A cunning cunning plan

Well, it's not really.  Can I please start with - I haven't bought any clothes. 

Or any shoes.  As I was way over my monthly budget on both of those. 

But, but but but (you can see what's coming can't you?) I was under on accessories. 

And I'm going off on our hols this Friday and actually, it is a miracle that I am not buying anything new to go away with as I do love to have a new holiday thing. 

So I bought a new bag. 

Now it could have been worse.  It could have been a lot lot worse and in fact it's not a proper handbag bag, oh good lord, no.  It's something I actually *need*.  And yes, I do really mean need in the actual true meaning of the word, as my jute bag that I have been using for the past couple of years (which was in fact from Sainsburys and cost £2.99) has finally given up the ghost.  Ditto the straw basket which was even older and owed me nothing.  Coming apart at the seams, both of them, literally. 

And this was in the sale at Accessorize for half price.  They had just taken it out of the window so it would have been rude not to (last one left and none on line) 


To be honest, trying to buy a bag at this time of year is a bit like trying to buy Easter Eggs on Good Friday - there are either absolutely loads or none.  Well this time there are pretty much none left.  I guess it's the sort of bag that everyone needs regardless of where you're going on holiday in the world.  We call them beach bags but they really are Holiday Tat bags no?  If you have children, or to be fair, even if they're not coming with you, when you're out and about on hols, you will need yourself one of these. 

Now over the last couple of years, I have gone very minimalist and traditional but there was something about the pompoms on the one above that turned my head.  Having a total pompom moment.  

I did have a quick look round to see what else there was and there are a couple but really there are very few about (so hope you've all managed to nab yours)

I know two friends that have this and it is absolutely stunning. 

Braided Beach Bag was £29 now £20 from Accessorize

Another gorgeous one from Monsoon, this time not in the sale but a pretty good price still. 

Norella Dip Dye Bag in navy £25

A couple more full on colour ones and I guess this one is perhaps only pertinent if you have an affiliation with South America?  But it's a gorgeous colour and a great size. 

I love Ecuador was £205 now £61 from Matches

This would serve a multitude of uses.  Great size, fab print, love the pockets.

ASOS Oversized Shopping bag in Aztec Weave £40

In for a penny, in for a boho pound. 

ASOS Woven bag with beads and pompoms £35 (yes I'm having a pompom moment)

More Tote shapes 

Jet Set Pets beach tote by Marc Jacobs was £85 now £42

Lulu Guinness Foldaway beach/shopper bag £35

Or a spotty version again £35

Mara Hoffman Cosmic Fountain Nylon bag £189 

Alternatively, I think this is definitely inspired by the above but for a fraction of the price. 

Diamond and stripe Print shopper from M&S £35

More on the monochrome theme but with a British country feel from Boden 

St Ives Beach Bag £49

If you are looking for more neutral then I love this one at 60% off from MSGM Camo Tote at My Wardrobe was was £258 now £105 

Another more subtle version from New Look was £19.99 was £14.99

Another traditional looking beach bag in stripe from John Lewis. 

Collection WEEKEND Mono stripe bag in navy £22

Finishing with one of my favourite though (and I have to say I *might* be tempted to take my Accessorize one back and get this....I'm worried I'll wake up and it will have been a big pompom nightmare...)  A bag that's not just for the beach - super useful all year round number. 

Collection WEEKEND Morgan Leather tote in Silver £69

Or Bronze (and lots and lots of other colours online as well) £69 as well. 

It has just occurred to me actually that I need to pack really.  That'll be the next hurdle.....  On the upside, I shan't be needing oodles of bikinis....

Outfits from yesterday 

Duvet day with the kids who were just exhausted.com and it all went so well until about 6pm when number one son started going ever so/very hyper.  Not so bad though seeing as I was going out for dinner with The Husband so left him in the hands of our very capable babysitter. 


Rad tee - Zoe Karssen
Saxby boyfriend jeans - ASOS
Black thong sandals - Zara

And last night, out for dinner to the opening of a new restaurant with The Husband - the rather fantastic Giggling Squid, a new Thai place locally, which I can highly recommend.  In fact I took two of my little ones back there for lunch today.


