From the sublime to the seemingly ridiculous.

But there is method in my apparent madness.  Bear with me.....

So - I may have mentioned a while ago that I was determined to get my legs out this year.  Turning 40 has made me realise that it's really no age (handy) and that by 50, I shall look back at my 40 year old self (as I look back at my 30 year old self) and think You Arse. 

My legs are really not that bad (once they've had the plucked chicken look fake tanned away) and nobody's going to lose their breakfast over them. (nobody cares!) 

But I have still struggled with finding the elusive dress.  Or skirt.  As one without a waist and being stupidly tall, day skirts for the summer are notoriously hard to find (the dreaded top dilemma being just one issue).  And dresses - hmmmm, there are oodles of them out there but they're either not my bag, too short, too just on the knee, too dressy, too expensive, too dry clean only, too distinctive, oh the list of excuses is endless. 

And then I had a brainwave.  Potentially a brainwave of the midlife crisis kind.  Shorts. 

Yes, shorts.  Not exactly the buttock revealing hotpants of shorts but a slightly longer denim number.   I had my brainwave last week when I was at TK Maxx looking for an outfit for BritMums and came across a longer All Saints pair.  And remembered how I actually didn't mind wearing my Warehouse ones, even to the supermarket last year (massive breakthrough for me - no-one died.  It was a miracle).  I have loads of tops that go with them, I don't flash my noo noo at anyone when I sit down and essentially, I think they're easier to wear than a skirt or short dress (length is always such an issue being Avatar tall). 

So with my holidays coming up and, of course, the scorchio weather that is about to descend on us till September, I decided to take my 40's resolution to another level and have been shorts shopping.  I see your skirts and raise you shorts. 

I had to go back to TK Maxx to take a random fascinator back that I'd purchased (thinking that it might be the same shade of blush as my pleated dress. As if.) and happened to come across two pairs of Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply shorts that it would have been rude not to buy (seeing as they were in the Clearance section for £18 and £12)  The red ones - to be fair, I'm not sure if I'm keeping them as I have very little red and they don't exactly fit into a capsule wardrobe.  Plus I broke every rule in my shopping book by buying them because they were £12 (they are a good fit, in my rubbish defence...) 

Here are my beauties. 

Untitled Untitled Untitled

I was and have been looking at others that are out there and these are my cream of the crop.  I'm thinking that whilst they were a bargain, a khaki pair would be a lot more sensible in my wardrobe than the red - especially that of a holiday, capsule wardrobe nature.

Mint Velvet Khaki shorts  £29 down from £45

Shorts that I have been wearing for the last two years were from Warehouse.
Warehouse turn up denim shorts £26  I love these BUT they do come up small. I have the 12 and they're exactly the right fit.  Higher cut than so many I tried (this was two years ago but they do the same ones every year).  And slightly longer in the leg. 

In a slightly lighter wash (these are the ones I have) 

Limited Collection Cotton Rich Embroidered Shorts £29.50 M&S   I saw the trouser version of these instore today.  (here is a link to the trousers - divine.  Am kicking myself I didn't buy them there and then)  They look so much more expensive than they are, I can't tell you.  Go M&S. 

A slight hint of the Marants me thinks.  I love these.  I really really love these.

These below, also from the Limited Collection look slightly longer in real life than they do on the pics.  And we can be sure that anything from M&S isn't going to be too arse flashing. 

Limited Collection Boyfriend Shorts - £25

And in white.  Don't laugh.  Admittedly not the most practical (certainly not with the amount of fake tan I lather on in the Summer.  "see me from space" is all I'm saying.) but really useful, they'd go with everything and actually more flattering on a lighter tone skin. (of course, looks just as stunning on beautifully tanned skin as well, if you are one of those lucky individuals who doesn't go from default white straight to red without passing go)

Perhaps the best option for every day though are these from Oasis as they're mid length (with not a whiff of culotte about them.  Or Cruise liner worker....) 

Mid wash long shorts for £30

And in a darker wash - the perfect alternative for indigo skinnies. 

Slightly more distressed and a longer line again from Mango - in the sale £14.99.  Apparently high waisted.  To me they look normal as in comfy..... (spot the 40 year old) 

Topshop also have a longline pair  for £32

Or you could just cut off a pair of old jeans.  Unless you're me and this would be the male equivalent of hacking legs of a stool to make it shorter.  People would end up with an eyeful of what they really didn't need an eyeful of.  Too short.  But I'm sure most people aren't as cretinous as me. 

There are absolutely oodles of denim short options out there.  One of the reasons though, that I snapped up the Ralph Lauren ones and the All Saints ones was that during my shorts search a couple of years ago - boy was it difficult.  With so many, there was rather more muffin and cheek on show than would have been decent.   Too low and too high cut.  All in all, a recipe for disaster. (Not looking at Zara TRF or anything).  

Now I'm all set to go with the legs out.  When we actually get some Summer that is.  Pah.

So have I lost my 40 year old marbles?  Do you do shorts?  Will you do shorts?  I am looking forward to hopefully showing that it can be done - once the weather scoots over 20 degrees for more than about 10 minutes.  Bring it on! 

