Shopping ban's going well.


As you can see.

The problem is, if you even begin to entertain the thoughts of a self imposed spending ban, you're doomed.  Bargains will start appearing everywhere and it's just impossible to not resist (well, clearly it is, but I have the backbone of a mussel).   I honestly thought that I'd scraped the absolutely dregs of the Zara sale barrel but apparently not.  A couple of weeks with not a shop in sight has obviously given me a new lease of sales life. 

So a cheeky little coat (which I'll come back to - needless to say it's not actually a coat, more of an oversized jacket.  As The Husband said, "that is so not you". Hmmmm, not entirely sure whether that's a good or bad thing) and a sweatshirt.  

A sweatshirt which I had wanted at the beginning of the summer but which sold out and I couldn't find it online, so it was just rude not to leave it there for the princely sum of £9.99 (from £29.99)  And once I'd broken the seal, well, the floodgates were opened. 

Oh and the reason one of the bags is so squashed is that I had tried to hide it from my 8 year old daughter and her friend who I had taken on a girls day out, but had said that I wasn't going to do any shopping.  Big fat fail there.  Hiding shopping bags from my 8 year old.  I have hit a new low.

But onwards and upwards, following on from the packing post, as I mentioned, one of the other items (first being a hat) I found invaluable and wish I'd taken more of (and yes, I know I did take a ludicrous amount of clothes but I never knowingly underpack) was a sweatshirt. 

Now last season, I embraced the sports luxe look (good lord that makes me sound like an utter tool - apologies) with my drawstring joggers.  This season, I've clearly been indoctrinated by all things slob as I'm heading into sweatshirt territory.  Not, I repeat, not to be worn with aforementioned trousers.  Full on tracksuit look - over my dead body.  But with a pair of skinny jeans and an oversized coat (aka jacket...), ankle boots or (yes, I know, two items of leisure wear together is definitely skating at the top of the slippery slope) wedge trainers.

And whilst we're on the subject of wedge trainers (I will be back.... my middle name is Arnie) my Russell & Bromley bag contains the bargain of the year....

However focussing on the sweatshirt today - here is my bargain from Zara.  I can't believe I'm actually secretly hoping we have a cooler day soon so I can wear it. 


And here is my pick of others out there that I could easily have in my wardrobe. 

Superdry Luxe Sorority Crew - £49.99 in vintage black   This is stunning in real life.  They have a plethora of colours online.  But we all know how adventurous I am with colour.  Not.   These would be my picks. 

In vintage grey 

Beckside Crew from Jack Wills £59.50  This is a tame grey version which would just be infinitely useful on every plane, train or automobile.  Make more exciting with a huge scarf (clearly not in the South of France but somewhere slightly less inclement)  

I also have my eye on the navy dot one which is on the same page online. 

Levi's Made & Crafted Yes Crew Sweatshirt from Atterley Road - £90  This has the Breton detailing on the inside - a subtle nod to stripes.  Again, perfect for every casual occasion.  Would love this grey and navy combo with a pair of khakis. 

Whistles comes up trumps as per usual - am having a total love in with that place at the moment.  Not entirely sure whether I do or don't want Grazia to do another 25% off voucher. 

Whistles Graphic Quilted Sweat - £65

And in an off white again £65

This has a more feminine edge to it from Jigsaw - love the detailing on the arm. 

Double faced jersey sweater - £49.95 

Very much taken with the drop shoulder detail of this sweater from New Look (now I'm perhaps wrongly assuming it's a sweatshirt sort of fabric - if it's a nasty poly knit then I apologise now.  But I did find it under the sweatshirt category so...)

Monochrome Jacquard sweater from New Look - £17.99

Injecting some colour into the proceedings - this one in my new fave Lime shade.  This will work beautifully with grey and black in the Autumn.  Bargain from ASOS 

Boyfriend Sweatshirt only £20

And one in a strawberry pink - reduced now from £40 to £14.50.  Love it with the white tee underneath.   Cheap Monday sweatshirt from ASOS. 

However leaving my two faves (apart from the Superdry ones which I think are gorgeous) till last.   Yes we're back to grey. 

