I'm going to mention the C word.


Now I'm always pontificated (ie talked out of my behind) how I don't do coats.  I have a criminally large number of jackets, blazers and lots of lighter weight knitted thingies (coatigan if you're that way inclined).  But I've never been a proper coat lover.  As I mentioned last year (whilst being shot down in flames by most people *has fire blanket at the ready*), they've just not figured on my radar for a number of reasons. 

Primarily the price.  A good coat has historically been expensive.  Which means a significant proportion of the budget gets blown.  Which means you need to get a lot of wear out of it.  And I am a fickle sod.  I don't like wearing the same thing a lot.  Make that fickle and shallow. And you can add slightly pathetic if you so wish.  Don't get me wrong, if I do get something new, yes chances are you'll see me living in it for a couple of weeks and I'll certainly wear it a lot during the season and the next.  

Maybe it's because I've never seen a coat that I've really loved - I think actually that may be it, as - thinking out loud here - I've spent a not inconsiderate amount on my All Saints leather jacket which is coming up to 4 years old and gets lots of wear (and I've no plans on retiring it any time soon).  Ditto my 3.1 Phillip Lim military grey coatigan (although this and my LV scarf were both following a miscarriage and I was in a really rubbish place)

I'm also considering splashing out this year on a really good trench coat.  Hmm maybe because it's a classic item?  Ditto my chocolate leather biker. (and the coatigan has done coming up to 6 years) 

I guess I haven't come across a classic coat that I can justify spending money on.  And at the end of the day, we all have things that are important to us in our wardrobe.  Those weak spots.  Mine being shoe and handbag shaped.  With a slight jacket edge to them.  Not forgetting that scarf shaped spot as well.... But a coat spot?  Well...

Until now.  It was only a matter of time but I think I've caught the coat bug (never let it be said that I don't change my mind more often than I change my knickers) 

With my bargain oversized tweed Zara coat (ok so it probably does fully belong under the longline jacket banner as it's not lined and is definitely a Spring/Autumn number), I have opened the floodgates and am loving all things loose and man like. 

These coats make sense to me.  No they don't look the smartest and there is definitely a whiff of the 80's about them.  But it means I don't have to think about what I'm wearing underneath it - another old coat bug bear of mine - not being able to wear a bulky or square jumper with a fitted coat or risk Michelin man status. 

Whereas you could hide a multitude of sins under these babies. 

Now I've seen loads around but whilst having a look on ASOS - well, I hit coat heaven.  So I've decided to do a couple of coat round ups (and this is only the beginning of the season, so there will be oodles more). 

But this one is dedicated to the wonderful ASOS.  I used to shop here loads actually - free delivery and free next day delivery at that if you order over £100 (which isn't hard to do - especially with free returns, it's so so easy to get carried away)  - but somehow it's slipped my radar the last season or so. 

I've even managed to snaffle a couple of sales bargains at the end. 

ASOS Mohair coat with leather trim  £80  Love the colour of this.  Would go with absolutely everything and the perfect coat to take you into Autumn without being too dark and wintery. 

ASOS Textured Longline coat  £80 Ok so this is probably falls under my category of knitted thingies but I love it.  Unstructured yet classic. 

Monki Oversized Boyfriend Coat - £70  This is fabulous.  By our friend from H&M.  Smart enough for work.   But ideal for casual as well. 

ASOS Longline Coatigan - £75 In Grey  Adore. 

And in navy 

Multistich Ovoid Coat £80

ASOS Piped Cocoon Coat - £75

Mags & Pye Print Coatigan £55 Ok this is my ringer.  Not remotely practical but it's half price in the sale and there is something about it I adore.  Probably the extensive amount of animal print. 

ASOS Back detail textured coat in Beige - now half price at £50  So the first of my super bargains.  

And in Blue now £60 

Vera Moda Coat £45  Again, a wonderful work coat but just as fabulous with jeans for the weekend.  And a night out.  Even a wedding.  Or a funeral.  Ideal for all occasions. 

Finally my outfit from yesterday.  Not quite cold enough yet but we're getting there.  I'm torn between not wanting the summer to end (this is in direct correlation with how quickly my tan is fading if I'm being really truthful) and wanting to crack out the A/W wardrobe. 


White and navy linen t-shirt - Zara
Straight leg jeans rolled up - Zara
Tan belt - Primark
Tan stud thong sandals - Tesco
Navy quilted jersey blazer - Next
Chestnut bag - Campomaggi from Plumo
Silver starfish necklace - Tiffanys
Leather cuff - Warehouse
Sunglasses - Tom Ford
Hat - TK Maxx

Have you started coat shopping yet?  Is an oversized coat on your list or are they all a bit too bag lady for you?  Seeing as it appears that bag lady chic is on heading my list of looks this season, I'm obviously a huge fan. 

