If you held a gun at my head...

............. and asked me to write my A/W list then this would be it. (oh GO ON THEN)

Also known as The First Draft, this is where we all start (well, me anyway) to panic.  Shops are full of things of much gorgeousness.  But, do you peak early or do you play seasonal roulette and hold out for even better stuff that floods the stores in early October and onwards.  Or will you have missed out on your perfect coat, jeans, jumper or boots as nothing else is quite as perfect as those ones you spied in August but they've now sold out and you can't get anything as good for love nor money. 

Of course this is all highly irrelevant to me as I am on a spending ban and so absolutely nothing shall be crossing my credit card until September.  And dare I mention it, I had a rather random notion the other day of continuing it into September.  

Yes you read that right, September.  This may of course be that I have come home from holiday with a Ryanair sized suitcase which would normally last me for a weekend and I made it last (ok so I had a couple of extra woollies sent) for a fortnight.  And my wardrobe seems like an Aladdin's cave.  

Plus the weather does seem to have turned and as I've been wearing shorts and skirts (something I never thought I'd type) for months, all my jeans, jacket and scarves look as enticing as a whole set of new goodies.  

However, when has this ever stopped me window shopping... This is *merely* window shopping but, like I said, if you held a gun at my head and literally forced me to make a short list then this is what I've come up with.

Starting as I mean to go on - a leather coat.  Now yes, hole, head springs to mind, but.... well I love it.  I really really REALLY love it.  I may have to try it on, just to prove to myself that it's vile.  And to be fair, I would be really reticent at spending this much on anything from Zara where the quality is on a par with what I'd expect from Primark (saying that, I haven't bought anything from Primark for years but their quality was always as good as Zara for significantly less money) 

But I wore my camel coat to death last year.  And unfortunately it looks like it - to say it hasn't worn well is an understatement.  So I don't exactly *need* a replacement, but..... 

Whilst I was there, I also happened to spy the white leather trainers.  Humble pie on tap if you please, I know I said I was over the trainers but, volte face Queen I am, coming into the A/W, I have been eyeing up my little navy New Balance thinking - there may be life in the old/new dog yet.  I can definitely see how, with an oversized coat, these will work like they did at the back end of last Winter, early into Spring. 

However it's also made me think about the good old tennis shoe.  Oh I know they're Stan Smith rip offs but they are rather classic.  And I do like the fact they don't have a brand to them (something I never thought I'd write..... go figure.  I think it's because I've loved my patent fugly sliders from Zara so much and have, randomly, loved the fact they're not Birkies.  Even though they do have a definite Birkie look about them, actually they are very different.  Ok, differentish)

Of course there is the original which you can now buy and customise.  If you can fathom out or have the patience for the website that is.  Admittedly my broadband speed is the slowest thing known to man and I will try again later (again, in the interests of research) but it's a fancy website (god I sound like my nan) that gives you the hugest selection of classic Stan Smiths and allows you to add whistles and bells too. 

Here is the whole range to look at and salivate over (or get confused)

These took my fancy - maybe slightly easier to wear than white white in the A/W?  Love the texture of the leather as well. 

Oh and if you order them from the adidas website, it seems to give you a chance for 15% off your first order (seems to be a little pop up that well, pops up on opening the site)

adidas Stan Smith Shoes in Chalk White £70

Also very much like the black pair (I'm on a roll now....) I saw these somewhere with white laces and they looked exceptionally cool (this is in my world - this is not something I have any real knowledge of whether black with white laces is cool or on the verge of exceptionally naff..... Hell, who cares, I thought they looked fab).  Actually, stuff the Zara ones, I definitely want black.

Ah but one thing I have learned recently is that the men's sizing does come up large so it's probably worth sizing down half a size if you're buying a men's pair.  I assume the women's are the same as normal (I actually have no idea...)

adidas Stan Smith in black - £70  

Or in the silver.....

Now following on from my black and blue colour combo blog the other day, I've not been able to stop thinking about a crew neck, thin knit (ideally merino wool) jumper.   I haven't done an exhaustive search but I did come across this one which, actually for the Autumn is super useful. 

And the only one I could find in my swift look was this one - prefer the men's jumpers for sure but might try this on in a larger size than usual.  Love the colour and it is the ideal fabric - excellent value for the price as I always say. 

Whilst we're on the subject of jumpers, I happened to come across this yesterday when I was looking at the Me+Em site (oh it was impossible just to look at the shirts) and I have fallen in love with this beauty. 

Colourblock Crew Jumper in navy/grey/almond £88

Finishing with the final piece of my outfit - not that I had intended this to be a one outfit wishlist, but actually it does seem that it's headed that way.  And hey ho, I am approaching yet again the thorny subject of jeans. I shall be doing my usual muffin test of what is on the High Street shortly but I came across these and totally fell in love.  

