Soggy hems

How to sell an item... but well, frankly you need to be fairly weather savvy when it comes to wearing these.  These have been a staple in my wardrobe for years.  Ever since I've been donning the trainers.  As I think they are the perfect footwear partner for this pair of... 


And today we're not talking cropped, we're looking at floor sweeping numbers.  Hence the soggy hems.  Because alas - I do think these need to scuff the floor almost.  Or even just definitely scuff the floor.  They need to "pool"... Which does mean that we don't really want to spend a huge amount of money on them as - well frankly, I would rather have them super long and machine washable as opposed to immaculately cut, pristine and me blow a gasket every time I got them remotely damp.  Not to mention no dry cleaning pretty please. 

Where have I found mine in the past?  Oh hello Mr Marks and Mr Spencer...

I couldn't find any last year but these are definitely definitely worth ordering.

Now they do go in and out of stock... 

Crepe Wide Leg Trousers from M&S £35 And I'm just going to throw it out there that these don't look the best here.  To put it mildly... BUT they are amazing.  I PROMISE (see pic below of me in it and see what I mean when I say about them needing to be almost touching the floor - not hovering above your court shoe.  BUT that's just my personal opinion).

These are also from M&S and are very similar... I haven't tried them but I would think that it's only that the quality isn't quite as good.

Crepe Wide Leg Trousers from M&S £29.50

If they're not in your size though (and I know they are in short supply... SORRY!  Don't blame me - blame M&S!) then these from ASOS DESIGN are definitely worth a look.  

ASOS DESIGN Wide leg trousers with pleat detail £25

Don't say I don't give you anything as they also do these in a tall!  £25

There are also these but I'm not sure they have pockets.  And no pockets are a NO WAY in my book.  Although these are pretty darn perfect... black pussy bow blouse - that's my Christmas outfit right there.

High waist palazzo pants from Mango £49.99

Black velvet now from M&S in three different leg lengths.

Velvet Wide Leg Trousers from M&S £45  I did check and these aren't supposed to be cropped, I'm pretty sure...

How about a side stripe (LOVE these.. not for the super tall but for everyone else - go forth and purchase and I shall be jealous...)?

Collusion side stripe trousers £25  Black with red velvet... 

HOLD YOUR HORSES!! They do them in a tall... WHOOP! (ordered!)  These with a black blazer, red jumper or tee and white trainers.  Oh HELLO!  I have a whole host of things in my wardrobe that will perfectly with these.  

Collusion side stripe trousers in tall £25

Or another side stripe from Mango... black and yellow. *prays they're long enough*.

Mango Wide Leg Trousers £49.99

Check Suit Trousers from Mango £49.99

Yellow check.  Yes.  OH YES!  But these I'm sure they don't do in a tall.  PLEASE someone buy them and wear with a black polo neck and black blazer.  All the awesome and then some.

Daisy Street Wide Leg Checked Trousers £27.99

And these aren't for those who can't keep things clean!  But they do go in the washing machine so....

Contrast Seam trousers from Mango £49.99

Here I am in mine... these are the M&S ones from above and they are superb.  Says a prayer you can get them in your size....!

Trousers - M&S (current)
Coat - M&S (aw18)
Jumper - Bella Freud from Black White Denim (current)
Bag - Loewe from Matches (aw17)
Trainers - Russell & Bromley (gift from press day - these are the men's!)
Sunglasses - Walter & Herbert (current)

I will be back tomorrow -  I'm definitely going to be talking blazers.  And a blazer that's not just for Christmas, but is for life.  I have a sick child here who has a raging temperature so chances of him recovering tomorrow are not high (and I'm super busy at the end of the week so I'd rather he slept off tomorrow for one day than have three days off at the end of the week!). 

So talk to me about the wide leg trousers.. a yay or a nay...?

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13 comentarios:

  1. I a bit undecided as far as these go, despite having two pairs (one midnight silk velvet that I got married in). I have periods when I think they're just right and then other times when they're meh!
    The velvet ones get styled with heeled boots and a tee, and the other pair with a cashmere sweater and sneakers. They are long enough not to drag, I'd hate that. So maybe more styling options would be a good thing...

    1. You see for me - they only really work if you can only just seen the shoes, which does necessitate the need for some draggage! Unless you wear heels and then get that just a teensy bit off the floor which I LOVE but being tall it's never going to happen!!!

    2. Seeing as I have had to turn them up (as per usual), they are slightly longer at the front than the back, so they pool slightly on the forefoot, but don't drag at the back!

  2. I've a navy pair I occasionally love and a black pair that I've just binned as they wore out on the hems (unsurprisingly). I had a practically perfect in every way French Connection pair except they didn't have pockets so never got worn! Now on a the hunt for a new black pair so will give he M&S pair a go. I take it you have the long? If it's not rude, what is your actual inside leg. I'm nowhere near as tall as you but am short of body (or maybe long of leg sounds better :D). xx

    1. Yup they have got to have pockets. Well I haven't had my inside leg measured for a while but it used to be 36inches from crotch to floor.

  3. Will these look good on a person who is short and a tad 'rounded' ? asking for a friend xx

    1. I would wear something fitted on the top - it all depends if it's a look you like or not but yes, absolutely you can wear them!

  4. Yay yay all the way Fitted cashmere and a pointy flat love love

  5. As a shorty, my trousers are always covering my shoes (usually concealing a 3" heel) because I think it makes me look taller. And if taller, by extension thinner. So it makes me sad that I can't do trousers like these with trainers without feeling like a hobbit. Back at university, my roommate and I dubbed wide legged trousers, big feminist pants. To be true to our term, I had to use the American for trousers. Which is not to say that I don't enjoy "big pants" or in American parlance, "granny underwear."

  6. Yay, I’m soooo happy you’re tall! I’m 5’10” and get sooo fed up with trousers that are just not long enough. I also struggle getting tops/jackets etc that don’t have the cuff hovering above my wrist (how is the arm in the Hush Onyx?). Problems, problems...xx
    P.S hope poorly boy is well soon

  7. I have the mango pair with yellow side stripe! They’re navy, super long, pockets, good fit and I get so many compliments/requests where I got them. Highly recommend if your a lanky lass like me and the pool/puddle struggle is real!

  8. Has everyone already forgotten the documentary about the suffering caused by the fashion industry?

  9. Seeing as the pair of velvet trousers I got married in are 9 yrs old, and my other pair about 2 yrs, and I consider carefully what I buy, I can truthfully say I havent forgotten. This blog helps give me options when i am looking for something new, but it also helps me shop my wardrobe! And that helps me fall back in love with a forgotten item that i may otherwise have got rid of!