their things look amazing, great quality and low price. How to find the great things in all the stuff though????!!!