I only hope they're sightly looser than they look here as I definitely don't want more skinny jeans (this doesn't bode well really, does it but I'm loving the idea)  The patch jeans have been very popular - I myself love my bargain pair from Mango but I'm not sure I recall seeing a looser pair.  Prays to the god of looser jeans that these do what they say on the tin. 

Levi's Made & Crafted 501 Boyfriend jeans £110 from Atterley Road  (sign up to AR emails for a discount)   And randomly the only other place to get hold of these that I could find (including Levi's themselves) was House of Fraser - a couple more sizes in stock there.

To be honest, the more I think about it, the more I realise that I don't really need any new jeans.... Ugh.  What a horrible realisation.  Clearly must try harder.  There *must* be one sort that I don't have... Actually coated.  New coated skinnies in black or even leather (per chance pleather) are definitely definitely on my want/wish/must have list. 

Sneaking in at the end whilst we're on the subject of leather jeans and black - remember my black and blue idea?  Take the above wishlist jeans and throw on another pale blue coat (that I may love more than the other one from the other blog... the Hetty from Hobbs - sorry) and voila - the final item on my Draft One Wishlist.  And it's cheaper (even from My Wardrobe!) 

By the way, I haven't included the jeans as they're £695 which isn't even Wish List material - that's Lottery Win fodder. 

Maison Scotch Single breasted belted coat £260

It comes with a free belt and a free bracelet (slightly random but who's bothered?)  

I can't imagine anyone is going to be hugely surprised when I say that compilation of this list wasn't exactly difficult.  What was difficult was narrowing it down to a shortlist.  But, as I say, this is Draft One.   One of the reasons I do like doing these - apart from the fact it's like free shopping, only minor detail being you end up with zero - is to see if in one month/two months time you would still put the same things on your list. 

And if you would, then you know they are meant to be.  

Obviously they'll be sold out though. (other minor/slightly major flaw in my master plan.....)

Finishing with outfits from the last couple of days - I can't believe that this was only Thursday.  Seems like a total lifetime ago already.  Sob.


Collingwood Jumper - Hush
Saxby jeans - ASOS 
Linen scarf - Zara
White sliders - River Island 

And on Friday - 7yr old took this, his patience isn't the best so it was one photo and then he fled.  As you can see he was part flee when taking the photo hence the blur.... 


Too much love will kill you tee - Zoe Karssen
Midnight boucle jacket - Zara
Paint splattered khakis - Zara
Leopard print skate shoes - Next 
Black diego bag - Alexander Wang

And yesterday - home at last and out for lunch with the family.


Silk leopard print top - Clements Ribeiro 
Turned up jeans - Rock & Republic 
Cream boucle jacket - Massimo Dutti
Champagne & silver espadrilles - Penelope Chilvers 
Tan bag - Prada

So spill the beans - my list is by no means definitive - couldn't be further from it - but it's a start.  However it can always be added to..... for the purposes of research... SPILL - what's on yours?

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28 comentarios:

  1. little brown birdSunday, 24 August, 2014

    So my list is:

    New coat
    Black knee high boots
    Merino wool cardis and jumpers
    White shirt
    New leopard print scarf

    Just for starters ;)


    1. I'm loving the *for starters*....! All sounds gorgeous and very much up my street! x

  2. Ah I rather like the good old plain white unlogo'd ones from Zara like you do. I tried them on the other day and they are definitely do-able except I have banned myself from buying any more shoes. I have to say, I prefer the chalk white Adidias to the more stark white as well. But I am not buying any more shoes. I think.

    1. yeah.... you *think*... I think you lie...... The Chalk white is gorgeous isn't it? But my heart is set on the black ones. Maybe. Maybe not.

  3. Can't believe you had me looking at ANOTHER pair of shoes...I like the canvas ones, in pink nonetheless. Fortunately they're all way out of my price range, including the zara ones!

    1. They're not cheap that's for sure. But they are lovely, aren't they? I also think you need to apply the cost per wear principle - if you LIVED in them, then they'd probably be worth it - but as a pair of extras?? Pink do sound gorgeous (but canvas...??! you're brave!) x

  4. I've got 4 or 5 things on my list but crossed out one thing already. This not buying lark is a revelation. Before I would have gone out and bought. Now I'm pondering and evaluating. Not sure I'll be with you in September though x

    1. Oh come on D you can't say that and not spill what it is.... And I'm not sure I'd go with revelation... It definitely helps not to impulse buy, I'll give you that *gritting my teeth till Oct*....

  5. I've been working on mine & plan to spill the beans next week! Dark trainers are on mine as I already have light ones which will not be ruined by the British winter & I'm about to spurlge on a leather biker too! Theres more & the list is growing daily! Love the first SS you've posted! The colour & texture are gorgeous! Ax

    1. ooh leather biker goes on mine every year but I've lived without it for this long, I"m just going to live with my brown one. *polishes halo*....!

