Surprises in the strangest of places.

So here I am in sunny old Suffolk.  Now anyone who's been to this neck of the coast will know that it's casual.  It's very casual.  And it's very casual of a particular style.  I will be totally honest, it's not usually a style that I wear.  It's very practical, there's lots of colour and lots of badging and slogans (although who am I kidding, I love a slogan) 

We are talking a specific corner of the High Street, that when I come to Aldeburgh, I love to go and look at - I buy my kids oodles of stuff from there - my boys are head to foot in Joules and even The Husband gets in on the action with shirts and shorts from Crew. 

But is the tide a changing?  A couple of weeks ago when I was looking for print shorts, one of my favourite pairs were a blue cross hatch pair from Joules.  And then one of my best friends rocks up in a gorgeous blue shift dress in the same print - again, from Joules (it could have been Michael Kors, it was lovely) 

So when we decided to stay another week and my clothing crisis became apparent (this is clearly my definition of the word "crisis".....), I thought it's probably worth going and having a look to just "see" if there's anything that would work for my A/W wardrobe.  I'd already gone and had a look but great minds clearly think alike as the next day, I get an email from Joules, asking if they could help me out and would I like to see if there was anything I would like to wear for my extended stay. 

Oh happy days.  Made even more so by the fact I could legitimately say to The Husband that I had to spend a short time (apparently my understanding of short and his differ somewhat), perusing new season stock and seeing if it was as good as the couple of gems I had spied from S/S.

And I am happy to report back that yes, there are some really really lovely new things.  Of course there are the original style Joules ranges - their polo shirts being the obvious things that springs to mind, as there should be.  No they're not my cup of tea but they work so perfectly well for a certain look and are incredibly popular - they're the Joules classic for sure. 

But there is a new side to the collection.  Some gorgeous new things - they've definitely expanded their range and have gone in a slightly new direction. 

I had my eye on a new top as I've bought jeans with me but am lacking in the top/shirt department so that's where I started looking.

My favourite two tops that I tried on were these - starting with a fab lace top - ideal for every day over jeans with a casual jacket but this could easily be dressed up to wear out at night.

Ah now I will point out that everything I'm trying on is actually in a 12 bar the Rosamund blouse where I sized up to a 14 as I wanted it looser. I found their things to be cut on the smaller side although their arm lengths are more generous than most (absolutely ideal!)  

Creme Lisbeth Women's Lace Top £69.95


They also do it in a black version which I have to say I may have been tempted by, but they didn't have it in stock. 

Black Lisbeth Women's Lace Top £69.95

However I saw this hanging up and my obsession with good old Dr Alexander from Silent Witness (Emilia Fox to non tv addicts) was well and truly reinstated.   

Creme Bird Rosamund Women's Pocket Front Blouse £59.95 (not this photo - I definitely prefer the sleeves full length AND I sized up for a more flowy look)

And here am I trying it.  I'm thinking skinny jeans, little navy blazer, tan boots.  Or even the total contrast of leopard print skater shoes.  Actually for the Autumn, I'd definitely wear it with straight legs jeans, big turn up and I'll drag the New Balance out of retirement. 

image image 

The other thing I dragged into the changing room with me which was naughty as I do NOT need one at all was a blazer.  If anyone is looking for a new blazer then these honestly are the best fitting ones I have tried on in an age.  

Now you see I say I don't need one but I love this almost Delft blue tweedy style one. It looks like tweed, it feels like tweed, but it's actually a cotton jersey.  Which means it won't bobble and is a much more fluid fit than a wool tweed which can be stiff and not particularly forgiving.  And this is even a handwash. 

Blue Henford Women's Blazer £99.95

image image

They also do a fantastic navy jersey one which they didn't have in my size so I couldn't try on. 

Marine Navy Georgie Women's Blazer £99.95

The other range which I loved was the new Bee range.  A gorgeous mix of black, cream and yellow.  Absolutely new for Joules, as the lovely chatty sales assistant said, she can't ever remember anything in black before. 

