Let's get this Spring thing off the ground.

So following on from yesterday with all things Spring.  The sun is still shining and I'm studiously ignoring the weather forecast on my iPhone that has it sitting at a rather unSpring 3 degrees for the rest of the week.

Let's march on with my Spring resolutions of the fashion variety.  Now I never make too many as clearly you're setting yourself up for a fall (or is that just me?).  Plus I am the most mortifyingly fickle individual and therefore I change my mind a lot.  I eat humble pie as a dessert on a regular basis.  I hold my hands up and say I am pathetic and reserve the right to go back on everything I say.  Particularly if I lay claim to disliking something at the beginning of the season as chances are I'll love it two months in. 

So being prudent with my predictions, here goes. 

  • I will only buy things that I utterly adore.  (this is not justification for purchasing and keeping jacket from yesterday.  But it does help.)  The way I sort the wheat from the chaff with regards to this, is do I want to wear it immediately.  If I don't and I'm able to leave it in the bag for a week (weather depending) then I should take it back. 
  • I shall try something new.  Quite difficult to do when tying in with the above as I am a creature of habit.  But whether it's a new colour, a new style of something or a new print,  I shall be embracing a new stance to part of my wardrobe that sings SS13.
  • My legs will be on show this Summer.  (I'm not going to get ahead of myself and fail before I start, by saying Spring.  Realistically it will take me till Summer to layer up the fake tan so you can't see me from space.)  I blogged profusely last year about the exceptionally bad relationship I have with my knees.  Well I am going to give myself a good slap and get over it.  Life is too short, in the scheme of things they're really not that bad.  And they'll be a hell of a lot better at 40 than they will be at 65.  Just do it. 
  • Hunting down more niche brands and stores.  I will admit, the older I get, the more I struggle with buying a bag or a jacket and then seeing it on every 18 to 25 year old strutting her stuff.  Zara I'm looking at you.  Yes I know, I'm the world's biggest Zara advocate but it seems, so is everyone else now.  At 40 I'm not sure I want to be wearing the same scarf or shoes as the world and his dog. (There clearly are going to be exceptions to the rules - see above point about being Mrs Fickle and let's ignore the jacket I bought yesterday).  But in an ideal world, I'd like to be able to follow trends but would like something a bit more individual.  Something slightly off piste.  This certainly isn't going to happen with everything I buy (I can't abandon the HS and big brands completely).  But there are so many fantastic brands out there, that aren't ubiquitous on the High Street, it's my mission this year to track them down and add some gems into my wardrobe.  All the better if they're British. The same goes for local shops.  Am hoping to track down some great boutiques and local stores round the country (that hopefully therefore will do mail order).  If anyone knows of any that they think I might be interested in, please do let me know! 
  • Not keeping things for best.  This normally applies to expensive things that you love but never get round to wearing as a) you don't want to ruin them and b) you want to save the for a special occasion.  And end up therefore only wearing twice a year.  That silk shirt will work perfectly on a day to day basis.  I would perhaps draw the line at the Temperley evening dress for the school run.
And I think that's probably enough for the time being.  Chances of me sticking to them all aren't high.  But at least it should give me some food for thought with regards to the coming Season. 

Now staying on (that should be clinging on really, shouldn't it?) to the Spring theme, I have cracked out the white jeans.  A new pair of skinnies - the same fantastic pair of skinnies from Boden. (fail number one on the niche brand then.)

There is absolutely no reason why white jeans shouldn't be worn in the Spring (there probably is a reason why they shouldn't be worn when loading the dishwasher after the kids had tomato soup last night mind - hairy moment there).  Especially when the sun is shining.  I find it easiest to team with colours that start light and shade to darker (easily ending in black -  I stuck to dark gunmetal today).  A mix of textures also really helps.  I think it works and that's it - I've broken my white jean cherry.  It feels so much better than wearing another Winter combo.  Good for the soul I promise you, try it and see.  Loads of photos as RR1 said the light was good..... (who am I to argue with an 8 yr old) 


