So we have good and bad boyfriend news.

Just in case The Husband happens to be reading this - clearly I mean of the jean variety.  Boom boom. 

I'm saving my spate of probably hilarious photos for tomorrow with my visit to Forever 21.  

So the good news is that I may have found some boyfriend jeans which are contenders.  Bad news to follow.

Starting with one that lots of people complete rave about.  The Gap 1969 sexy boyfriend jeans.  I have to say the jury is out here.  One reason being that I throw up a little bit in my mouth when I write or read "sexy boyfriend" (really??!!!  Grown ups do buy these, you know.  Although have to say it's enough to put me off)  

The second reason being they are short.  Ok so I am tall. (is probably a more appropriate thing to say.)  But they are just too short on me.  Hugely irritatingly they're labelled as 28/32.  Well.  They're not.  As I mentioned before.  They clearly have a funny way of measuring 32 inches.  

Actually now looking at these photos - they do look like different jeans.  But these were the newest stock they had instore apparently.  And these are the only ones online. 

But being positive, they are a gorgeous wash and I love the amount of distressing.  And they're a good price.  However they're also (and now I'm being fanatically picky) ever so slightly too tight round the calf for me.   I now know I'm looking for a looser fit rather than a tapered mum style jean. (I'm not convinced men wear tapered jeans so not entirely sure why some boyfriend jeans are so tapered through the bottom of the leg)  

I didn't love them so much when I tried them on, but I have to say I do like the look of them in these photos.  Maybe my irritation at them being too short (and they are too short - it's not apparent from these pics but we're verging on Huck Finn territory) clouded my judgement.  Another random negative is the changing rooms in Gap in Tunbridge Wells are beyond revolting.  Hideous carpet, paint peeling, half changing rooms/half storage rooms - just ghastly.  I was quite surprised actually.  The changing rooms that time forgot.

However worth trying on is the verdict. (and they're 30% off at the moment - not sure until when..)


Now don't laugh but I resorted to The White Company. (this was actually last week but I wanted to be able to try on some more before posting) 

They wouldn't be top of my list when jean shopping but I have to say I was reasonably impressed with their boyfriend jean offering.  Beautiful soft denim (can't see from the pic but really great quality) and a decent loose but not too loose slouch.   A slightly longer length and a nice fit on the derriere (again, you can't see from the pics but I was really pleased with them when I tried them on)   Negative is that there is no distressing.  And I've decided that I do want some distressing.  However they are a lovely pale washed denim (as it says on the tin) and are definitely a good option if you're not after an exceptionally lived in pair.  £85 so not cheap but the denim really does feel worth it (and again, there's always a promotional code winging around.  Let google be your friend) 
The White Company washed boyfriend jeans in pale denim


Lastly I resorted to bringing out the big guns.  My first premier denim pair of boyfriend jeans.  And oh balls, they're gorgeous.  But here is the Bad News.  They're £250 in Fenwicks.  (£210 from Coggles below though - quite a big difference - a whole pair of Gap jeans difference!) 

Stunning soft easy to wear denim, beautiful shade of washed, vintage looking fabric, beyond comfortable and an excellent length (on me - tall bird.  Not a problem if you're shorter - just roll up more). 

As you can see from the photos (hopefully) the difference on the fit on the behind is huge.  Perfect fit.   However this is basically a loose skinny jean (described here as a skinny boyfriend jean  (go forth & be hugely peed off at how inflated the prices are over here.  Gah.) Of which I already have an Earl pair and an old Zara pair.  But they were so so comfy and were they not so expensive I would have bought them in a hearbeat.  

One to beat. 

Paige Denim Jimmy Jimmy Skinny Boyfriend jeans


One more in the fold to check out tomorrow - I'm a trier if nothing else... From my beloved Zara.  I think they will look utterly sheeite on the bum though.  The photo isn't selling them to me but I've learnt you can't judge a boyfriend jean by its photo.

So thoughts?  I refuse to give in (ooh also must try the Warehouse ones on tomorrow and get them out of my system)  I shall also be tracking down a men's pair to compare and contrast.  However I am getting jeans blindness...... Anyone else had any joy?  Handily it's still boot weather (which don't really lend itself to boyfriend jeans) and it doesn't show any sign of tropical temps soon. 

