Always one to divide opinion...

... and clearly the temptation to say that if you don't like them, then you should probably jog on, is high, but as it's the most woeful joke on the planet, I won't....

For I am about to wax lyrical for the following blog about my love affair with jogging bottoms.  But not for the gym, oh no.  For out and about, mixing and mingling with the general public.  Dear god no, I hear a huge number of you cry (actually you've probably all logged off by now which is fair enough - if you're still here, I promise I'll be back with something less controversial next time.) 

It's my inner slob coming to the fore.  They are comfortable.  They are so so comfortable.  And I have to say, teamed with a more fitted top or jacket, so long as the definition at the top of the trousers is seen, I personally really like the silhouette they give.  I also think they are the perfect foil for my beloved wedge trainers (and yes, that is still a burgeoning relationship -  more of that another day).  

Would I wear them on a night out?  Well never say never but at the moment, it's not high on my list of things I must wear as a glam outfit.  I think it's the cuff.  Perhaps one of their sister versions which are less sport luxe and more luxe (ie less elastic...) - them, taking into consideration the fickle nature of my fashion adoration, I may well consider. 

For every day, on those occasions when being smart or formal (or tasteful some may add) doesn't come into the equation, I love these as an alternative to jeans.  

I have a pair in charcoal from Toast that I bought when harem pants (despite mine not being particularly harem in nature) were the in thing last time round - 4 or 5 years ago?  And I will admit I had relegated them to sofa slob wear for an evening aka where once favoured clothes go to die.  But happy days, they have been reinstated as fit for public consumption and have seen the light of day a number of times recently.

There a plethora of them around now.  I did a post on them last season and they were fewer of them on the ground.  Whilst not yet being ten a penny, they are definitely becoming more mainstream.  

So starting at the more reasonable end of the market - these ones being in a jersey although there are a couple which are in a silkier fabric.  Less controversial/pj stylee for the supermarket perhaps?

Black jersey harem trousers from Next for £18 in Petite, Regular and Tall.  I wouldn't personally call them harem - to my mind they have to conjure up images of MC Hammer himself to qualify for the title of harem. 

As much as I do love them with my Ash wedges or hi tops, I am liking them with the Gigi inspired sandal (of which it seems there are oodles around again) 

Secondly another great version (love the detail on the tie front) in what seems to be a silky jersey fabric (just to confuse matters).  Also available in Black online.  From DPs this seems to be on the spenney side, so I'm assuming they're a decent quality (that one will come and bit me on the bum, of that I can be sure - will see if I can check them out on Thursday).  I also love them in the navy.

Navy Square pocket jogger from Dorothy Perkins for £32

Slightly more utilitarian but these do put me in mind of the more expensive pairs that adorn Net a Porter and Matches websites. 

Plain Grey Jersey Jogger for £22 again from Dorothy Perkins

Now these from New Look I have seen in real life and I can confirm that they are a lovely silky fabric - easily as good as the FCUK trousers I got in the sale (which were more expensive even in the sale and were 60% off!) 
Olive Green Zip Pocket Joggers from New Look at £16.99

Also in black (which comes in Tall too) 

And navy (normal length only)

And stone (again in tall) 

Whistles have been a fan of the sports luxe look (try saying that after a drink or ten) for a couple of seasons now and there is no better time to shop with them as there is 25% off with Grazia at the mo.

These again are of a more utilitarian nature - probably my least favourite out of them all - something ever so slightly Umbro about them....
Margot Sporty Joggers from Whistles  £75

These however, are the most similar I would say to my Toast ones and would definitely be on my list to buy if I didn't have an identical pair. 
Kate Lounge Trouser  from Whistles for £65

And in Black  albeit a slightly washed out black (which I have to say I quite like).  I will admit and say that with a court shoe is probably not the way I shall be going. 

Not entirely sure what's happening with the styling at Zara this season.  It appears to be eclectic to say the least.  But again, I've seen these in the flesh and they're great.  I adore the zip detail.  Would look fantastic in the summer with Havs or other flat thong style sandals.  (ooh or the multi strap wedges I got from Clarks last year. hmmmm) 

Remind me actually of the J Brand Earharts from a couple of seasons ago which I couldn't buy as they were less attractive trouser and more pedal pusher on me.  But these could be a great substitute.  Not, however to match with army style shirt as seen on here.  Far too high fashion for my more basic tastes.  Available in black as well as light khaki seen here. 