White vest - Primark
Pale pink silk top - Zara
Grey military coatigan - 3.1 Phillip Lim
Blush & fuchsia Camel scarf - Virginia Johnson
Gunmetal grey Virgins - Ash
Sunglasses - Dior

Admittedly not doing very well on my resolutions today with my Zara, Primark and Boden items as mentioned but thumbs up for the Virginia Johnson scarf and Ash Virgins.  Actually does go to show that buying things slightly off piste (smaller brands and more unusual styles) do pay off longevity wise.  Both were quite expensive but are a couple of years old and get worn regularly.  A nod to trends from the last couple of years but different enough to be able to wear them again and again (I may well be deluding myself - high high chance - and justifying expensive purchases.  Either way, I love wearing them so it has paid off!) 

So white jeans.  Are you ready ladies?  Any Spring Resolutions from you?

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48 comentarios:

  1. I love white jean have a pair I bought in ASOS about 3 yrs ago and wear them regularly summer/spring/autumn not soo much in Winter but I really find them a versatile piece that go with lots and more in my wardrobe - my resolution is also not to keep thing up for best half of my wardrobe is for best although I do admit I hate wearing clothes I wear to work on my off days and vice versa although some have become interchangeable as I have been more clever in my selection of clothes also going to try more colours on! now I said on might need a push to buy!

  2. I know what you mean about humble pie. I gave up shopping for Lent and only lasted 4 days before I re-Lent-ed and bought an Edina Ronay jacket and Next kitten heel court shoes from the charity shop. Cue a revised Lent promise: I can only buy something if it is from a charity shop, not from the High Street, at least until after March 30th anyway.

    I enjoyed your witty and humorous writing style as always.

  3. I spent 2 years living in the US where it is a cardinal sin to wear white trousers/jeans/skirts til after Memorial Day (sometime in May) and again, not to be worn after Labour Day (sometime in Sept) For some reason that has always stuck with me ... God knows why; I was living in NJ, hardly the hub of sartorial elegance! Even so, whenever I wear white jeans outside of these times (and I do, such a rebel!!) I find myself looking over my shoulder to see if the Fashion Police are hunting me down! But perhaps I'll rebel even more this year and pull them out in March ... yours look great and you're wearing my favourite coatigan again, sigh!

  4. Hi Kat want to order Boden jeans - how do they fit? I hover between a 10 - 12 shall I size up or down in your experience?

    1. Mine are a 10 and I am a 10 (in Topshop a 28 jean for example) I would say the white is a slightly more generous cut than the washed indigo ones. They don't really stretch that much. If I were you I'd order both as you get free returns! Just in case xx

  5. I wore white jeans a few weeks ago when the sun was shining - I LOVE white and grey!
    Do you want to join my club, currently there is only myself as a member, but I am happy to take on new recruits. It's called the bad knee club - seriously mine need surgery!

    I used to have lovely 'get them out' legs but now I am actually dreading the summer because of them!


  6. Love white jeans but can't do until late March early April am afraid!
    Am with you on only keeping what you love.
    Brands that I like which aren't ubiquitous are Noa Noa,Avoca,Sandwich,Soaked,YaYa,St Tropez(not the tan)Charli London,Bohemia.
    I find these in little boutiques,usually in market towns and freqently on holiday.(Aldeburgh ,which I know you love,good and other similar places)
    On the web try
    Caramel clothing
    The WhitingPost

    Keep posting,love your blog!!

  7. I am ridiculous over my appropriately virginal white jeans - which are Massimo Dutti but bought new with tags for a bargainous £11 on eBay! - so paranoid that every single bit of dirt in town is going to jump up and land on them the minute I leave the house. I could drop dead tomorrow and they'll have just sat in my wardrobe, cossetted and protected from the outside world. I didn't wear them even in the summer, after having palpitations every ten minutes the last time I wore my pale pink ones. They deserve better than this. I'm going to wear them to the pub. Tonight. May the public house gods ensure the barstools are scrupulously clean. Or failing that - may the pub cleaners have done a late afternoon shift. Or failing that may the gods of not caring whether a bit of dust gets onto your white jeans protect me from my own utter idiocy and smite me down if I dare pike out and put the indigo ones on at the last minute.

