New Silhouettes

So this is an interesting one.  This for me is the perfect example of something classic that works in perfect conjunction with those newer "on trend" items out there.. I'm looking at you, wide cropped trousers.. Or those pesky midi skirts that we (me) can't master the perfect top to wear with them. 

There's nothing more frustrating than wanting to try something new out but not having anything to go with it.  

These are the perfect "classic" item that, for me, makes a disgraceful piece of clothing instantly more disgracefully graceful.  If you see what I mean... 

Tops.  Knitted, fitted tops.  That's what we're after today. 

They look (and sound) as if they should be ridiculously unflattering.  We're not talking clingy here, we're talking fitted.  Even semi fitted, that gives the illusion (in my case) of a shape.  As much as you would assume that it would cling to those lumps and bumps, believe it or not, these (if you don't buy a size too small that is) skim over them and act like a smoothing agent.  Magic clothes.  That's what these tops are.

And they offer the most perfect silhouette, especially for the new style trousers, that are everywhere this year.  Looser trousers.  Be them peg legged, wide cropped, wide and full length, cropped flair or straight or even full on full length flair heaven.  These are the jumpers you need that sit neatly over the waistband giving you a cleaner shape on top to balance out the more fluid, looser bottoms.  Which work just as well with an A line or full skirt too.  And they can be tucked in.  For those of you lucky monkeys who have a waist... Personally I wouldn't recommend if you are thick of middle as I am. 

I am all over these.  So starting with one that I can personally recommend as I got the black one last year and it's been amazing.  It's been my go to fitted jumper for lunches and dinners out as well as just every day.  Washes like a dream (even in a 30 degree normal wash as I found out after having a small heart attack when I realised I'd flung it in by mistake with the kids jamas.  I'm sure we've all been there.  That breath stopping moment when you retrieve said item and pray to the gods of washing that it hasn't shrunk to Barbie size) and keeps its shape.  I wear during the day too.  In fact, I wore it today .. my new "don't keep it for best" rule. 

It really is the perfect jumper for wearing under jackets. 

Silk Cotton Polo Neck Jumper from Jigsaw was £79 now £60 I have the large in this although in black (not in the sale and I think now sold out even at full price - it is that good).  I would say that's a vaguely generous 12 and I don't even have boobs.  Unless you want the vacuum packed look.  

Also available in "dark pink" (that's probably wine to you and me) again now £60

However I fear I may have found one that trumps all others.  And whilst we're talking silhouettes... this one, with the wide arms is the perfect solution to making you look smaller in the body.  Genius.  Although clearly not to be worn with a close fitting jacket.  My arms are sweating just thinking about trying to shoehorn myself into a blazer with this on underneath.  One for a looser coat.

Bell Sleeve roll neck jumper from Karen Millen £85  Not in the sale, but seeing as we've got arctic temperatures on the way and this is a classic anyway, it's the perfect January treat. 

Personally I wouldn't tuck it in as I said and I prefer this style of trousers in a more formal fabric (hells bells, I think I'm turning into Miss Marple - I'm loving the slacks) but the general silhouette. 

And in the red which is in the sale was £85 now £55 - I absolutely love red with camel (see below in outfit pic).  This definitely doesn't need to be kept just for the festive season.  A great colour for into Spring. 

Another red version and we're looking at either what I call "Central heating" tops or ones for the warmer months. 

Reiss have the most amazing reductions at this time of their sale.  In fact, that's me sorted with a glass of sparkling water later... (tonight is not a designated January drinking day.  A whole dry week.  I'm sure I heard them say that you only had to do two days a week dry?!) 

Megan Crimson Knitted Tops was £110 now £35

And in the black although this one is £45 from £110 

And a sleeveless version in the black, again a great reduction from Reiss. 

Turin Black High Neck Knitted Top was £95 now £55

Then we come on to some new season buys.  These are perfect for now, for layering with a long sleeve tee under and a chunky coat with a huge scarf.   Or, on those slightly warmer days, with a blazer or thinner coat over.  From day to evening.  The ideal skimming tops. 

Megana Night Navy Button Detail Jumper £95 from Reiss

And a great version for a great price from the lovely Finery.  Can't wait to see what they bring out for Spring/Summer.

Eldred Slash Neck Slinky Knitted Tee £39

Navy again at Boden from their new collection.  20% off with the code A2Y9.  These are semi fitted and simply stunning.  