Zara's imaginatively titled trousers with elastic hem  £29.99

So there we have it.  It's hardly something for everyone but it would be such a boring world if we all liked the same thing.  Hopefully someone else will join me in my love for these this season.  Anyone?  Would love to hear how you're styling yours. 

Moving onto my outfits for yesterday and today which involve trying to keep warm yesterday and making way for my new scarf today.  A change is as good as a rest they say.  It's amazing how something as reasonably priced as a Sainsburys scarf can give new life to a set of very old clothes.  The Jesire jacket, The Husband bought me from Brown Thomas the Christmas just after our daughter was born and she's 9 in September.  I got the jeans from the Earl store at Bicester the same year.  The handbag was one I had for my second son's Christening four years ago - in fact it's a replacement as mine was stolen but still - it's originally a good age.  All brought back together with a £10 scarf. 


Beige long sleeved ribbed tee - River Island
Dark indigo super skinny jeggings - Zara
Oatmeal cable knit oversized jumper dress - Aubin & Wills
Fairisle snood - Aubin & Wills 
Charcoal wrist warmers - Toast
Beige and gold pom pom hat - Miss Selfridge
Gold serpent necklace - Stella & Dot
Gold link bracelet - Made from Whistles 
Chestnut Lily bag - D&G
Camel Cypress boots - Acne


White longsleeved tee - Topshop
Beige loose knit jumper - H&M
Faded straight leg jeans rolled up - Earl
Tweed jacket edged in leather - Jesire
Missoni style scarf - Sainsburys
Charcoal wrist warmers - Toast
Gold pine cones necklace - NW3 by Hobbs
Fuchsia Roxanne tote - Mulberry
Camel Cypress boots - Acne

I've heard a rumour that warmer climes are on the way - admittedly only a degree or two.  Am trying not to get too giddy.

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28 comentarios:

  1. Like the shape,cannot do elasticated bottoms.
    The cuf puts me off,which I realise kind of defeats the object somewhat.

    1. I think it does work better if they have a thicker cuff as opposed to an old school trackie bum bottom of thin balloon elastic, if that makes sense?!

  2. Am so getting that Sainsbury's scarf (if it's recent?) and I'm with you on the joggers! I thought I was the only one so wooohooo! :D

    Nic x

    1. I am officially addicted to them. Had a slob day today and wore them. Felt vaguely like a tramp but a super comfy one at that.

  3. The elasticated tops/bottoms are what put me off too. I have a gorgeous pair in gold/mushroomy silk that I bought in a charity shop years ago that have neither of the above; they have a sort of drawstring gather going up from the ankle and a hook/button closure at the top. However they are a bit pyjama-y and crease awfully so I style them with a vest top and dirty hair and have never left the house in them!

    Sophie x

  4. I have purchased the Next Ones in plain black and tie dye and can confirm they are a lovely fit and weight. Have also purchased some paisley joggers from ASOS which are a lovely heavier weight. And as if that wasn't enough...I bought some from the Baukjen sale at the weekend.

    Overkill?! Am sooooo bored of Jeans and cold weather, I don't care!

  5. Love the Jesire jacket, are they still in business? I always thought of the brand as spangly dresses, but that jacket is fab.

    1. Hmm not sure Jesire are still in business tbh. Haven't seen them around for ages. I will say it's the only thing I've ever bought from them!

  6. I've been into the joggers for a while as well. They just seem relaxed yet strangely dressy. I love them for work with a silky blouse and a heel. It feels so wrong that it's right! Off to buy those Zara ones tomorrow I think (and yes, what IS happening with their clothes at the moment?!)

    1. Sounds stunning. Haven't got into them for smart wear yet, but it's surely only a matter of time..!

  7. Zara have a weird new thing going on with their website. I think someone said in a brainstorming session, "I know! Let's make all our stunning, size 8, 19-year-old models look like mooses, then the old fat birds will know the whole truth, but buy the clothes anyway!" And they all went, "Yes! Blue-sky thinking!" And so the new Zara hideousness was born. It's the communal changing-room mirror of the online shopping world.


