It's another nomad report

AKA things I saw on my travels last week when I was on a spending ban so wandering around with little aim other than to drool over all the new goodies that are instore for the A/W. (and get totally fleeced at Jack Wills for the daughter - bless her, excited wasn't the word.  Oh and then lunch at Five Guys and if you haven't been - go.  Amazing) 

And as I sit here in our little holiday home watching the wind blow the patio furniture around the balcony, it really does seem quite pertinent to think about all things warm and welcoming.

Even the 9yr old admitted that there were some really lovely things in good old M&S when we went in last week (having said that, we do have wildly different tastes, so to be honest, I would take that with a pinch of salt).  But when you know that Vogue have yet again done their annual tribute to all things St Michael related, there are some absolute winners to be had. 

To be honest, I was going to just put on a couple of pairs of print trousers - the snakeprint ones from the other day were a total find I thought, but then I kept seeing things I loved.  The thing I love about M&S is that whilst I bang on about it a lot and Vogue do their little tipple on it, most people I know in real life wouldn't contemplate having a rifle through the racks (bar those close friends that get dragged in with me - I have converted a fair few over the years) 

I think one of the reasons I love it so much is that it is such a treasure trove.  The thrill of finding an amazing blouse that is as good as a Jaeger or DVF one for a quarter of the price?  Well I probably shouldn't admit as on reflection it's slightly embarrassing.  Or (I'm on a roll now), when someone asks "where's that from?"  and you can say "M&S" to shocked looks.  

This is perhaps going to be of mixed blessings to dear old M&S but they still do offer such a mixed message to the majority of people that your average shopper finds the store too difficult and too confusing to navigate.  As an interjection here, clearly I have no contact whatsoever with M&S although I do think once they may have sent me an email saying thank you for something complimentary I wrote.  But other than that, absolutely nothing. 

They have of course, made improvements to their website but to be frank, it was all a bit chocolate teapot as the chances of finding something online that you saw in store, are up there with Indy's search for the Holy Grail (only difference being he found his in the end).  And then if you are fortunate enough to find it (their "search" function is evidently only for decoration), the chances of it being in stock in your size aren't good.  In fact, they're not only "not good" they're woeful.  

But.  But but but that almost makes it all the more joyous when you snag something that's just fabulous.  And whilst there is sea of tat to wade through, there are fabulous things to be snagged, of that I can assure you. 

Where more A/W to start than with coats. I know it seems ludicrous to think about them in August but these things have a hideous habit of selling out.  There will be other coats for sure, but if this is the coat you're looking for, you need to snag them now. GAH. 

Autograph Textured Wool Duster Coat £99

And so early on in my post is my MASSIVE frustration with M&S apparent once again. 

So I see this jacket - which is lovely.  Really really lovely.  


I look in coats and jackets online.  In Biker Jackets first of all.  Silly me.  I then look in Jackets.  Fool.  I then trawl through the entire section of coats and jackets - and squat. 

I attempt to use the search function on Biker Jacket and Black Jacket and nada nada nada.  I do however find this one below, which isn't the same as my pic but it may be the same thing?  Who on earth knows?  And there we have it - frustration to the max. 

Oh and for the record, this is under knitwear.  Is it under "Jackets" in knitwear?  Well obviously not, it's a cardigan of course.  (and to be totally fair it is definitely more of a cardigan when I think about it).  Except that they call it a jacket... 

Moaning aside, it is quite simply a gorgeous gorgeous jacket, cardigan, thingy.  I would go so far as to say even nicer than the Whistles one I have which is quilted err polyester?  This would be your ideal go to for throwing in a suitcase if you're going on holiday or throwing on now on those cooler days (like today).  

Front quilted biker jacket £39.50

They also do a lovely charcoal version of it. 

Shoes are an easy way to add life to your old favourites from last year and I know I always say this but it's true.  Well, I find it true anyway.  It's also a really good way to bring an injection of new season to your wardrobe without giving it a total overhaul.  And whilst you're thinking about what sort of style you're after achieving (oh I know that sounds like a pile of pretentious pants, but I'm sure I'm not the only one....), instead of jumping in with two feet, these are a great treat whilst you make your mind up. 

Zip Front Pumps with Insolia in navy £29.50  They also do them in charcoal and black online.

I saw them instore in the red and really, Really liked them.  Obviously they're sold out online (SEE?!!) Or maybe they've not been uploaded yet.  


And there are still some Summer goodies to be had too - I can't see the Marant inspired trend ending suddenly before next year, so this will stand you in good stead as a little Summer investment piece. 

Floral Embroidered Tunic £59

This is another lovely little subtle nod to the theme - a simple top that would look great over jeans or shorts. 

Tribal Trim Dobby Blouse £25.00


And the most random item I've posted in a while but these are honestly ACE.  I actually saw these on a lady the other day and did the classic "love your jeans, where are they from?"  and hell yes, the answer was M&S!  She had them with a white loose jumper and tan flat sandals and she looked amazing.  The perfect nod to all things summery, whilst not freezing to death. Ideal for September into October - I would also add navy or black. Even greys to go with the white, would be lovely. 

Limited Edition Supersoft Skinny Jeans £29.50

Finishing with good news and bad news.  Bad news is that I found this absolutely stunning blush pink silky blouse that I cannot find online for love nor money and frankly, I've lost the will to live looking. 

But here is a teaser.  It was an Autograph blouse.  It is neither in the Autograph section, not the generic Shirts or Blouses.  However I haven't looked in Men's Pants or New Born Baby socks so I'm probably missing a trick. 


