Not that I need an excuse to buy one of these...

But the third and final holiday essential for me was...... a scarf.  

Now it's been well documented that have a rather unhealthy obsession with scarves.  To be fair (to me!) I have been fairly abstemious in my purchase of scarves this year (she says clearly not wanting to think about it in too much detail.  Quickly moving on....) but I did take my two most recent purchases with me to France.  

And boy were they useful.  As I mentioned, perfect for the boat, the car (as a pillow), cooler nights and days and just a general extra throw on. 

Not that anyone actually needs an excuse to buy a new one but, whilst we're on a roll, I also think that they're the perfect addition to an A/W wardrobe.  When you're still making your mind up about which direction you should head (I know, I know, another crappola fashionista thing to mumble), a cheeky scarf purchase is the ideal pick me up to give life to either those clothes you've been wearing all summer but need another layer or those A/W clothes from last year that you've worn to death (and to be fair, we were wearing them until June, weren't we?)

I am abstaining as I did snag (courtesy of one of my bessies who picked it up for me) the Hot Air Balloon scarf from Lily & Lionel at Whistles that I had been coveting all last season (I love it when a plan comes together). 

I will admit though that I have some vouchers from my 40th which I haven't yet spent and am toying with another hideously expensive Louis Vuitton scarf from Selfridges (where said vouchers are from).  My justification is that as expensive as my last one was (a Christmas present from The Husband after I'd just had a miscarriage so poignant), I have worn it more times than anything else I own in the last 6 years.  Even the 8 year old says it's the one thing she can't wait to borrow when she's old enough (haven't broken it to her that she's only going to get her hands on it when I'm six feet under).  I was going to say they're like pieces of art but I won't, as even to me, on reflection, that is a beyond ludicrous statement (however were you to ask me what I'd prefer - an LV scarf or a painting, I would take all of about 5 seconds to make my mind up and would be walking away with a warm neck) 

But talking at the far more sensible end of the market, here we have a lovely selection of new ones out there.  

Now I've no idea what this is like in real life, as to me it seems that a chiffon pashmina is a contradiction in terms, but the good people at River Island nevertheless have come up with a great geometric pattern - perfect for bringing your wardrobe up to date.  Loving the monochrome navy and cream look.

River Island Geo Uptown Chiffon Pashmina  £15.00

Fringed Graduation Scarf from Anthropologie £44   This would have worked perfectly for my more boho camping vibe.  Lovely for now with a denim jacket. 

Petal Applique Infinity Scarf from Anthropologie £44  Something about this which I find appealing.   Maybe it's my obsession that's growing with all things monochrome but the flash of colour making it not so totally A/W.

ASOS Pom Embellished Oversized Scarf - £25  Simply adore the colours of this and the subtle pom pom detailing.  This would, I think, work as well in the Summer as it would in the Autumn and Spring with a leather jacket or parka. 

This one I also think would be marvellous for summer nights.  Am loving the fact it's just that bit more unusual.  To me, this works perfectly over those plain tees and jeans.  Alternatively I may just be having a pom pom moment. 

ASOS Premium Neon Stripe Oversized scarf with Pom poms - £40 

Going back to my usual comfort zone of all things colourless, these two from Mint Velvet are scrumptious.   Lovely and large in real life and definitely worth the £39.  

Mint Velvet Tassel Embroidered Scarf in Grey  £39

And in Stone 

Collection by John Lewis Peony Scarf in Grey/Pink £45.  100% wool.  I think this is one of the best options I've seen in a long time.  This is a great size as well. 

Whistles come up trumps as per usual.  This is now a bargain at £25, the same pattern as the new dress I have.  Again, perfect Autumnal tones to see you through into the cooler months. 

Whistles Scattered Petal Scarf - £25

You cannot escape all things animal print this season (my inner Bet Lynch is swinging from the rafters) and this leopard scarf in a grey print with tan/brown tones is perfect.  And a bargain! 

Leopard Print oversized Scarf from ASOS now £12.50

Now this year I am going to try and not get ensnared by an animal logo - I succeeded last year and left the large print front jumpers to the young uns.  But I do have a thing about foxes (go figure).  This navy and rust Foxie snood from New Look isn't going to be the best quality in the world and certainly isn't going to keep you toasty warm but for less than £8.00 and to keep the chill off your neck on a warmer night, I absolutely love this. 

New Look Foxie Snood - £7.99

Finally finishing with some wonderful Becksondergaard ones from Atterley Road.  They sell these in a lot of independent shops and I've also seen them in Fenwicks.  Gorgeous quality and I would say worth the money. 

There might be a 20% off code with Atterley Road.  Try OFFER20 - not sure if it's still working.  Also works on new season stuff (so get shopping!) 