Visual Cashmere Jumper in navy £139

However I actually prefer the yellow.  I don't have (she says not confidently..) have a yellow jumper.  With navy or grey... I'd even wear with black.  This.. black pleated coated midi skirt, black ankle boots... Oh hello gorgeous new outfit. 

Or this, which is brilliant but does, in my experience, come up small.  Well I'm saying that, but maybe these ones don't as I'm not sure they're the same as last year... These look great.  I have the grey one (well, last year's version) and sized up to a 12.  Perfect.  Wore it absolutely loads and great for packing if you're going away, as they are the best transitional tops from day to night.  

Everyday jumper from Boden £49.50 pre 20% discount  Available in a plethora of colours.  For me, the grey is sublime.  This isn't the grey, it's the Quail Egg.

This is the grey.  Sorry, silver melange.

However, I could definitely give the Rose Quartz a home too...

I have a couple of these sorts of jumpers and find them so so useful.  In fact, it's made me think, I should just wear them and my midi skirts during the day.  A lot more.  I have the perfect Jigsaw silk knit jumper on today for over Boden waxed skinnies - yes, so long as the skinnies are high waisted, they work really well with these as well and are the perfect foil for under a jacket for a neat, clean and comfy look. 

But this is the outfit from yesterday.  Super comfy, loose and ideal for another day at home with the 11yr old for the final day of "not so sick but may still be contagious therefore can't go back to school" sickness.  Managed to escape with the dog for a bit.  Had to wear something other than joggers.  Heart these Me+Em trousers just too much. 


And today when all the kids went back.  WHOOOP.  Meetings this morning and then off to lunch with friends and to return the final bits I shouldn't have bought pre Christmas.  It's amazing how it all adds up.  I confess, I did return the H&M sequin trousers - as much I loved them, I hadn't worn them and I had heard (and suspected) that if you wear with knitwear, the sequins pull on the threads.  Made the most of my sequin H&M bargains in the form of the tee and the roll neck.  (which yes, does shed sequins everywhere a la Hansel & Gretal.  Much classier than breadcrumbs no?) 

Camel and navy striped jumper - M&S
Navy trousers - Me+Em
Camel coat - Zara
Red Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose 
Red Soho Disco bags - Gucci


Black silk knitted polo neck - Jigsaw
Waxed jeans - Boden
Fur leopard coat - Per Una M&S
Brown suede ankle boots - Eileen Fisher 
Red Soho Disco bag - Gucci 

So Friday night, sat here with my water, wondering why I thought Dry January was such a good idea.. Actually I have designated drinking days - tomorrow being one of them with our family Christmas Day (all the family are back from Ireland) and I am definitely having a glass or two then.  I feel I need a halo for an extra week, housebound with children.  I may have had a final online sales splurge which, if there are any successes at all (I don't have high hopes - you know when you get your confirmation email and think - err why did I order that?!), I will report back on. 

And huge apologies as I did say I would bring you the lowdown on the Ash v the Acne but I don't have time as I need to eat pizza.  So there's no wine, but there is pizza.  The healthy eating starts properly on Monday... 

Here though is the pic I papped and put on Instagram.  

Long v short... both are an identical length in the shoe (it does look like one is longer..) and in the flesh, the pointiness is also completely indistinguishable between the two.  The main difference is the height of the boot (the suede not the heel, which I have to say does work for me being 5ft10) in the body of the boot, one is baggier round the ankle and £289.  Yes, nearly £300 difference.  Got to be a no brainer no?!

I think I am definitely going for the Ash Mira on the right which were £111 from Very Exclusive.  Where they had the best selection of sizes, free delivery to your local Collect + place and free returns... As opposed to ordering from Ash where it was £6 (I think..) delivery and you had to pay for returns.  Err I don't think so.  They were marginally cheaper but I was ordering two sizes and thank goodness I did as I sized down in these.  I'm a 39.5 and have to size up in loads but sized down in these. Same sizing as the Jalouse, I'd say. 

Are they keepers though??... (I think so as I "might" be planning on wearing them tomorrow...)  However if you're after patent... 

These are amazing (and thanks to a lovely person who commented the other day with these)

Ronan Patent Ankle Boot was £120 now £60

RIGHT I am now off to eat pizza.   

