Almost a neutral

And no I'm not talking leopard print.  I'm talking a good stripe.  First off, this is the one thing that drives the husband bonkers.  Utterly mad.  When the boys were little, there was nothing I loved more than a pair of those delicious Boden checked baggies and a stripy top.   I could see virtual steam coming out of his ears - allegedly so offended he was with their outfits.  Snort. 

But I think it works.

Clearly we all know that when I have some big occasions coming up, the blog very much starts looking at things which would work for my outfit.  I'd like to think I'm that specific, composed and organised but, I'll be frank, it is very much a spray and pray approach.  I work on the assumption that if I look at enough options, one of them will jump out at me.  Or at the very least, I will remember that I have something very similar in my wardrobe and that would work just as well... 

Today it's striped tops.  We're not talking Breton here, we will save that little classic for another day.  Going back to my gracefully disgraceful pieces that we can chuck on with our classic outfits to bring it into the stripe trend of today.  By all accounts, from my exceptionally limited research which involved a flick through Grazia whilst I was having my hair done and a trip to Topshop (I appear to have covered the yoof bases there), it appears that stripes have gone colour a go go. 

And, as one who normally eschews anything brighter than khaki (although I clearly have found a little soft spot for red this season), this may come as a bit of an eye opener.  Yes, for someone who claims not to actually like anything remotely bright, I've even surprised myself by loving these.  

Main reason I think they work is because we're just coming into the time of year when a lot of us are over our Winter Wardrobes.  Yet it's too early to start thinking about all things Spring. 

So the ideal purchase for now is something that just add that bit of Spring life to our old favourites.  Even the old Spring wears from last year can be made to feel like completely new outfits with just the smallest of additions.  And that's where our gracefully disgraceful things come in.  They are small magic items that make us feel just that little bit better in the greyest of all months - January.  And today - it's the bright stripe.

For me - I'm trying to combine it with a new shape of item too - yes, I've done it recently but I'm all over it like a fat dog on cheese (I'm assuming all dogs love cheese?), it's the cropped top.  I should really say shorter top as if you look up cropped tops in most high street shops, it basically means knitted bra.  Which, at rapidly approaching 43, is not the look I am going for by any stretch of the imagination.

I mean a shorter top that works with high waisted skirts and trousers.  In particular my new LK Bennett skirt which I am so pleased with but am still digging my heels in at buying the £145 matching top to go with it... 

Plus - thinking about it for lunch and whilst the expensive top is great for a party (and I will no doubt cave as it's perfect for making the skirt into super dressy Occasion wear), I reckon I can get something a little edgier to also make the skirt work (all puke at my naff fashion terms.   Whilst we're here, seriously if anyone can think of a term for "on trend" that doesn't make one sound like one has disappeared up one's own backside, I'd be most grateful). 

So starting with one that does verge slightly more on the safe with regards to the colours but I like to think that the style takes it far enough away from your traditional breton.  The thought of any flesh (or muffin as it would be in my case) appearing with these makes me want to vom, however in the Tall, it should hopefully offer a modicum of decency.

Tall Stripe Crop Jumper from Topshop £26

But I'll be honest - it was this one that caught my eye.  Oh my heavens above, I absolutely love it.  You know sometimes, you see a collection of colours that just work.  That are so aesthetically pleasing you want to wear it?  This for me is it.  Perfection in a rainbow (ish).

Multi Stripe Crop Top from Topshop £29

It also doesn't look *that* short.  There would be no flesh flashing with this (assuming you don't wear it with low rise jeans.  If you do, you're on your own with this one).  But would it work with a black and white spot skirt... or will I look like I've got dressed in the dark?  I am not asking the husband his opinion on this as he may well have me committed. 

They also do this in a different colour way.  Personally I am more drawn to the tones in the one above but I'm wondering if this may be better with the basics that I own... I'm not sure though that either of them would go with my spot skirt.  DARN it.  Maybe if I were a braver person... I'm thinking the black and white one above is probably best.  Doesn't stop me hankering after the one above though... 

Multi Stripe Crop top from Topshop £29

Also at Topshop but slightly longer now with an unusual zip back.  This would be ideal for all our mid rise culottes, jeans and skirts.  Definitely back in the more classic comfort zone.  

Stripe Zip Back Jumper from Topshop £36

Again, slightly longer and back in some more traditional colours.  Two of my favourite colour combos at the minute - camel and navy.  Throw in grey and I am in (albeit to some... sludge?) heaven.  If you have a lot of navy, this is perfect for breathing a new lease of life into those old outfits.  Ideal with jeans and a camel or navy blazer or coat.  New outfit - done.

Cutabout Stripe Zip Crew Neck £42 from Topshop

Long and fitted now and this has extra long sleeves which, to an orang-utan like me, is always music to my ears.  Almost tempted to purchase as it's such a rarity.  Perfect with black cigarette pants for work, kick flares, sneakers and a leather jacket for the weekend.  Would also be perfect with a flat fronted A line skirt.  Or a pencil.  Optiontastic. 

Haycroft Clean Stripe Rib Sweater from Finery £45

Getting slightly more adventurous with the colours now.  This vaguely looks like something that the German Ski Team would have worn circa 1978 which could be a good or a bad thing.  Definitely a vintage vibe to it.

Glamourous Shrunken Fit knit £35

Moving up the ££ ladder now with this from Sonia Rykiel.  Love x a million.  The price - not so much..

Striped silk and cotton blend sweater from Sonia Rykiel £315 

Another looser style at MGSM. 

Striped intarsia cotton sweater £270

Different shapes now and this is perfect for over kick flares or skinnies.  Team with a pencil skirt for work and layer with a fitted poloneck.  Or over a white shirt with cigarette pants.  Super versatile for work, play or the school run. 