The good news is though that I did on my trawl, find this blouse which I think is ace.  This would look perfect with my black leather midi Whistles skirt for Winter Goth Chic.  For the Autumn - I reckon with a pair of gladiator sandals and some tanned legs, we're off.  Would also look amazing with boyfriend jeans and stilettos for the Winter - ditto some culottes - oh yes, total winner.  

Floral Lace Funnel Neck Black Blouse £35

Now there were oodles of other things as well but they are at the top end of the scale money wise and I'm hoping that there is going to be a 20% off soon, at which point I will open the floodgates. 

Speaking of 20% off though, before we finish, there is currently a promotion in their Beauty section, till tonight, Sunday night.  M&S now have some really top Brands - Stila, Ren, Rodial, L'Occitane, Nuxe, Phillip Kinglsey and one of my favourites - Roger & Gallet. 

I didn't actually get round to bringing any new perfume on holiday so have an old fave that I've bought, but with the house slowly being finished, I think I'm going to save it for a new house fragrance (oh I know, I'm a pretentious tool).  

In the meantime though, I'm desperate for some new perfume and a fantastic, not budget, but not super expensive, treat are the Roger & Gallet ones.  With 20% off, these are great. 

My personal fave that I've mentioned before is the unisex Jean Marina Farina.

Jean-Marie Farina Eau de Cologne now £25.60

They also do a handbag size which is super useful and I think I'm going to treat myself to the liquid soap/shower gel as well.  Loads of other great Beauty pieces, all at 20% off, already applied. 

How does everyone else find M&S these days?

So outfits from last couple of days. 


Grey tee - H&M
Cream jacquard jacket - Zara
Grey Lola joggers - Whistles
Patent sliders - Zara
Linen scarf - Zara
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang


Pale blue stripe shirt - Mango 
Denim Shorts - Warehouse
White sliders - River Island 
Pom pom bag - Accessorize
Hat - Zara 
Watch - Olivia Burton 

And so there we have my sunny pics.  Now I'm "hoping" that we will have a fair few more of them, today though we appear to be enjoying the tail end of Bertha and so it is somewhat windy and damp.  However that never stopped anyone throwing stones into the waves so we'll be off down to the beach again later.  And happily, oh happily the shops are open so I think we'll have a sneaky dash for a look and some afternoon cake at Snape Maltings (the best Interiors shop ever) 

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20 comentarios:

  1. Stupidly excited to ser the red shoes with the zip from M&S on your post as I bought them yesterday! They are the first flat shoes I have found that dont make my wide feet look like pastys - I love them! I would say size up though, maybe its the pointed thing but they are small. I am usually a 4 and got a 5 . Annoyed my daughter by dancing around in them in the shop saying ;'really, do you think they're too pixie like? Do I look like wee willie winkle in them' But I love them, always a sucker for a red shoe!

    1. They're stunning aren't they. I don't think anyone would ever think they were from M&S! And they aren't remotely pixie like. PAH!

  2. Wow Kat, some absolutely pearlers. Those Marant tops are beautiful. I am rather excited about the A/W collection from M&S. God that's sad isn't it!

    1. Shove up on that sad bench as I'm there with you xx

  3. Case in point re: M&S website: got the most amazing cream jacket from Autograph in last 20% off deal. It comes up in search results when you look at Autograph blazers (but not jackets, obv). Then you click on the link and the item photo completely vanishes. Proof: Still it's fantastic and am wearing every day (pretty much).
    Honestly have bought more in there this year than at any time since the last century.

    1. Managed to find it and it's gorgeous. But yes, it's just so so irritating when they have such amazing stock. Still, their loss, not ours!

  4. Love the charcoal biker jacket/cardigan & the black funnel neck blouse, although I'm not so sure that'd be so flattering on the big boobage front! As a side note, I HATE the M&S website! It's a complete pain in the jacksy, crashes all the time & never seems to have what they have instore.....very frustrating as my local store is teeny tiny & a bit pants, truth be told!! X

    1. I don't know anyone who rates it! That blouse is stunning, isn't it? Can't wait to see what it's like in the flesh x

  5. This has made me laugh I share your M&S website search frustration - it is woeful to say the least. However it looks like they have done some fab coats again this season! Haven't looked in Men's pants or new baby socks .... Funny!!! Have a fab holiday. Xx

    1. Yup, totally come up trumps on the coats. x

  6. Snape Maltings does indeed have the BEST home and garden shop ever! Glad you agree Kat. Those beach pictures are making me wish I was in Aldeburgh too! Hope you've had fish and chips!? Love the blog x

    1. We always have fish and chips (although have to tread carefully as the 9yr old is a coeliac so much bribing with other things is necessary....!) Love Snape Maltings, it's just too gorgeous x

  7. Oh I was admiring the first biker jacket you posted in a store today, its not the same as the second one, I was going to order online along with a dress but no luck finding it, will have to head back to a store I guess.

  8. I take it back, it is the jacket/ cardigan you linked, when you zoom you can see it is, looks different in the normal size shot. Woefully styled on the video online I have to add.

  9. Actually, the picture of just the item is different, the one on the model is different and the one you saw and I saw in store. I'm afraid to order now as I don't know which will arrive. What an awful website.

    1. It's Russian Biker Jacket Roulette..... Which could be fun but perhaps not when you just want a new jacket! Good luck xx

  10. The coats are all fabulous this season. And thank you - we're having the most wonderful time! x

  11. I love the duster coat & the tunic dress is really lovely! My friend has the pink skinnies & they look awesome on her.....her hubby works for good old M&S & she always has some lovely things from there! Enjoy your hols Darl! I hope the weather behaves as we haven't been to the beach since the start of the hols & we live a stones throw away! Ax