Round up of todays outfit for a meeting and a trip to BHS to purchase the most beautiful bed quilt and cushions for RR1's bedroom.  Beyond impressed and so so reasonable. Highly recommended. 


Black longline l/s top - Baukjen
Black coated jeggings - Dorothy Perkins
Tobacco oversized poloneck jumper - Primark
Black and camel skull scarf - Zara
Charcoal wrist warmers - Toast
Brown Mardy boots - Caterpillar
Leaf earrings - Etsy
Brown cuff with chain detail - Hultquist
Gold chain bracelet - Made from Whistles 
Black Faridah hobo bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs

Tomorrow - Forever 21.  Bring it on. (says the 40 year old....)

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38 comentarios:

  1. Erm, I hope I can be completely honest but all of them (apart from the expensive Paige Denim Jimmy Jimmy Skinny Boyfriend jeans) look completely awful on the bum. They make it look flat and droopy, those pockets are AWFUL. You don't have a flat bum you have a small bum which needs encasing rather than just draping on, does that make any sense?

  2. Kat, I thought you would've found your holy grail aka boyfriend jeans by now. Wow, those £250 pair of jeans are THE perfect fit for you! Yeah, I know what you mean. I balk at paying that much for denim too. Gap just doesn't do it for me either. I'm just so pleased I found mine at Zara for £29.99. Still wearing them in winter too.

  3. I am sure you have jeans already that you can style this way.

  4. I vote the Paige ones - they look good on your bum. I wish my bum looked like that in jeans.

  5. I bought some jeans from toast a couple of years ago which we're not all on trend and now when I wear them friends say they are boyfriend jeans having never been able to wear hubby's jeans he is 5"8 and I am 5"11 !

  6. The Paige ones look like straight leg jeans rolled up which is what I have done to get a neater fit on bum and crotch so I wouldn't pay £210 for the privilege Kat. But only you know how they feel but I still think they look great on you.

  7. Hello Kat,

    I have been a fun of your blog since i first saw an article about it in daily mail. I really enjoy your witty way of writing. Anyway, i found this unbelievable deal at massimo dutti and i think you might like it. It fits your style perfectly. Below is the link

    ps following you has hurt my purse though. lol

  8. Just a thought, regarding the appearance of the fit on your rear-end. When you arch your back & lick your knees, that makes your butt as flat as humanly possible, so of course the jeans are going to look awful! They're going to sag & bag & wrinkle. Stand like you normally stand, then look at your bum, then you'll have a better idea of what your ass looks like in the jeans.

  9. Hi Kat

    I have been looking for an ideal pair of boyfriend jeans for a while. Finally I have found some in H&M, I was a bit worried they might be a bit tight around the calf but they are a lovely fit. They were a bargain at £29.99 and well worth it. I found the 32 leg was better for me and I am 5'7. Hope you find the perfect pair.

    Rachel x

  10. boyfriend jeans always make the bum look flat but...hey, flat means skinny haha. i found mine ages ago at zara trf and i love them (and husband does not but oh well) because they´re boyfriend a little bit harem tho and low rise).
    i know i look like i´m wearing a diaper but i don´t (care). so i´m saying go and try the zara boyfriend.

    i came across your blog today and i´m hooked. how comes i didn´t know it? i will definitely skip ironing and/ or laundry today, and make going through your archive a priority haha.

    xx doro

  11. I bought the "relaxed skinny" jeans from Next, and they are great. Definitely more flattering than a true boyfriend jean.

  12. as a sufferer of thick thighs (thanks Mam) and although I do possess a pair of boyfriend jeans (purchased in Abercrombie & Fitch in US a lifetime ago) they are not the most flattering shape jean on me however some how they have manage to survive every cull of my wardrobe as I would wear them the odd time as a jean to throw on to go to the park with the kids, or to the beach (yes in Ireland we rarely get to take our jeans off the last couple of summers) and easy then to roll up and have a splash about wearing them with either cons or flip flops - will I be buying more I think not I will stick with these ones but am very interested to see how you style them and perhaps may develop a grá for them again - oh and shame on you I have long been debating getting wedge trainers and browsing through found the Ash cool pair on sale 50% off in my size last one in same colour as your Beas and am waiting delivery but a bargain eh?!?! lets hope they don't look ridiculous on me! but I thnk I need the thicker sole to help balance out me thunder thighs!!