The Acid Wash Sweatshirt with Eyelets from ASOS - £35

And finishing with another sales bargain.  This is a really great option with some already built in bling.  Have seen this in real life and it's definitely one to see you through to the A/W. 

Phase Eight Cara Jewelled Jumper in Praline - now £25.  Only available in a Medium

So it seems I'm covering the gambit of leisurewear moving into my 40's.  Have I finally succumbed to pure comfort?!  Next step, those tartan slippers with the zip up the side and the pom pom on the top, as seen at the back of the mags from a Sunday newspaper.  Kill me now. 

And what I've been wearing.  Warm weather still here.  And I actually seem to have acquired a tan along the way.  Not a fake tan mitt has been near my body for weeks.  It's a miracle. 


Coral linen racer back top - Zara
Straight leg distressed jeans rolled up - Zara
Silver bean necklace - Tiffanys
Brown leather cuff - Hultquist
Rose gold Havaianas

Lunch with friends yesterday and a trip to my fabulous hairdresser Daniel Jordan.


Black jersey dress with rope detail - All Saints
Black flip flops - Primark
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang
Silver cuff - Banana Repbulic
Silver bean necklace - Tiffanys 

And out for a bbq last night with friends. 


Black top with coated sleeves - Cos
Real straight jeans rolled up - Gap
Washed black suede jacket - All Saints
Black gladiator heels - Burberry
Snakeskin clutch - Michael Kors
Pegasus necklace - Stella & Dot
Gold razor blade cuff - McQ by Alexander McQueen
Gold link bracelet - Made from Whistles

Am busy compiling my winter wishlist (clearly necessary whilst on a, albeit totally failed, shopping ban).  But shall be back next time with my last holiday essential. 

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18 comentarios:

  1. I Love your black all saints dress. Your hair looks fabulous too '

  2. Great hair ! Love that black maxi all saints dress.

    1. thank you! I've had it for years. Drag it out every year. x

  3. Your tan is lovely and your new hair too! Any thoughts on boden autumn collection....

    1. Thank you! I need to compile my Boden shopping list. Good point. x

  4. Good review re sweatsshirts - hadn't thought about getting one but now think I will. Black dress super - a glamorous lunch guest indeed.

    1. Oh excellent! And the dress is only a jersey dress in real life - it just photographs really well. But thank you xx

  5. I'm also loving sweatshirts at the moment, loving your zara purchase. How glam do you look for lunch with your friends. Fabulous darling xx

    1. Great minds. Am over the moon with the sweatshirt. And honestly I didn't look that glam close up. It's just a beautifully cut dress that photographs well! But thanking you kindly xxx

  6. Ah, the old self imposed spending ban... I always fall foul of it. Mind you, I'm the same with food and dieting! You look stunning in the black maxi dress. Loving the tan too! x

    1. Absolutely pants, isn't it?! So pleased it's not just me xx

  7. looking for some advice please......looking for some ankle / mid calf tan boots but i have really skinny ankles so Im struggling! any help much appreciated :)

    1. hmmm I'll give it some thought and there will be some ankle boot posts coming up, that's for sure! You could always try Duo Boots (just google) as they do specialist sizes if you're really struggling xx

  8. Loving your Zara sweatshirt the most - you need look no further! Btw, not a wierd question given previous posts, what bra are you wearing in your coral racer back top - looks really natural - tips please! Am beyond jealous that you have a natural tan - thought you were a fellow Irish skinned girl who either burns or stays albino-esque. I have been hammering the fake tan and now look caked and streaked - about to attempt to soak it off in the bath.
    The All Saints dress is outrageously gorgeous.

    1. AHA! The bra is the moulded strapless one from M&S that I posted a while bag. Have worn it so so much - love it. DEfinitely worth the extra money. And finally, yes, I seem to have tanned - it only really happens if I dedicate myself to it or stay outside in the sun in mid 20's temps which it was in France. Also use a lower factor and just reply it a lot more often that you normally would. Fake tan I can't recommend St Tropez highly enough xxx

  9. Replies
    1. Oh thakn you. I honestly owe it all to my fabulous hairdresser! x