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27 comentarios:

  1. That red Karen Millen top is sublime - you temptress! I thought my Hush sale order was my last sale splurge.....

    1. Ha ha ha ha.... it's such a good price though...

  2. Love the Ash boots. If I wasn't being exceptionally good I'd be sheeping FO SHO xx

    1. Oh don't, you make me feel guilty...!

  3. I have the silver grey melange everyday jumper from Boden and I bought a 16 because I wanted it slouchy...and it got thrown in the dryer with another load. Now I wear it for 'loungewear' because it's positively midriff-flashing. Waaaaaahh!
    Might be forced to treat myself to a replacement now you have a code ;-)

    1. Oh we've all done stuff like that.. Mine would fit a 5yr old if I shrunk it. It's already short in the body for me anyway!

  4. Go for the Ash. Think longer will be better with cropped trousers. And they should be close fitting not loose shouldn't they? So Ash get my vote! Still thinking of getting the Whistles Bixa - similar to your Ash look but not pointy and a block heel - ok maybe not so similar but they do have that high on the ankle close fitting 90's look! You said your bestie have the patent - I tried them on and they were tight and uncomfortable - did she have to size up? I am after the suede so maybe they'd be a better fit. Enjoy your day off from Dry Jan - I am doing the same next weekend when we go to London for dinner with friends! Husband thinks I have no will power but I reckon a day off will do me good...!

    1. Has - not have - and I am meant to be a grammar nazi...

    2. ha ha ha. Hmm darn, she was literally just here with them on and I should have asked her. I will do. She had them on with turned up skinnies and they look absolutely fabulous. I'm definitely going with the Ash. I asked her sage advice and she said for £300 difference it was a no brainer. We agreed also, it's silly to spend that much on a pair of suede boots. If i'm going to spend that much, it's probably a) better to see how much wear I get out of them and b) get them in the leather. !

      I have a day out today and then nothing till my birthday in a couple of weeks. She says.....

    3. Dry Jan is seriously tough isn't it - especially right now when it's windy and wet out and cosy in with the fire going - and we'd be looking to open a bottle soon....

    4. To be fair, I found it easy during the week as everyone wasn't v well and I didn't feel too hot myself. Friday night I could easily have sunk a glass of red but I stayed strong. Yesterday all bets off. 2.30am finish putting the world to rights with one of my sister in laws. Thank the lord I didn't have rugby this morning and the husband might be on his way back from McDonalds as I type... 11yr old had a drama festival which I need to take her to but other than that, my behind is sellotaped to the sofa! Hope you had a good one x

  5. Ooh, love the Ronan patent boots. I always think patent looks newer for longer than Matt leather. You're looking great Kat. Hope you're all ok xxx

    1. Thanks so much darling. They're gorgeous aren't they? Hope you're well too xxx

  6. I remember buying a jumper like the karen millen one from Anya Hindmarch, when she did clothing. It felt like I was walking around with a pair of marrackers for arms! Didn't work at all! Love the Ash boots. I have similar from Hobbs about 3 years ago and have worn and worn them.
    Have a lovely weekend

    1. Ha ha ha! Too funny. I do think the Chelsea boots are definitely a classic x

  7. Thanks for the blog, but one question... You said you don't iron, does that mean your husband irons his shirts for work (please tell me yes!) xx

    1. He SO irons his own shirts. He refuses to let me do them as he says I can't do them properly. Oh well ok then..... Or I think he sends them out to be laundered at work, loads of them in the city do. I know that I am apparently not responsible enough to be in charge of them. Which works for me!

  8. I love Ash but have had a bad experience with my latest pair... that's for another comment... Love the Ronan patent boots - do you know if they run true to size or is it best to go up/down ?

    1. I also love the Ronan boot but in desperate to find out how they size as sadly the size 7's are sold out.

    2. Oh no that's awful to hear about your Ash boots. Have to say I have had probably 6 or 7 pairs from them over the years (we're talking 7yrs too!) and they've all been great.

      It might be worth calling stores to see if they have any Ronans in stock. I'm so sorry I don't know how they run to size.

  9. Just loving that Boden Cashmere jumper. I know what you mean about the Jigsaw polo neck, I have it in the charcoal grey, and I was mortified when I had to go up a size. I feel better now. Thank you! Please could you do a blog on midi skirts ( or did I snooze and miss it?)
    Hope you are doing ok? Anna ( New Forest Life Coach on Instagram)

    1. YES I definitely take a Large! OOh and I absolutely have a midi skirt blog in the offing (as well as more midi dresses....)

      I'm doing good thank you xxxx

  10. Love your blog & posts. Is that m&s camel stripy jumper recent? I can't find it... Thanks!

  11. Love the red bell sleeve top but sadly couldn't find it on their site 😦

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