  6. I've held back for autumn buys many a time and then missed out on that perfect coat/pair of boots, etc. so I say go for it! I'm beginning to feel very autumnal now and like you, very excited at the prospect of jeans, jackets, scarves, boots... Lynne x

    1. oh god it's just criminal isn't it - every. year. But then also, every year, I end up buying something early I regret. ARGGHHH!!!

  7. So far my wish list only amounts to three heattechs in black, white & pink. I'd been joining you in the August buying drought. But understand that heattechs probably don't count. They are 'billy basic' aren't they? Virtually undies?? Am I getting the hang of this?

    Love the scarf and the attitude in the top pic.

    1. You are so getting the hang of this - thermals do not count in any way shape or form. Unless they take the form of a Gucci handbag and then alas, they do count. xx

  8. Don't buy the Stan Smiths, you caved on those New Balance then confessed you felt a d**k in them. Do you REALLY want to be soooooo comfy and casual?? No. Tis wrong. Work those trainers you already have and concentrate on what really works in AW- boots! You know you want your moneys worth from your Ash Jalouse!

    1. You are so so so right. Yes, and actually I got the NB's out this morning and thought blurgh. (actually I then thought, I'd much rather have a pair of Stan Smith's...) But I will hold out for a litte longer and in the meantime, I am enjoying my Jalouse. Wore them today and love them!

  9. I think the 7 year-old's photo is great. Nicely framed. Encourage it. I just gave my 13 year-old nephew my old digital camera and he loves it. He has ADHD.

    1. Oh you're sweet - he hates doing it though! Actually they all hate doing it - they do like the money I bribe them with though.... ! I wonder if he'd be more interested though in a digital camera, that's a very good idea, thank you xx

  10. Very marmite but western style ankle boots are on my wish list. Saw some amazing Steve Madden ones the other day. Also some blue snakeskin boots from M&S in the Elle insert which aren't in store yet, pet hate of mine. Apart from that I'm quite sorted (famous last words) F xx

    1. Oooh no, I am still very very much attached to the idea of Toga Pullas although they're a little less western and a little more goth. I haven't seen the Elle insert - will have to track it down. Certainly M&S have some fabulous boots in at the mo x

  11. Loving the first photo ( is this a Suffolk holiday look?)...we do North Norfolk every year and they too have a certain style....I am still wearing turned up jeans and 'Breton ' stripes 'cos I wish I was still there!!!!! ( sigh)

    1. That was my Suffolk look - didn't really look like anyone else. There is a lot of pink and navy and a lot of Joules/Crew/Jack Wills and Quba doing the rounds...... xx

  12. Love your holiday snaps Kat. Much harder to look stylish on the British coast than the Med and you pulled it off ;-)
    I just can't get into the idea of stan smiths. I wore them and similar trainers in my teens (with boyfriend jeans - before they became a 'thing' and my only option was River Island men's jeans in smallest size!) and don't fancy going back there!
    I have the gorgeous pale blue crew neck knit from Wishbone which I bagged in their pop-up shop sample sale a few weeks ago - it's gorgeous, with almost broderie strips down the sides and back (nicer than it sounds if you've not seen it!). Though devastatingly I mistakenly switched our washer dryer to 'dry' that and my fave delicate knits and had an actual cry when I realised. I *think* it may still be just about OK! I think John Lewis still have it on their site and reduced from £60 odd to £20.

    1. Oh you sweetheart, thank you - I tried! That crewneck sounds gorgeous and I love Wishbone stuff - off to see if I can track it down thank you xx

  13. I've bought a gorgeous Clements Ribeiro pale blue wool coat from TK maxx today £79! It's a similar style to your zara camel coat - will be great with all my staples of grey, navy and black!!

    1. Oh DARN it I was in there the other day and should have looked - that sounds amazing. Fab buy x

  14. Coated black jeans
    Black pleather jeans with stretch back
    Ash Jalouse boots
    Merino knits (going to try Uniqlo - great price)
    Grey or red coat
    Black A line midi skirt
    Black trainers
    A decent and stylish lined parka for those times you need to be casual ie family walks in the forest etc. have decided my 14 year old knackered parka just doesn't cut it anymore.
    Black blazer
    Black brogues
    Navy loafers or brogues

    1. OOH this is very similar to my list although I Do not need a black blazer, brogues or loafers. I also have my A line skirt and a grey coat (don't do red) and I have my Jalouse already. However, deffo YA Y on the coated jeans, pleather jeans, merino knits and parka. Ugh. Parka shopping. Got to be done - deep breath - I'll be going in soon......