Black coated sleeves crepe top - Cos
Saxby jeans - ASOS 
Leopard print lace up sandals - Zara
Tan belt - Primark
Gold Pegasus necklace - Stella & Dot
Tan De Manta Clutch - Alexander McQueen

So there we have a teensy tiny purchase - one that I hadn't said I wouldn't buy in all fairness.  Still doing well on the no clothes purchase.  Wonder how we'll fair with the packing, it will be a doddle, I'm sure. 

I'm now off to drink wine.  Two whole days after a weekend with my children, boy I love them, but boy do I need a drink.  If anyone has any advice on the constant negotiations necessary to function on day to day basis with a 7 yr old boy with Aspergers, I'm all ears.....!!!

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20 comentarios:

  1. Lol lol lol she's fallen off the wagon! Ok I know you may have hinted that you were under quota on the accessories front - is a bag classed as an accessory. That's another debate. Anyway, I'll let you off as I love your shoes from last night and you may give them to me if I'm ever so nice to you. I'm still on zero purchases - go me!! It's a nice bag (begrudgingly I concede) x

    1. I'm still polishing my halo........ And I have used it every day on holiday - totally invaluable! x

  2. Really like that bag. They're pretty tasteful pom poms I'd say. Looks expensive. I mean what numpty would willing pay so much for a straw basket?! C'mon. Stop it. Or as my dad would (and often does say to me) get real!! Ha. Please do a post soon on everyday bags that don't cost very much. Is there such a thing? I'm useless at finding any. Looking very stylish as ever in your outfit pics.

    1. I'm loving the bag definitely. Looks so much more expensive than the £17 I paid for it. And yes, I will do an every day bag post - there are some about definitely ! x

  3. I have three boys on the autistic spectrum and I have given up with negotiations.... I'm a weeping mess by the time by hubby comes home ! Keep soldiering on

    1. Three - WOW. You have my utmost respect. I am a quivering mess with just the one of them! In awe xxxx

  4. I've just ordered a beach bag ( mind you, as a Mum of 2 & a Husband who always asks will his wallet/keys? etc go in my bag I agree with the name of Tat Bag) from Great Plains. x

    1. The bag of Tat it is. Didn't think of GP - I've got my eye on some gems from their A/W collection.... x

  5. I think you'll be very bored with the pom poms very quickly, so I think you should return it and get the silver one instead which is utterly gorgeous. Happy packing xx

    1. Agreed! Although I may lean towards the bronze as it's flattering and warm at all times of the year (I have a terrible time matching silver). They are amazing value too!

    2. oh ye of little faith - I am LOVING it!!

  6. My son also has Aspergers.....he's almost 13.......teenage angst, hormones, Aspergers....what a combination!!!!!!!! ......wine helps enormously!!!!!! xx

    1. *finger in ears, fingers in ears*.... I can only imagine. Deep breath (and yes wine - lots and lots of wine!) x

  7. You ladies are always tempting me with your shopping! Lovely selection. I got a traditional straw bag from m&s for the princely sum of £12.50 which I've been using solidly all summer ��

    1. ooh what a fab buy. They were all gone by the time I got round to thinking of them! x

  8. I love it & its very much on trend & all you need now is one of those cute embellished clutches (with pom poms) to go with it & use as a make up bag/purse/organiser!! I know I'm supposed to be supporting dry August & not putting ideas into your head! Soz! I have a fab grey/cream striped one from Dotty Ps that I got last year & it is the most useful bag as gets used for all sorts of occasions from swimming lessons to beach days & tomorrow its coming up to London for the day packed with all sorts for our sightseeing day in town! Ax

    1. I SO nearly did but I held back - check me out........ *polishes halo for the 200000th time*!!

  9. Ooo there's nothing like a new bag is there! I've dropped my leather bucket bag and switched to rocking a rather unstylish but uber practical rucksack this Summer. But I must admit that I've fallen head over heels for your Tan de Manta clutch by Alexander McQueen! *swoon*

    1. Rucksacks are allegedly very on trend so well done you. And that De Manta clutch was one of the best buys ever. Bought it 4 years ago and it gets used all year round on almost a weekly basis. Plus they've never done it again in that colourway which makes it all the more special! It's honestly the perfect clutch bag. x

  10. oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE that (and we may also do rather a lot of shopping at Lidl.....!)