Whistles Structured Knit Jumper with back zip £110

Bargain time.

ASOS Striped Tunic was £35 now £22

Another split side complete bargain from ASOS.  I adore these colours.  Perfect for over those high waisted flares from last Spring.  Or (I'd personally wear a vest to eliminate muffin leaking at the sides..) with skinnies.  Also gorgeous with wide leg trousers.  Now at the moment, I'm all about the crop but I've got some full length ideas up my sleeve too.  (my stripey sleeve..)

ASOS Stripe Tunic was £32 now £9.50  Yes - less than a tenner...

But I've kept the best till last.  And I'm cheating hugely.  HUGELY.  As it's an arm stripe only.  Pathetic I hear you cry.  Yes, pathetic but oh how versatile.  My only massive massive bug bear is that it's navy.  I NEED it in black...

Harrison Stripe Cuff Jumper in navy from Whistles £95

So come on.. .fess up.. who else is suddenly having a hankering for stripes?  I can't get enough of them and am just wondering if I can really get away with one for my spot skirt or whether I'll look like I've raided Helena Bonham Carter's wardrobe.

Super cosy outfit for today with a very relaxed afternoon at home with friends over.


Navy jumper - Autograph at M&S
Indigo jeggings - Zara
Chunky cardigan - Zara
Brown suede boots - Eileen Fisher

Lovely lazy afternoon, back at 'em tomorrow and I'm off up to London for a meeting and a peak at some new season gems which I can't wait to report back on.  

In the meantime, planning continues for our night away at the "I fear maybe too cool for us" Soho Farmhouse and my lunch with the girls on Friday.  Oh how I love an outfit dilemma....

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22 comentarios:

  1. Hi Kat,
    You can never have too many stripes. The Whistles one is gorgeous! Have you looked at Wyse London - they have a rainbow stripe cashmere knit that might look gorgeous with your skirt? X

    1. aha... no I haven't. I'm sure I follow them in Insta, I'll have to go and have a look. Thank you xxx

  2. Hey, tried the Topshop one on last week (severe belly spillage) and the H&M one featured in Grazia it was a little too batwing for me.
    Some fab choices here. I love the whistles jumper. I need one to go with my pleated skirt after seeing the sickeningly stylish Alexa 45 I should grow up.

    As always fab blog! X

    1. YES YES YES! And yes, even on Queen Alexa, I think that it looks a bit meh tucked in and bunchy over the top. EVEN ON ALEXA. She needs cropped.... I can't believe the best ones are all in pigging navy and my skirts are all black. GAH. The search goes on....

      And yes, someone else on Insta said the H&M jumper was batwing. Eewwwww. Doesn't look like that on the pic does it? Did you try the multicoloured Topshop one on? The gorgeous one? I've got such a mareish week, I think I'm going to have to do a massive online order... (and then want to kill myself as I have to take it all back.... needs must...) I actually need to try them on with my tops and trews so that's the only option. Maybe I'll do comedy pics. And make sure no one is eating...

    2. Tried the navy and white & the coloured stripe - both so short! Doesn't help that I have plenty of boobage and squashed into a horizontal stripe, high neck crop wasn't a pretty sight! Looking forward to seeing your purchases & complete outfit!

    3. Ahhh. now I have zero in the way of appendages so perhaps it might be less skimpy?? I can but try...

  3. Love stripes and Jess agrees in her Guardian column this week:

    Also, the new-look blog is lovely - I forgot to say before. The labels work and it's all sleek and cool.

    1. Well there you - great minds..! (and I do not read the Guardian, funnily enough, although I love Jess, so maybe I should!).

      I'm going to do a big order and see if it works with the skirt... I have high hopes...!

      And thank you thank you thank you. I am most pleased with it! Still a couple of things I'm trying to sort out - email sign up and those squished pics but hopefully it will be done this week!

  4. Love this Topshop stripes!! But would they love me?? Not so sure at 45 and not so toned... The Whistles stripe is amazing too.

    1. I think it depends what you wear it with... Ribbed is definitely more flattering, as random as that sounds! It doesn't cling like lots of fabrics can and with stripes, you definitely don't want clingy.. I'm going to give it a go...

  5. Arm striped one from Whistles is gorgeous. The TopShop ones - am loving in a retro way, used to wear skinny rib roll neck tops from the 70s in the 80s as they were mega hand-me-downs from the family of 4 who lived next door to us

    1. Forgot to say - the colours were v similar, hence the love with the TopShop ones. Not that I will be purchasing anything of a cropped nature.

    2. I'm hoping these are shorter and will work perfectly with high waisted things as opposed to CROPPED! No one needs to be exposed to my rolls. And they are so 70s aren't they?!

  6. Bagged a multi colour striped bargain in Zara at Bluey yesterday...not seen it online but even had a bit of sparkle to it!! And what's not to love for a fiver??!! Xx

  7. Also sure you know Kat but tomorrow online only 20% off at M&S x

    1. Haven't looked at M&S recently to be honest with you but I need some more Emma Hardie so yes, I shall be ordering thank you!!

  8. Hi, not relevant to stripes but have you seen the reduced RO jacket is now back in stock in 12 & 14?

  9. Wouldn't your Bella Freud jumper look fab with your spot skirt? Or too 'casual' ? x

  10. Oh, yes I definitely remember skinny rib polo's. I had one in the 90s with stripes in shades of blue blue from gap. I wore it to pieces.

    I used to love dressing my kids in multi-coloured stripes when they were tiny too. So cute.

  11. The multi stripe crop tops from Topshop get my vote. Both colourways are fab but the red would probably go better with your wardrobe - I'm looking at you Gucci Soho Disco ;)x

  12. You said you'd like a term to use instead of "on trend" ? I like "modern" or "current"?