Creme Floral Etty Women's Tunic £59.95

Black Geo Audrey Women's Capri pants £59.95

And a bee shirt.  Creme Bees Maywell Women's Shirt £49.95


If you didn't want a full on Bee print then the scarf would lift any black, grey and cream outfit. 

Creme Garden Floral Scarf £19.95


I do in fact own something from Joules now I think about it and that is my wellies.  Which, to be fair are about 7 years old and could probably do with replacing.  Love these. 

Wellyprint Black Bees £39.95

Oh and if you were still after a couple of dresses from the sale then these two are now a bargain.  Both fantastic. 

This is the most silky tencel chambray denim dress.  

Chambray Samantha Longline Shirt Dress was £69.95 now £39.95

And the Jasmine dress in French Navy now £29.95 was £69.95.  Joules can even do boho - this is a fantastic smock dress that were I now not all about the A/W I would have bought in a heartbeat. 

And as a total aside, I have to say I *may* have ordered this for my Ipad.  Absolutely in love with it and an absolute necessity.  I only wish they did one for Iphones and Macbooks! 

Joules Knitted Fairisle Ipad Case £4.95 reduced from £19.95

Or in the navy stripe.... again now only £4.95 reduced from £19.95

So can we guess which top I picked?...... Can't wait for it to arrive - actually it will be perfect with my skinny jeans and cream jacket I have with me.  That's one outfit sorted at least! 

Finishing with outfits from the other day.  A day crabbing (well, we attempted to go crabbing but it was at the wrong time of the day so the crabs they weren't a-biting - we're off there in a bit to give it another go) and then lunch at one our favourite pubs - The Anchor in Walberswick (off back there again today - we are nothing if not creatures of habit) 


Linen top - Massimo Dutti
Denim Shorts - Warehouse
Champagne and silver leather espadrilles - Penelope Chilvers

And the other day, at a BBQ in the afternoon with friends.  We then met up with more friends in the evening and went to a Take That Tribute evening.  As you do when you go to the seaside.  Was rather fabulous. 


Floral top - Kenzo
Saxby Jeans - ASOS
Midnight boucle jacket - Zara
Patent Sliders - Zara
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang

So we have now moved to our new cottage.  Was the now 6yr old's birthday yesterday and we had friends over last night for a BBQ to celebrate.  Another week begins on holiday - I honestly don't know who is more excited - me or the kids! 

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  1. Joules did a pop up in St Tropez a few years back, much to the bemusement of the shoppers. They were at the height of huge logos and red and white stripes and I am not sure it was a success. But your picks would be a completely different story, the French love a bit of BCBG chic.

    1. They honestly do have the most stunning things that aren't your *typical Joules fare*. Really well made and great prices too. Plus you're not going to bump into everyone else in them! I'm a convert!

  2. Well that's a surprise, love the lace tops, and the nod to Dr Alexander. Will defo be looking at the Bee collection, I keep bees!

    1. I am totally addicted to Bees too! Just gorgeous - I wonder why they are so addictive? x

  3. The bits and pieces you found are very un-Joules like but I love them! Picked up a couple of things in their summer sale. My favourite is definitely the blazer (and I think I do actually need one, sort of...) x

    1. I think they are a new sort of Joules and we'll be seeing more of this in conjunction with their more typical ranges. Nowt wrong with that - bring it on! And I'm loving your enabling..!

  4. I will do indeed and watch this space...... x

  5. I adore the bee scarf. Must hunt for a free P&P code or have a look in Cambridge store on Monday xx
    Mrs Ebojones btw!!

    1. Have you seen below? BEE15 ! Hope that helps xxxx (and hello you!)

  6. The code BEE15 will give you 15% off and free P&P. Hope that helps.

    1. I'm sure that will be a huge help, thank you! xx

  7. Grrrr I have a shopping ban as I am off to NYC in three weeks....but that scarf ...with a code too! Shhhhh don't tell :-)

    1. Think of it as necessary for the journey......! (and ever so slightly jealous of a trip to NY!)

  8. You always look so fabulously stylish! Why don't I look like this on holiday??? Never bought from Joules yet, but never say never either... Lynne x