They are just too useful.

I fear I am starting to sound like one of those mythical people who give up sugar and mid week alcohol and have it as their life's mission to spread the world about how fabulous they feel whilst the rest of drown our sorrows in wine and chocolate, not "quite" believing them but thinking that clear skin and excess energy should probably go on your Santa list. 

However my Eureka moment is all about a humble garment of clothing that I have come to adore.  Tis the dress.  The wonderful, versatile, wear for all occasions dress. 

Since my lightbulb episode last year when I discovered they are the most useful thing since sliced bread, I know I have done one or ten posts on them.  Hopefully I'm not reinventing the wheel every time and heaven knows, new things are coming into stock every couple of days (and at this time of the year, that's every time a new email pings into my inbox, apart from when I'm in Aldeburgh and the reception and 3G is non existent.  I forget every year and this is the 9th year we've been coming here.  I shall never complain about the coverage at home again.  Until I've been back for a week.  Memory of a goldfish me.) 

And to be honest we are entering that funny season of legs out, legs in?  Well, I think one way to wear them out, is actually with a longsleeved dress or even a short sleeved one with a small jacket over.  Still even sporting the sandals whilst the sun is out, for sure. 

But there is a new breed of dresses that can be worn then further into the Autumn with either opaques or the new look of leggings and flats that I showed you yesterday from the Hush Collection.  And (I should probably whisper here..... I *might* even consider wearing them with the new style and they're REALLY good I promise, Amercian tan tights and ankle boots.  Oh don't laugh, it's better than goosebumps and perfect for a fading tan) 

It's even prompted to me to go back and drag through the utter dregs of the sale and I've managed to unearth a couple of beauties that are perfect. 

Camo palm-print sweatshirt dress from Kenzo was £238 now £95  I absolutely love this and can't believe I missed it before.  Perfect for now with sandals but with ankle boots in the A/W - just ideal.

Slightly dressier now but such bargains.

Ganni Exclusive Ruby Wine Textured Jersey Dress was £125 now £37.50

And in black from Ganni - textured Windsor Dress was £125 now £50 (60% off)

Or a drop waisted textured dress from Ganni was £130 now £52  (I am predicting big things for the drop waist this season)

Another fantastic black dress from Helmut Lang at a bargain 50% off. 

Drape Front Dress by Helmut Lang was £195 now £97

I absolutely adore this black and white stripe one from By Malene Birger - it's been a favourite of mine all season.  But the fact it's dry clean has put me off.  However it's 100% polyester so I honestly don't know why you couldn't put it in on a cold wash.  Would be ideal with black tights for the A/W months. 

Rashmika block stripe Dress from By Malene Birger was £215 now £107

However if new season is your thing then do take advantage of the 10% off and free delivery and free returns at Hush (AUGPREV)

These are perfect for now and for cooler times. 

Panel Dress in Charcoal Grey £50 - love with the leggings and skater shoes.... will it work for an oldish lady like me?..... (it not the old faithfuls of opaques and ankle boots are a no brainer)

I honestly think I am going to be really *really* into the jumper dresses this season.  Totally feeling the love. 

Splice Dress -  in Everglade/Mallard £59 

This is another wonderfully easy to wear dress - perfect for layering too. 

Henley Dress in Navy £55 

And in mid grey Marl £55 

Loving their dropped waist dresses 

Quilted Dress in Black £49

Love this from new season White Stuff. 

White Stuff Stylist Dress in dark blue £49

In black from Whistles.  This is ideal for the still warmer days, perfect for dressing up at night but this would see you through till.... dare I mention Jingle Bells??  Just add bling and heels.

Whistles Roxanne Casual black dress £95

Or throwing caution to the wind with this Cashmere Jumper dress - we're talking luxury, blow the budget here.

Whistles Popperback Cashmere dress in dark grey £175

Staying with grey and for pure classic easy to wear dresses, Toast do some absolute beauties. 

Toast Airi Print Dress £135 

Another pale grey tunic dress is the Suna Tunic from Toast £89

This has to be my favourite thought - I totally love it.  And it would actually go with things I own "small skip".  One tiny fly in the ointment is the "dry clean only" but it's 100% viscose so I think I would risk handwashing it..?

Toast Home Mae Dress £115

And just to prove how useful I think these are, I am practising what I preach.  After my Baukjen post the other day and my extolling the virtues of the Felsted Shirt Dress, the lovely people there very kindly offered to send me one to try out.  Well, my prediction that it would be fab and ridiculously useful proved right as I wore it the other day and out for dinner in the evening with the family and it is utterly perfect. (err now don't be surprised if I include a Chanel bag in every post - just in case... you never know who's reading.  Pfft!) 


Black leopard Felsted dress - Baukjen 

Midnight boucle dress - Zara
Black sliders - Zara
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang 

So I am now officially obsessed with jumper dresses and tunics and can only apologise to all those endowed with bosom as I am more than aware these aren't the best for you at all.  However I also have a new found love of shirt dresses which are far more breast friendly so fear not, there will be dresses a plenty for you too.  

We are absolutely loving our holiday so so so much that The Husband actually suggested we stay another week (well that's half a week for him but I don't mind staying on for a whole week with the kids - how much wine will I drink at night exactly?!).  We've managed to find a gorgeous cottage inland for next week.  The kids are beyond excited, especially as it's the 5yr old's birthday on Friday so we've arranged a BBQ at the new house with our really close friends who are also staying locally.  All a bit perfect. 

Except.  Except I only bought enough clothes for one week...... Which are all rather of the warm weather variety and I fear the weather may be changing and getting slightly chillier. Erm.  Erm erm erm....... 

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16 comentarios:

  1. Erm Erm it's still August! I agree on the weather change though so couldn't blame a small shopping spree x

    1. I know it's only August but what's happened to the weather?!!

  2. I love dresses too but being tall I have to watch I am not displaying too much thighage, not a good look at 46. Sometimes hard to find Whistles style with M&S length! Extra week = emergency shopping, no???

    1. Nope I totally agree with you. Yes and YES! I'm 5ft 10 so any I try on, hopefully that will give you an indication of length xx

  3. The Hush dress is calling my name & I love how its styled with the yellow scarf & brown boots! You look fabulous my dear! Hating on the legs in legs out weather & braved my denim shorts yesterday with a light jacket & scarf! Ax

  4. I extended a stay down in cornwall and ended up plundering the asos sale. Nice jumpers and sweatshirts on there at the moment ...

  5. Wee trip to the local laundromat!! With a wine afterwards to cheer you up then.

    1. I don't even think there is a launderette here! We have washing machine to be fair! x

  6. I love the navy Henley dress & White Stuff Breton stripe. Like you said, sometimes tunic dresses aren't great for big boobage but sometimes you just have to bloody wear it, heh heh!! X

  7. Find some tall ones for us pretty please? The waists are usually too high and make me look fat!!

    1. I struggle with waisted things normally, definitely. always too high for me too. I'll keep you posted xx

  8. Thank you my love - the dress is more of a straight fit. Luckily I'm being sent a care package or two! xxx

  9. As somebody with boobs i have to say that I wear alot of tunic shaped dresses. It helps that they hide my hips and bum !!