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Cropped tops.  Do not all guffaw at once. 

As I said yesterday, I finally have come round to acknowledging that these are the most perfect solution for full skirts.  For high waisted trousers these are one of the only options. 

I'm giving in to the cropped top.  

Now there are some disclaimers.  When I say cropped, I do not mean that there is one iota of flesh on show.  Cropped as in, to the waist.  We're talking cropped for the post 40s. Although to be fair, I wouldn't have worn one of the other versions post 30 and definitely not post 35 (aka baby number 3).  These are, dare I say it, the more mature version of the crop top.  Not the Victoria Secret's version.

Perhaps we should rephrase it as "The vaguely cropped top". 

I would not have entertained these in a million years, had you asked me yesterday.  But thanks to one very canny Sales Assistant at LK Bennett, she gave me one of these to try with the plethora of skirts I took into the changing room.  As seen in the blog from Tuesday.

"Try with a cropped top", she says confidently.  Much to the raised eyebrows of both myself and my friend (ok so the BFF was verging on a Tena moment whilst I tried to hold it together thinking, yeah right).  But this was no ordinary "cropped top".  This was an LK Bennett cropped top which of course was about three times as long as the hideous vision those scary words had conjured up in my mind.  This was decent.  There was no muffin flashing going in this beauty.

Alea Textured Crop top in Black from LK Bennett £145  Which also comes in a cream.

And even better, you have to size down in it.  I had a size Medium on which was too big and so a size Small was perfect.  It's not cheap.  It's really quite hideously expensive for, what is essentially a glorified jersey top.  

But it is, in fact, a magic top.  It's the perfect length (I have a short torso so am average sized in that capacity) for over high waisted skirts.  And it would also be absolutely perfect over wide legged trousers too.  

I thought I'd be able to find loads of these on the High Street.  How many times over the last couple of years have I picked up a top and thought, "Oh balls, it's cropped.  I'll be flashing the excesses of my debauched life in that.  That'll be a no".

Do you think I can find any of them now?  Of course not.  There aren't that many around at all.  A boxy cropped top that isn't Taylor Swift cropped (of which there are many if you fancy exposing a rib or two).  Very very few.  Which is why the LK Bennett one is suddenly more than a little bit awesome.

I did also see this below instore in a navy although they don't seem to have that online.  The Sales Assistant did say there was a lilac version which, again, we (subtly) rolled our eyes at.  Well I'm chomping humble pie as this, with the black and white skirt, looks absolutely amazing.  (clearly I need the shoes as well but they're for another day).

Malia Knitted Cropped Top from LK Bennett in heather was £95 now £65

So after extensive research today - there is a fine line between decent and not appropriate I have learnt - I can bring a couple of ideas.  They're not cropped in the teenage sense of the word, which many of you (if not all of you) will be very pleased to hear. 

May I present old lady cropped.

Black Grid Lace Top from Warehouse £50  If you teamed this with the black Coast skirt from yesterday's blog you basically have your own customised version of a Self Portrait dress.  For a third of the price - plus two other pieces which you can wear at other times.  

Boxy style knits are the other option that could also work.  And thank goodness they're in the sale now.  Ok, thank goodness, I found one in the sale now.  This is great neutral shade from Reiss (there is a matching high waisted pencil skirt if you wanted more options - and whilst we're here, a high waisted pencil skirt would work with any of these tops, as well as full skirts and trousers) 

This we did see yesterday and it's absolutely gorgeous - I only wish, hugely selfishly that it was black and white and not navy and white.  Either way, it's stunning (and no I don't need a navy skirt to go with it.  Having said that, I definitely have some high waisted trousers that have been burning a hole in my wardrobe for years and this year I shall be cutting them off for cropped wide legs and flares.  This would be pure perfection with them).  Orrrr, she says thinking aloud... stripe blue and white jumper, black and white spotty LK Bennett skirt and black and blue strappy ancient sandals from Reiss.  Oh hello....

Going slightly off piste now with my fabrics but to dress the skirt down, how about a sweatshirt fabric?  Can you tell these sorts of tops are VERY thin on the ground.  Yes that scraping sound you hear is me and a barrel.

This may actually be better.. (I'm thinking that perhaps the one above is more Miss Selfridge cropped as opposed to LK Bennett cropped.  The difference between the two is, I reckon, about 5 inches.) 

Boucle wool-blend sweatshirt was £34.99 now £19.99 from Mango  This one I Really like.  This is what I need to go with my Stella McCartney high waisted flared jeans that I never wear as - guess what - I don't have a top to go with them... I could be solving so many wardrobe issues with this.

Ok so I'm on a sweatshirt roll now and I love this one.  