Moonlight scarf  £75  Just the prettiest colours. 

Leopol Scarf £69.  Again how fabulous are these colours?  This will be stunning with pretty much every colour I can think of - perfect for the A/W (trying desperately to think if I have a pink scarf - I could definitely do this one justice).  As good with black, grey, as brown, tan or navy. 

Hearts of Wool Scarf - £69 

And I could have gone on and on.  Atterley Road have a great selection of scarves. 

Any there that you could justify buying?

Finishing with me clinging on to (hopefully not) the last vestiges of summer.  I seemingly have gone from the sublime to the ridiculous with my legs.  Apologies you must be beyond sick of seeing them now.  It's supposed to be rainier this weekend so we should see some trouser action, you'll be pleased to hear. 


Distressed denim shorts - Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren
Purple & yellow beaded silk top - Anitk Batik
Tan studded sandals - Tesco
Mini Antelope pendant - Bill Skinner
Stone maxi zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch


Paisley silky top - Zara
Red cut off shorts - Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren
Black thong sandals - Zara
Black sunglasses - DIor
Black and gold razor blade cuff - McQ by Alexander McQueen
Silvery bean necklace - Tiffanys
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang

Am putting together the beginning of a wish list for A/W.......

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21 comentarios:

  1. The John Lewis peony scarf for me!

    1. Gorgeous isn't it. Looks like a Mulberry one to me. x

  2. Love the River Island offering .. and I'm soooo glad it's coming back into scarf season. (yes, I know, I'm running for cover now!!)

    1. I can hold out for another couple of weeks.... just....... But then I shall be all over boots. Oh boots.....

  3. Agree with Helen - am off to get the River Island one tomorrow . Me too - love the scarf season. Have missed them this summer !!

  4. I love scarves, but struggle with them in summer...
    I saw The Guardian had a video of the new "fashion" way to tie scarves being like a giant bib, in their "how to dress" series.

    1. That's been the easiest way to wear square scarves for years! Much more difficult to achieve with a rectangle one. I love a scarf all year round. Easy to justify as I wear them so much! xx

  5. The pink leopard from atterley road is beautiful! Still not sick of seeing your legs & summer outfits, the two here are lovely. That purple Antik Batik top is one of my favourites of yours! We're off to Somerset this weekend (in the rain) so I was planning to dig the odd scarf out!


    1. Thank you! I bought that scarf for a wedding when I was 6 months pregnant (I have shrunk it....) with my son who will be 7 in October. PRoves that it's worth buying something that you really love and paying the money for. Comes out every year - just love it. xx

  6. Scarves. The cornerstone of every at outfit. Great selection you've brought to the table. Am obsessed with jackets and scarves now. Also... I think u should get the LV scarf, your daughter is bound to end up with one in the not too distant future when u aren't looking - squashed at the bottom of a PE kit smeared in muller yoghurt and biro. ;) x

    1. Oh my god I have just been brought out in hives thinking about that! The one I"m thinking of is just a plain light gold/camel coloured one - with the LV print as part of the weave (if that makes sense.....). Same colour as one of my pashminas which I have worn to death since buying 12 years ago so I know I'll get wear out of it. Will maybe make a trip next week. xx

  7. Well, you're preaching to the converted here...I cannot wait to get wearing them every day again...pesky weather :)
    Like Lou, I love that purple top. You guys are so lucky to still have shorts weather. We've got muggy wet hard to dress for! x

    1. Have to say I can feel the weather is on the turn - which is a bit of a bummer seeing as we've got 3 weeks left of the holiday. Scary thought.......!!!!

  8. Ooo, I love a good scarf too! Good selection.

    Think you look particularly great in that last outfit, colour really suits you and it's nice to see you in something bright. Coveting your Zara top like mad...


    1. Oh thank you. That's definitely as bright as I'll go - although I do have yellow jeans on today. But have dumbed them down with lots of black! That top was a bargain in the sale actually - has been v useful. xx

  9. Love the Whistles scarf....bought the dress after seeing your picture! Couldn't resist and its such a nice pattern. Can I ask your opinion on these.....

    1. The dress is great isn't it. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE those boots and have bought them on my wish list. I completely need to upgrade my ASOS ones and they look like a great option. Great find. I have yet to embrace boot shopping yet - can't wait!! xxx

    2. Im the one with the thin ankles from the other day so hoping these will look ok! thank you for letting me knew your opinion, i think its great how you respond to questions. :)

  10. Kat - I am thinking slipper shoes - of course the Penelope Chilvers palm tree version - skinnies, a roll neck, collarless coat.....arggghh are there any cheaper versions out there that look as cool as the PC ones??