  8. Are white jeans 'in' I just put all of mine into deep storage (the loft) and invested in black coated ones from Zara and Seven for All Mankind in the sales, am I massively behind the curve (again)?

  9. BTW I forgot to mention on the fake tan front, I did some work with a new brand that is launching and got to learn quite a bit about it. Before you buy check out the DHA content, the higher the better, it is the sugar cane derived component that reacts with your skin to create a really natural colour (and is very expensive to buy/manufacture). Read all the labels, as the biggest brands that you would expect to have it are often just mass produced and use much cheaper dyes rather than the DHA.
    If you email me at the-find@hotmail.com I will send out a bottle of the product for you to try.
    It is amazing, I use it all the time, especially on holiday and it looks completely natural and never streaks, but is quite dark as it will tan you the deepest that your skin could ever naturally go if you were to live some where hot and be a total sun worshiper. I'll trade you fake tan for one of your styling training day thing-ys as I am in dire need!

  10. i LOVE white jeans and have them in all styles and brands, but even though i cannot wear them until at least april and never after mid september. dont know why. however from may - sept i wear white jeans constantly- usually with converse and different coloured breton tops. i am going to have a look at those boden jeans- i am a jeans snob butthey look very good on you!

  11. Leather leggings v leather leggings. Have had my eye on Theory leather leggings for 2 years! Love them. Never in sale but can get them at 25% discount. HELP.

  12. I too have a rule!! If I haven't wanted it enough (weather permitting of course!!) to wear it within 7 days it goes back as invariably within that time a new lust has come along anyway!! I would definitely recommend a fab independent boutique called Hi Hi in Oxted, Surrey (they also have an outlet at Trading Boundries off the A275 near Fletchley). I have bought some great pieces there from Snob De Noblesse (can see you are a fan!) Part Two and Customize (who do some brilliant basic T's you can buy from their website hihibasics.co.uk). It's well worth a trip....I live in Bath and try to get there a couple of times a year to root out some gems I wouldn't find locally!! The shop is lovely and the owner herself is one v.stylish lady who always inspires me with her great sense of style!!

  13. Hi Kat
    I buy, hang in the wardrobe with tags still on and if not worn within 2 weeks, then it gets returned.
    White jeans are not for me. Hell, I'm far too grubby!
    I've also decided to give up on the boyfriend, tapered leg type jeans. They do nothing for my 5ft nothing frame (other than turn me into frumpy mummy - which I am not - ever ;-)) Straight legs rolled up much better. Never bought Boden jeans before but as they now do a petite fit, I will give them a whirl.

  14. It's way too soon for the whities, Kat.

    If you were male and younger this would be called premature ejaculation. ; - )

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  18. I have to agree with your first and last points. I have a whole closet of mistakes that I'm trying to correct. I started by chucking out all of my sweatpants, fleeces and most of my hoodie collection. I feel better already!

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  20. Worth having a look at Wrap London for some different bits. Don't know if that fits your 'niche' description. Strikes me that you might like the Roxy cardigan ...

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  22. Did you decide not to do Style Studios? I emailed you about it but got no reply. Fine if you've shelved it. thanks x

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  27. The ground is frozen, the snow has covered all the mountains and you want to wear what now!!!! Noooooo.....definately too soon for white jeans. Time and place ha ha.

  28. I love this look! I've always been a huge fan of Phillip Lim. Totally in love with this coat/cardy. I don't dare to venture into white jeans. I'm a dirt magnet. I swear it'll take less than 2 secs to get a mark on the jeans.

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  40. I've just discovered your blog via my new obsession Pinterest and absolutely love it.
    I am also obsessed with jackets. Far too many little numbers from Zara in my wardrobe.
    I'm also totally with you on the whole 'don't dress like a mumsy 40 year-old' thing and to be honest for that reason I've decided never to buy anything from Boden again.

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