  8. Love how a new scarf can do that! I must admit to having seen that one and bypassed it for another but in my defence, they had a bloody great selection the day I was in. Shall be returning under cover of a milk purchase! Ax

  9. I already have the Next petite ones and worried I'm on the slippery slope to the M&S elasticated waist.
    Can't decide about them with my Ash wedges, fearing they give me a touch of the bag lady.
    I think I'll wear more in the summer with a vest and sandals.

  10. I'm liking the jogging bottoms but I think you have to be very careful with foot wear. Wedge trainers are the only shoes I see working. Ive bought a few loose patterned trousers so think I'll head that way with the trend. That sainsburys scarf is amazing - I want one! Don't think I've ever seen u in pink before Kat!

  11. I bought the Next ones a few weeks ago and have got my eye on the Zara ones. I love them.

  12. I am LOVING this look, so you are not alone. This time of year I think they look great teamed with wedges and in the warmer months with a great pair of flat jewelled sandals. I have seen lots of jogging/cuffed trousers appearing for S/S 2013 so I think we will be in our element. I think the key is to keep the look more fitted on the top half otherwise you are in danger of looking like your are out walking around in your PJs!

  13. Thank you for all the options! I have a mild obsession with this look but haven't actually tried it yet. Bought some in Hobbs sale (£110 to £30) but ended up taking them back as they were 'too dressy' if that makes sense (and dry clean only!) Have had Baukjen ones in my basket for about a week but they are £59 and very sweat pant colour (pale grey) so have been put off by colour and price. Have now ordered Next ones and hoping they are not too haremy as my backside is too big to pull of harem style! Jill

  14. I'm pro trackpants all the way. I wear them at home, wear them out.... you get the picture. Thank goodness they do them in slimmer and more tapered cuts these days.

  15. I am loving the look but the thought of a drawstring waist terrifies the hell out of me. Memories of maternity clothes maybe (and being very fat!). Maybe a therapeutic trying on session? Love your blog, by the way. I have been duly inspired - my Ash wedges trainer were all the talk at school!

  16. I stuck with you and read the whole post! I love a comfy slack, in fact I am about to add the FC Nix Nights Tie Front trouser to my Feb Wish List post, as I think I need them in my life! x

  17. I don't think I could carry it off. I'd look like I was in my gardening / painting clothes!

  18. You know I love this style of trouser too. Zara have some fabulous silky cargo type ones in a gorgeous grey. Plus Matalan have some great choices too! LOVE the Jesire jacket!

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  20. I love this look, but it took a while for me to feel comfortable wearing my joggers out of the house. I also like harems, but find they are harder for me to pull off.

    Just yesterday I discovered a Canadian company called "Karma" that had a pant called the crafty carpri. It's the perfect mix of a jogger and a harem. I ordered two!

  21. I bought my two pairs in Primark for £14 each and neither of them have a cuff. Just need to figure out what shoes to wear with them :-S

  22. Just found your site via schoolgatestyle - think I'm out of my depth here financially! You have the most amazing wardrobe, I am utterly jealous and feel that I don't have much to show for my nearly 41 years on this planet in terms of wardrobe contents, despite devoting an inordianate amount of time to pondering/online shopping/magazine reading (when I should be looking after 2 babies under 3!). I love your "Bob" personna - basically I am Bob all the time because I feel like I can't justify the price of what I really want, so end up with a load of tat that bobbles, looks dreadful after 2 washes. Need to channel less Bob, but can my account handle it?!! You've awoken my interest in Zara, always a bit hit and miss for me as only 5ft 3, but have just ordered a gorgeous blue shopper, some ridiculously high coral platform wedges for summer (see, you've got me thinking ahead) and some stone cowboy boots (bargainous at 30.00 and real leather - who knew?). I was laughing at your "greige" colour name - I've used this for years and often wondered if it was a real word. In fact, DH has just been mortified with me in a carpet store this morning, where I was insisting on a greige berber for the stairs - "that's not even a word!". Greige is the perfect spring colour.
    You're also inspiring me to get some trainer wedges - been thinking about it for a while and your outfits of the day look so lovely with them - how many pairs of Ash wedges do you own??? Do you know that in your Feb/March blog last year, you weren't convinced by them! I said the same about pleather skintight leggings in September and now I practically need chiselling out of them!
    Keep posting your outfits - can't wait to see them. But please, save my heart and don't use that gorgeous pink mulberry bag so much - I think a little tear came out the first time I saw it!