  13. I'm afraid my boyfriend jeans are Paige Jimmy Jimmys, though they are the baggier fit (we're not all blessed with supermodel legs, sob). I say bite the bullet, it's not like you'll need loads of pairs of boyfriend jeans (they all look broadly the same), and you don't want to get into the trap of buying lots of cheaper pairs trying to replicate the perfect ones you tried once.

    FWIW, I also really like the Gap ones on you, though they are definitely a summer item with that kind of drafty ankle.

  14. Current & Elliott are meant to be the best boyfriend jeans. Laura fantacci from red mag and wit blog never wears anything else and looks amazing in them!!

  15. Current & Elliott are meant to be the best boyfriend jeans. Laura fantacci from red mag and wit blog never wears anything else and looks amazing in them!!

  16. Never mind all these jeans is your brown jumper really Primark, it looks fabulous!

  17. I want your top in the photo of The White Company - where from??

  18. Kat the Paige are def best but imo honestly not very different to jeans you already have and more skinny/straight than boyf in my book, but if they make you feel great (& your bum look good) then go for it!

    Nic x

  19. Nevermind the jeans I am on hunt for bedding for DD1s bedroom - tell me which quilt did you go for at bhs?!

  20. I have been looking for bf jeans for a while now and had given up but bought a lovely pair from Comptoir des cotonniers today. They are a nice vintage wash, good quality denim and most importantly the right length as I prefer to wear ankle grazer length. I am a bit shorter than you but same build with small bum and they are really quite good. Give them a try if you are near a shop. They are on sale at the moment too about £46. sara x

  21. Here is a link although they are cheaper in store

  22. I found them at

  23. For $110 with free out £70 ish not bad!

  24. Love the top you're wearing in the White Co. fitting room. Where is that from?

  25. Kat I have been following your bf jean dilemma from afar and admire your steely determination to find that perfect pair lol!

    I love them on certain other people but as a petite lil thing I haven't even bothered to try a pair myself, just think I would look like a bloke plus I have short hair! Just to confuse you even more though I've just spotted a pair of 'slouch jeans' on Wrap London - have you checked these ones out yet?

    :-) x

  26. I tried on the Gap bf jeans in store and like you, found them far too short and too tight in the calf (I'm 5'8" and not a fatty!) so rejected them. But then I went to the local Gap outlet store and found a different pair of bf jeans - really soft, aged and slightly distressed, longer and looser, for just £13! Result!!!

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  29. Your butt is fab, it is the cut that makes it look flat on the cheaper ones. The Paige ones are good, but you can have so much fun shopping with that kind of money, why not roll up some straight leg jeans and they would look the same? I may just be showing my fashion ignorance though as I am all about making do!!

  30. I just got some boyfriend jeans at Gap. I was also underwhelmed, but they were 50% off the sale, so for something like $14, they were quite worth it. I do like them, and I find the shorter versions stretch out much less than my older Gap boyfriend jeans. Gap jeans vary quite a bit in my experience.

    I can't even recall which search term led me to your blog (something shoe-related, surely) but I'm in the same 40 year-old fashion boat. I adore boyfriend jeans but they are hardly the jeans to make anyone's bum (butt/bottom sorry, I'm American :p) look good. I think the look is cute and I pair them with a top that is more flattering. They are so comfortable I think it's worth having a few less-than-perfect pairs that I get at a good price. I think the short-hemmed look (I'm tall as well) is current, but it took some getting used to for me. I like it though, especially with the slouchier look of the jeans.

  31. Hi Kat, I would happily have your butt, whichever jeans you are wearing! Have you looked at the great plains ones - loose boyfriend or something similar ish?!

  32. hmm. I still think straight legged jeans, perhaps a size too big and rolled up, are the answer here. that's certainly my plan for the SS - I have a pair of diesel distressed and one ink blue paige that are both now slightly too big, so give a bit of slouch without totally drowning me. i'm a similar size to you - 5'9 and generally a 8 - and I think this is the best compromise. spend the ££ on something else that you REALLY want for SS13.

  33. wtf is the littlewoods link all about?! i certainly don't recommend getting jeans, or anything else, from there.

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