Could there be a shoe god?

Because if there is, she (let's face it, a shoe god is definitely going to be a woman no? hmmm but would that make her a goddess....) has been listening to me huffing and puffing about the ridiculously expensive Marsell brogues as, lo and behold, what have I seen appear on the Clarks website but these Blind Spot metallic brogues.  

Now, like I said with the Marsell Lupins from the other day, I should have massive hypocrite tattooed on my forehead as these aren't brogues in the purist sense as I had said i wanted.  To my mind - well they should have laces for a start.  And a sturdier heel and sole.  And punched detailing.  So actually these are a cross between a brogue and a jazz shoe.  

But who cares, I can't tell you how giddy I was last night when I found them online (admittedly I had had two large glasses of wine - potential other reason for said giddiness). 

These are the Marsell Lupins which are a very frightening £415 from Selfridges (and other retailers) that have inspired me. 

And these happen to be others that Marsell do.  Again, a never going to happen £415.  Which is a shame as whilst I thought I really liked the two tone Lupins, I've realised that I completely adore and would possibly sell a child for these ones.  Here's hoping that the Clarks ones also have a rose gold tint to them. (I may well be just projecting a rose gold hue to them.... they probably don't look anything like that in real life.  *silently kneels and mentally has another word with shoe goddess*)  

Luckily they don't sell them at Selfridges.  They only sell the silver ones.   Which is fortunate as Selfridges is just too handy.   And anything handy with a hangover and a moment of weakness results in large yellow box arriving the next day with a new pair of shoes in.  Phew.  Temptation removed.  I actually think I prefer the Clarks ones to the silver ones.  In my head I have now saved myself circa £355 which I get to spend.  Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this - the Husband says it's not normal. I happen to think there is a certain economic logic to it....

Next step is offering up prayers of "please don't make me look like a chump in them" to the aforementioned shoe goddess.  I did have a trip shopping yesterday and managed to try on the Clarks nude patent brogues.  Which are lovely (and come up big so if you're between sizes, size down.  They do half sizes which is just perfect.  Well only if you're a half size I guess... ) but on my skin tone (which is blue at the moment) it appears that I have patent feet.  Rather than stunning shoes on, which isn't quite the look I was going for.  And they are pretty lovely so please do try them if you are less of a Caspar the friendly Ghost than I am.  

Shopping yesterday - boy there isn't much around of any interest.  Very inbetweeny, although I have to admit Spring and Autumn are definitely my favourite seasons for clothes.  Inbetweeny fashion should be my middle name.  Spied some interesting trousers which I shall report back on (didn't bother with jeans - am gearing myself up for more disappointment) and some great basic tops - again, blog coming up.  Ooh and some more metallic shoes....... 

Off to get the glad rags on for a friend's 40th birthday party.  The feather and lace dress that I wore to the wedding in Italy last year is getting its second outing. (she says not having tried it on since then - a very dangerous strategy thinking only in my head that it will work with selected ankle boots as opposed to trying the outfit on.  It may be a call for help from the All Saints sequin number)  Have fake tanned my arms and legs (in the dark - beauty is not my forte) so here's hoping it all goes together. 

Finishing with what I wore shopping yesterday


Light beige knitted top - H&M
Charcoal jersey baggies - Toast
Black and beige quilted leather jacket - Massimo Dutti
Snakeprint scarf - By Malene Birger
Leather cuff - Hultquist
Gold link bracelet - Made from Whistles
Stone maxi zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch
Madonna stud wedge trainers - Ash

(new lipstick from M&S!!) 

Hopefully see you tomorrow - hangover depending....

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5 comentarios:

  1. Hello Kat, these 'Marsells' funnily remind me of Repetto's Zizis (named after the famous dancer Zizi Jeanmaire). They were the favourite shoes of Serge Gainsbourg (he wore them in white). Most of them are half the price of the Selfridge's with a massive choice. Here's the link:

    Good luck in your search!

  2. Kat,I got the ones in clarks....thank you for pointing us in their direction.....would have totally bypassed them otherwise!!size 7 does me too which makes them even nicer imo!!

  3. They are too much Charlie Chaplin and not enough Annie Hall for my liking I'm afraid.

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  5. A bit late to the party on this one, but have you seem the gorgeous burnished gold brogues with a heel that Plumo are doing (I think they may even be in the sale). I have no idea what I would wear with them but I LOVE them.