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17 comentarios:

  1. I love so many of these! I love coats though - I definitely have too many and I am off to research ASOS now

    1. Can you have any too many? Wash your mouth out!! ASOS is a true mine of fabulous things if you look hard enough x

  2. I ordered the ASOS coatigan in navy in February but decided against it as I thought we were moving in to Spring/Summer. It's a very flattering fit. I sized down. But for winter, with a few layers, go for your usual size.

    And I love the weather we're having but I am a little bored of the old summer wardrobe too. I want to break out the coats!

    1. I am so with you on the weather. Loving it - but still hankering to break into my A/W stuff!

  3. I am the total reverse of you, with my absolute favourite purchase being 'the coat',I was pondering why and realised that it stems from all those days when I was larger than most standard sizing. Coats will always fit, so there's no embarrassment in the communal changing room set up, and a fab coat can draw attention away from unwanted pounds better than any other garment. Plus you can go up and down in size and get away with wearing them, I still have all of my size 16+ wrap coats from the 90s and I love them on a cold day with layer underneath. )n fact I have a coat for every occasion!

    1. oh well done you on the weight loss. You must have a pretty large closet! I have to say I've got some gems from years ago that I should either wear or get rid of. Looking forward to adding to my stash this year though. x

  4. I love coats..... Great for the school run if a little not put together, thrown on a great coat and tada.......you look well,........better. X

  5. I'm addicted to coats, I don't think I should buy a single one this season. My B/F will leave me. :D

    I do quite like that first grey asos one though.

    1. I will admit I may be running out of jacket storage space....

  6. Thanks for the heads up, wouldn't have thought to check out ASOS for coats but what a great selection!!

    I'm after a pea coat this season after just seeing the gorgeous Michelle Williams on Mail Online wearing one for the school run!! If only I could hope to look so good!!

  7. Well I live in Manchester so numerous coats from October to April are mandatory! Coats are the bane of my life as am always hunting for the perfect one with a hood as have curly hair that I Remington big curl dry like you and I push a buggy so no hand free to hold an umbrella! Just ordered that grey and tan hooded belted coat from Zara but it's going back as it looks like a dressing gown on me - the fabric is really cheap looking. I got a gorgeous black hooded coat from laredoute last year but it picked up everything and needed dry cleaning every 10 minutes so totally impractical. I love all of the coats you've picked out, especially the red animal print, and am interested to see how you'll style them. I couldn't really wear this crombie cocoon style as I'm 5 3 and need waist definition. Keep a look out for hooded coats will you please ir share with us which type of rain hat you used to wear when you were buggying it sans hands! Have a great day

  8. Coats. Yep, I concede they are funny items, cost a boat load and bore easily. I've got a new approach to them now, I think about it like this - I will wear it to the car (10 secs), from car to office (10 sec) lunch time (1 hr) and then out shopping and lunching at weekends... And here is where I fall into murky waters that irritate me. I go shopping and lunching and I get so hot and bothered in the shops honking the coat on and off!!! Annoying. So I started to look around charity shops (I appreciate not everyone will be up for this) but low and behold I found two wool and cashmere full length coats that were perfect, belted in same fabric, no buckles and extras just pure luxury warm caramel and black block fabric all for a tenner PLUS a pair of Manolo sandals for £4.50 they are real and I'm happy to post any pics of the beauty's to prove they are and that they are lovely! A true beaky bloom wood moment in the cats protection league that day! At first I thought I'd look like a member of the pet shop boys when wearing said coats but not so. Moral of story I'm wittering on about.... Don't spend a boat load on something that will bore u after two weeks - maybe raid TK Maxx for a few and have a choice - or the cats protection league :) carrie xx

  9. Love the ASOS grey mohair one - now winging its way to me-wards! Will let you know what it's like in the flesh.

  10. Hi Kat, love your blog ;-)

    Would love to manage your funky jacket with lovely warm scarf combo you had last year but I just get sooooo cold. I seem to spend all winter in a lovely outfit, completely obscured by several layers of jumpers and puffa-style jackets just so I don't turn to an ice block. I look like a bag lady all winter ;-(

  11. There are some great coats here - but what would you advise for a downpour when holding an umbrella isn't an option (buggy)? Is it possible to get a stylish winter waterproof coat???