Not sure about the fabric of this... I think personally I'd like something slightly more structured.  But it may be worth a try, depending on the fabric of the skirt.  But I do like the high neck and the sleeves.

Then of course we have the cropped turtle neck ones from ASOS.  Now.  I can imagine these are short.  Which is handily as I found them in a Tall.  Probably not so handy if you are actually tall and need Tall tall... 

But these have got to be worth a shot for £12, especially I think for high waisted trousers.   I think it's probably too "schlinky" for me to wear with a skirt.  I can see this would encase and highlight every single chocolate that I ate over the holidays that have now taken up full time residence around my midriff.  I can either do a shed load of sit ups (not likely) or resort to a sturdier fabric that isn't as unforgiving.

And I'm out.  Ok so there are possibly a few other places I could look but work was interrupted by a trip to the garage as I "may" have reversed into a wheelie bin and smashed my back light. 

I still also have fine knits to look at which are less boxy than boxy tops.  I am holding out more hope for these.  If I do happen to come across more decent length boxy tops then I will let you know.  Other than that, I think we all need to be hyper vigilant for an LK Bennett discount code...

First thing today and all the glamour not but all the practicality yes for a long dog walk with the shrinking dog.


Charcoal Adele jumper - hush
Coated skinny jeans - New Look
Black coat - Ilse Jacobsen
Back oversized scarf - Mint Velvet
Off white socks - Ilse Jacobsen
Wellies - Ilse Jacobsen
Black sheepskin wristwarmers - Topshop
Grey hat - Black 

And changed for meetings later on.


Charcoal Adele Jumper - hush
Coated skinny jeans - New Look
Camel coat - Zara
Fur scarf - New Look
Brown suede boots - Eileen Fisher
Brown suede bag - Coccinelle 

Tomorrow, we have a super exciting day as a family.  A rearranged Christmas holiday trip that had been due to take place on the day of my mum's funeral which school very kindly let me rebook for this week.  To say we are all ridiculously excited is an understatement.  Expelliarmus!!

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23 comentarios:

  1. You could try the 'Velvet front jersey top' from Karen Millen. It's £30 in the sale. Sorry, I tried pasting the link but it doesn't work. I'm 5'7 and it's vaguely cropped on me.
    I love your blog btw.

    1. I will check that out! Thank you xx

  2. I like the white Mango one, would be very practical and go with so much - although would obviously love the LK Bennett one too. Love, love, love your new blog layout. So easy to read and follow and really current format. Really like it. Lorraine x

    1. Thanks so much and thank you for all your lovely comments xxx

  3. I love the full skirts.
    I'm a fan of the Boden cropped cashmere cardigans. Being diminutive they're less frumpy on me than the longer ones.

    1. A little cardigan done up is another great option. So long as you are small of boobag (handily for me....!)

    2. I love the cropped cards as well!

    Have you seen this from French Connection? Works well with my high waisted culottes and now a total bargain!

    1. Will have a look thank you! These are just perfect for anything cropped, aren't they?! Thank you xxx

  5. Light bulb moment! I have a fabulous black tulle skirt that I have always struggled with what top to put with. Thanks a million.
    Cindy F

  6. Cropped tops? Who would have thought? A bit like tucking a top in, but better at hiding that post-baby non-existing waist. Would you say the trick is to stick with finer fabrics though? To avoid the boxy look as much as possible especially if you pair it with a full skirt?

    1. I've always struggled with the tucking in bit as I've never been able to tuck in neatly. And have always added inches to my already substantial girth. Seriously I have zero waist, and anything that draws attention to it is usually a total no no. But these cropped tops seem to just hover over the top and just make the proportions work. Like I said, it's a magic top. It should be at £145! But I can think of many options where it would work!

  7. I agree that slightly cropped is the way to go with full skirts and high waisted trousers. I also have to size down to avoid the boxy look (and I'm a completely different shape with a defined waist and hips).

    New blog looks great, btw.

    1. Not that it matters at all but yes, it is rather nice to size down occasionally!!

  8. The fashion fairies are watching over you Kat! Check this out Perfection with the Monique skirt and some leopard heels? x

    1. oh HELLO!! I didn't include any fine knitwear in this blog - am saving it for another blog and this will be perfect. Thank you xxx

  9. I've been all over these for a while - I have a small waist but am quite hippy, and I find a slightly cropped top (especially a fine knit jumper) and an A-line skirt is an excellent shape on me. Whistles had a great one in black - now in the sale or possibly sold out - which I have worn to death. I always wear a vest underneath and tucked in to prevent any accidental stomach flashing.

    1. A vest is a genius idea! Slightly cropped is exactly what it needs to be - with emphasis on the "slightly"..!

  10. I got a few last summer from asos to wear with high waisted skirts - works a dream!

  11. Loving those skirts .... And the new look blog

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