If anyone has seen my senses, can they please return them.

As the jury may well be out as to how many of them I've lost.  Firstly it was brogues (still after a pair although they seem to be getting rather ubiquitous which normally means hold fire before purchasing.  If a shoe is to be shod on every 6th former in town, it's normally a look I try to swerve.  My Jack Wills sweatshirt is the exception as that is strictly gym and slob gear.  I shall explore in further detail shortly.  I still have trying on to do - and it definitely will come down to how you wear them.) 

Secondly it's my newest High Street Lust.  Beginning with a disclaimer.  I was walking past (late for the school run) and saw a jacket in the window.  Shot in just to have a further peak (all in the interests of research) and was ridiculously impressed with what I saw.  However I have not tried one single thing on.  So I reserve the right to withdraw all statements of adulation and return to my comfort zone of Zara et al with my tail between my legs. 

I shall be dragging a friend there on Wednesday to be getting her opinion. In the meantime, I have papped a couple of pics of things that really did catch my eye and have since found them on the website.  

I appreciate this isn't totally out of the blue as I have extolled the virtues of their jewellery previously but have been hugely sceptical of their clothes as I charged through to the bling. 

Well, either they're upped their game, I wasn't focussing previously or I'm having a senior moment.  It could also be that I was scarred by a trip to a well known high street retailer (not one I frequent I will admit, although I do have one jacket from there, bought 8 years ago that is one of my fave pieces of summer clothing) and was horrified by the diabolical quality of the clothes for ridiculously inflated prices.  Admittedly they do always have a special discount offer on - seemingly - so one would never pay full price.  But Primark would be of a similar fabric benchmark for a quarter of the prices.  

I digress - on to merrier discussions.  Spit it out woman.  Forever 21. (maybe it's because I've just turned 40 and yet clearly am...... oh god it's a rubbish joke.  Moving on) 

Starting with the jacket that caught my eye.  Now I'm mentioned it before and it's the word that normally shall not be spoken - pleather.   I am the (proud) owner of a petrol blue pleather jacket from Penneys that I got in the summer and it really has served me well. 

And if I didn't have a brown leather jacket, I would so so so so SO have bought this. (ok so I would have tried it on and I will do - revert back to above disclaimer.)   It's more of an olive brown in the flesh, it doesn't have that plastic gleam that flatteringly appears in photos (pleather doesn't photograph particularly well) but it feels buttery soft and leather like in real life.  Gorgeous detailing and for £35.75. 


Secondly, I would purchase if I needed another denim jacket.  Having said that, I've noticed they do it in a bleached version which could be lovely in the summer.  Again I have zero idea of the fit but I'll let you know.  The perfect amount of wear in the wash, subtle detailing and a lovely soft, worn feel to the denim.  For £24.75

The imaginatively titled Denim Jacket.  Just the most perfect colour.   Personally I won't be wearing with leggings and a loose tee - but that's just me. 


Now these are something that I have up my sleeve for the spring.  I shan't say too much as I have a whole blog to wax lyrical on but suffice to say, these have a great feel to the fabric, I love the rope detailing and the different print waist band and pocket edging.  They may well look hilarious on however. 

Tribal inspired harem pants


Disclaimer # 413 - this looks a whole lot better in the flesh than it does in the pic.  It's a lovely heavy feeling crocheted lace.  It may be quite short.... But then I'm a ludicrous 5ft 10 and so anything vaguely short looks like a glorified belt on me.  I personally think that it's a size too small on the model, it would be better if it sat lower on her hips rather than up round her waist.  It didn't look in the flesh like a high waisted skirt, that's for sure.  I shall try it on so we can all have a good giggle. (have no fear, I shall not be bending over) 


This is one item which I can't find online (I had tops dancing before my eyes after scrolling through countless pages of them so it may well be there.  I gave up before I lost the will to live)  It's a viscose fabric, super long sleeves and nice and long in the body (not longline but not midriff flashing - Whistles, I'm looking at you...)  A perfect casual layering top for the Spring.  I shall be reporting back on how long the sleeves are. 