Here is what I've been scooching about in for the last couple of days.  Working this week so lots of research going on.  Not to mention some very exciting house news that is set to make the blog very interesting.

Yesterday - this is one of those outfits that I thought worked but actually on reflection - nah.  I'm not going to lie - I have always struggled with these jeans.  I can think of one shirt that I love wearing them with and to be honest, I should just give up and leave them to wear with that.  Maybe two tops.  But certainly not this outfit.  Not to be repeated. 


Beige linen tee - Zara
Raspberry Leigh jeans - Topshop
Silk jacket - Zara
Stud leather sandals - Tesco
Mini Antelope Necklace - Bill Skinner
Leather cuff - Huiltquist
Cognac cross body bag - Campomaggi from Plumo

Much much happier with the regurgitation of an outfit - all the elements of which are over two years old (bar the necklace - from last year and I still love it)  And I have no intention of retiring any of them soon. 


Silk blouse - Monsoon (I got this 5 years ago when I was pregnant with RR3.  Admittedly I have shrunk it - it's a size 16!  Gets dragged out every year though.  Love it. )
Indigo straight leg jeans turned up - Jigsaw
Tan clog sandals - NW3 by Hobbs
Resin horn necklace - Mango
Cognac cross body bag - Campomaggi from Plumo

Coming up - once more unto the Sales breach, dear friends, once more.

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15 comentarios:

  1. Had to laugh re the stool comment, I did exactly that last week. One leg shorter than the others until indecency was achieved. One pair of jeans in the bin!

    Bought a gorgeous pair of boyfriend shots from H&M last week, did begrudge paying the same price as some of their jeans though for a lot less fabric. Squeak, squeak.

    Looking forward to wearing them on hols with a white cotton kaftan type top, but tucked in.

  2. I really like that outfit with the raspberry jeans, it totally works!

  3. I really liked the red outfit too, it had a stylish ethnic vibe to it.

    I would have to say I am so pleased I found your blog, I just turned 36 and have been really fed up with all the style pages showing clothes on teenagers. It's great to see how to wear clothes in a fresh way for our age. Thanks.

  4. I almost only wear shorts in the winter when I can hid my imperfections (read: dimples!) under opaque tights :-)

  5. I would most definitely wear shorts if I had your legs!!! You will look amazing!!! Love your coloured jeans xx

  6. I love shorts - but then everyone would if they lived in Atlanta - women of ALL ages wear them - there is no stigma attached to wearing them at all regardless of age. I love JCrew's chino shorts - lots of colors and lengths from 3" to bermudas. I used to prefer shorter shorts but quite like bermudas this year - you just have to be careful they don't look too frumpy. My favorite denim shorts are JCrew's selvedge shorts from a couple of years ago but I nearly bought the Gap boyfriend ones this year - Gap again are coming up trumps.

  7. My goodness I can't see anything wrong with the first outfit, I really really like it!

  8. I am so pleased to see your Monsoon top. I bought mine when I was pregnant with my daughter - about 5 years ago, as well. I've had it hanging around as I do love it so much, but it's just massive on me. Shall take your advice and shrink it so I can start wearing it.

    I'm in agreement with others, I like the first outfit as well.

    PoppysStyle is spot on about the Gap shorts. I'm now in Texas (hello, 100 F yesterday) and they are fantastic.

  9. How I wish I could wear shorts, but I always look like a gawky, colt-legged schoolchild in them, which is not a good look at 46!

  10. I have a very, very old pair of Levi shorts. If they are good enough for Jennifer Aniston then they're good enough for me. They get an airing when I fish the suitcases out. After the holiday they get shoved back into a drawer. I know you have given us a wonderful array of styles and colours but I prefer to keep my legs firmly under lovely denim or linen wraps. x p.s I find the TS Leigh jeans to be just a little too 'cut off the blood supply' skinny for me. :)

  11. Obviously shorts are something that I no longer wear (pout!!) but damn you! Now I'm lusting after the trouser version of those Marant-ish M&S shorts!!

  12. You're tall and slim - perfect shape for shorts! Who cares what your age is? I'm a little older, shorter and ever so slightly larger than you and I wear shorts *when we get decent weather* or on holiday. No-one else cares and if they do that's because they're wondering if they could steal your look - really! :-)

  13. I love the raspberry jeans on you Kat! Fab TK finds, fellow lover of the R Lauren there. I prefer shorts to skirts in the Summer, feel much safer in them running around after the kids! x

  14. Bloody LOVE that Monsoon top! L O V E! But onto the subject of shorts .... which I too want to wear this 'Summer' (ahem) .... What do you wear on your feet when you wear them? I've found, and bought, two pairs but am struggling with appropriate footwear! Converse make me feel 12, heels (even mini ones/wedges) make me feel like I should be posing by a pool in Vegas, flip flops are too casual. I don't think ballerina pumps look right and I'm yet to find my dream sandals! Any tips/suggestions? x

  15. Love the raspberry jeans...whole outfit is excellent.