So there we have a brief peak of what I thought was a really great collection for the Spring.  There were also tons of lovely looking tops and blouses, as well as other print trousers and jackets.  I'd say price wise, slightly more than Primark (whose prices have crept up though I think - anyone agree?).  Primark is also now so popular with the fashionistas of the world (of which I do not include myself by any stretch of the imagination!) - we (ie them) all love a bit of rough and tumble alongside our (their) designer garb - that it has become rather easy to spot those bargain Primark printed trews from a mile away.

Am I massively late to the Forever 21 party?  Is this my midlife fashion crisis now I've turned 40, coming out baa-ing with the best of them?  Or is it possible to find some goodies when I'm shopping with my 14 year old niece?  What do you think?  Like I said, I am going back on Wednesday for closer inspection.

Finishing with me not having a rant about the climate.   Trying and not succeeding. 

Here I am - trying not to look beyond peed off with the weather.  I am over the snow and this crappola damp rubbish weather.  I know it's February so it's to be expected but why can't it just snow before and at Christmas when it would be acceptable and festive.  Not, hugely irritatingly, when I'm getting sent daily emails with oodles of gorgeous Spring goodies.  

I'm developing a similar sense of loathing to these boots as I did to my maternity clothes after months and months of living in them.  If they weren't so necessary year in year out (and I am not wasting money buying any more of the blasted things) then I would definitely be tempted to burn them come double digits in the temperature. 


Striped jumper (not seen) - TK Maxx
Beige Kirsten skinnies - Topshop
Cream bubble cardigan - Monsoon
Cream crocheted scarf - Eley Kishimoto
Beige and gold hat with huge pompom - Miss Selridge
Maroon wrist warmers - H&M
Gold chain bracelet - Made from Whistles 
Brown Mardy boots - Caterpillar
Tan shopper - Zara 

And I shall be back shortly.  Can't wait to hear your Forever 21 thoughts! 

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12 comentarios:

  1. Ha ha. Have never seen your expression quite so like H!

    Love F21 jewellery, and have a cpl if their basic vests, will be interested on weds to have a closer look at the clothes.

  2. I'm popping up to London in a few weeks and hoping to pop into Forever21, I like the look of that Pleather jacket, it looks lovely! I've only been to Forever21 once, so will have to investigate some more.

  3. We don't have a local F21 but I have seen some nice things on blogs although I hear the quality is questionable. I have an almost identical skirt from
    Next but it looks a lot heavier than that one. I'm totally over this weather although ours is more damp than snowy.

  4. I like some of their stuff you have to be choosy - just like Primark. I have a couple of sweatshirts that are lovely and soft - and recently I got a fake leopard print fur jacket that I love - really nicely finished with suede and pink lining. Their blazers can look cheap though from what I have seen. Plus take care ordering online - here in the US they won't refund you for returns - they just give you a store credit.

  5. I love Forever 21. I have a pewter pleather aviator jacket from there that I bought in autumn 2011 for about £30 and have worn loads since - it's worn really well and gets loads of compliments. Their sizing is v v brutal though - I am an 8/10/12 elsewhere and need an XL in lots of their tops and daren't try the skirts or trousers.

    Sophie x

  6. Well, I'm definitely going to give those tribal harem pants a go.....similar to some Etoile Isabel Marant harem pants.......google it and you will see what I mean. I think with some Gigi esque thong sandals, some lovely jewellery and a nice tee/top, they could really work. Just checked the website site and they do do free returns.....so in for a penny, in for a pound, just hope they are as nice in the flesh as they are in my head!

    Victoria x

  7. Well...Forever21 is my guilty pleasure too. And I'm the same age as you. So...in my mind, it's perfectly acceptable to shop there.

  8. I really like Forever 21 as well and I am no way near 21 :-P I am also 5'10 and try to stay away from the belt looking skirts as I also have a rather large bum and no-one wants to see that uncovered! Good luck with your shopping and just try skirt on in a bigger size and it will sit on your hips nicely

  9. http://www.esprit.co.uk/sale/men_sale/CLOTHES/jeans/slim_straight_fit/used-look-jeans-N36A96_987
    try these men's jeans x

  10. I was in Dublin for a weekend break and I think that F21 was just launching, everywhere I looked people were carrying pink F21 balloons and bags, I thought it was a restaurant or club that I had no right to be at!

  11. Ooh I absolutely LOVE that jacket! I have never heard of Forever 21...perhaps my latest obsession?!